L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte 16 Hr Powder in 200 Natural Beige and Infallible Makeup Setting Spray Review + Price + Swatch

Here's a review on L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte 16-Hr. Powder in 200 Natural Beige and Infallible Makeup Setting Spray.

PRICE: Powder- P600.00; Spray- P500.00
FROM: Free (Press Sample)
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all leading department stores, drugstores, and supermarkets


Really, if brands want to test their waterproof formulas before releasing them to the market, they should do so in the Philippines during summer! Yesterday, it was 35 degrees; the weather was muggy, the sun shone brightly, and air was thin; Yesterday, I walked the whole day around BGC, running business and personal errands and I was sweating non-stop and felt like melting, but when I got the chance to check myself in the mirror, lo and behold, my makeup was intact; there was a bit of oil on my nose and beads of sweat on my forehead, but my makeup looked totally fine, all thanks to this new L'Oreal line called Infallible; it's makeup that's formulated for summer!


Infallible is a new makeup series that promises long- lasting makeup wear. The spray has a mild, oil- free formula that helps makeup resist fading, creasing and caking, and the powder promises to stay matte and for longer for up to 16 hours.

The powder comes in about 4 or 5 shades and thankfully, they are generally yellow- toned. 200 Natural Beige suits medium to morena skin tones better.


The product comes in a decent acrylic packaging; it's nice that the sponge has a separate compartment.

The powder feels smooth, a bit creamy and soft, but never heavy; I believe it will suit pretty much a variety of skin types. 

Spray Ingredients

The spray feels just like water with a bit of scent to it, but it's not annoying or anything; the atomizer delivers a fine mist and I like that it's quite controllable, allowing me to customize my usage further.


face with liquid foundation

liquid foundation set with Infallible Powder

Product says it's Pro-Matte, but finish is soft matte; there's none of that old school, hard core flat matte; it's great both as a standalone powder or as a setting powder as it feels light on the skin, but if you have grave discolorations, use with concealer/corrector/foundation.

Now I've used everything in this photo. After walking around for hours in a sauna of a city called BGC, my makeup still looked really good and I was even able to participate in a photo shoot come evening! That's like a total of 9 hours!

I think the difference maker here is the setting spray; I've tested it with my non- Infallible makeups and it's either their coverage lasted longer or my oilies were kept at bay longer. Props to the powder also because it makes me stay oil- free for an additional one or two hours, depending on the temperature. Divided, they work well, but together, you've got a makeup powerhouse that will just shrug off this insane heat and I'm not saying this because I got the products for free, but because they really work! Both products are great for pro and regular use, and ideal for combination oily/normal and oily skin types. I will stock up on the spray soon when it's finally back in stock!


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This is one thing that worries me, how long will my makeup stay after I put them on. Thanks for sharing this, and for the review as well. A great find for an oily face like mine.

  2. This notorious duo is always out of stock. I love you lippe Ms. M may I know what are you wearing?

  3. i heard that this is really a good makeup extender. perfect for long time of wearing makeup during an event. sobrang amazing ng product na ito lalo na for its price

  4. I have already tried this powder! I really love this lines 'cause I do also have the liquid foundation one which I ordered online. I wish that it could also be available here soon. It stays almost all day, no creasing, though my nose is a bit oily, it is totally acceptable 'cause one blot could take it all away. I just wish that the packaging could be a bit more sturdier.

    I also want to try this setting spray too, I don't own one actually. =(

  5. I really wanted this combo since i first heared that they are out in the market already. Unfortunately, my grumpy wallet didn't cooperate with me, haha! But i promised myself i'll try these two soon. The photos and your experience are really convincing and i badly need products that will stay in my face despite the scorching summer heat.

  6. Wow almost perfect rating! :) I really want to try these, but for me it's too pricey. :( I heard a lot of good things about these line. Especially on their liquid foundation. Hope they'll be available here in our country.

  7. The spray sounds amazing to try,I'm really curious about it. Lots of new products that I'm really eager to try.Your makeup look was so beautiful!
    I hope to try the powder and spray soon.Just remember those old times na uso pa lang noon is the hair spraynet used on my recognition day, now discovering that theres a spray for the face that works like magic(^_^)

  8. Coverage is quite good. I really appreciate that L'oreal has morena-friendly shades.

    Your makeup lasted 9 hours? I wish mine would stay on like that. haha

  9. These products are life savers for the summer heat! :) Hope these would be available here in Davao soon.

  10. Now I'm regretting I did not purchase the L'oreal infallible pro-matt when it went on sale! I only purchased the setting spray (ambilis maubos! I have to go back and forth to watsons just to check the stocks) and I'm really pleased with it. It really makes your make up last throughout the day considering how hot our weather is!

  11. Goodie! They have finally launched the setting spray! I can't wait to get my hand on those.
    By the way, not sure if I missed, are you wearing Ruby Woo?

  12. Expensive for someone like me but I think this one is really great for this kind of weather.
    I'm quite interested with the setting spray.

  13. already have the foundation and powder. setting my eyes to this setting spray next! thank goodness we have the same shade. ♡


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