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Ever since, Antipolo has had the reputation of being home to artists such as painters, potters, and sculptors due to its lush, mountainous setting that's proximal to the city, making it the perfect place that exists between work and inspiration. Antipolo has recently gained reputation as one of the rising vacation destinations up north as wanderers and travelers are charmed by the allure of its resorts tucked between mountains, must- try restaurants nestled in trees, colorful town festivals, delicacies, Luljetta, and Pinto Art Museum, the new destination for art and nature lovers alike.

Pinto Art Museum is 1.3 hectare sanctuary that houses modern and contemporary art and sculptures, restaurants, and a vocational school; it's just a 40 minute to 1 hour drive away from the metro.

Let me take you around!

Before we proceed, here are the ticket prices:

P180- regular rate
P100- students and children
P150- senior citizens and PWD
Children below 3 years old- Free

Also known as Silangan Gardens, Pinto Art Museum is a space bustling with art sheltered inside Mediterranean- inspired gazebos, villas, and buildings.

One of the private rooms in one of the Residencias; it's a Spanish- style comedor; I was able to access it because I saw someone I know who's friends with one of the owners of Pinto and he toured me in one of the villas.

There's a garden and a pool by the open grounds.

There are three restaurants in the compound; one is Cafe Tan-Aw overlooking the garden and pool; during lunch time, it's close because it's al fresco and just too hot for any person to enjoy a good meal in on a really sunny day.

Seats at Cafe Tan-Aw; I bet it's nice to have cocktails and beer in here during sunset!

Next is Pinto Cafe, which has a branch right by the entrance and a few meters into the lower galleries. They have Deep Fried Twinkies OMG and of course, I had one!

Chapel- the chapel is really small; it's just a room without seats and could fit about 15 people while standing up; you're seeing here the lone altar in the chapel.

Sculpture housed in one of the main villas by the entrance.

Museum of Indigenous Art- right behind Cafe Tan-Aw, trek downwards a little and you'll get to this museum where sculptures and textiles that defined an ancient Filipino culture are displayed in all their glory.

Go a little further behind the pool and you will see a winding grand, stone staircase that leads to the rest of the compound, into the 6 galleries. Here's something to pick your brain. ;p

Everywhere you go, the corners are all photo- worthy!

The paintings depict daily Filipino life, and problems and triumphs of our society as well as the painters' deep thoughts about it.

One of the galleries, which I call Art Subway, features contemporary paintings and sculptures that are mostly about play, children, and the portrayal of children in society.

The beauty of Pinto Art Museum is viewing is not linear unlike city museums as the paintings and sculptures are scattered all throughout the place; it encourages walking, nature appreciation, and helps you relax and unwind. Also, you can take photos without any security guard reprimanding you.

Ducati and wire sculpture; that slogan is one of the most photographed installations in the area!

Right near the galleries, you will see The Pinto Academy, a school dedicated to Healing and Wholeness; it's interested me a lot as I am into this sort of thing; haven't had the chance to go around the academy as a fashion show was taking place the time me and my BF were there.

Here's the view of the entire academy and this is the fashion show; you can also book this place for pre-nup shoots, video and film shoots, and other events such as this.

The souvenir shop is by the entrance; stop by for art materials.

Museum etiquette and other tips to keep in mind before you visit:

1. Do not deface the paintings and destroy the sculptures; please be civilized museum goers.
2. Do not litter.
3. Don't bring food from the outside as courtesy to the restaurant operators.
4. Give others a turn to take pictures of a certain spot/piece of art.
5. Don't be irritatingly noisy.
6. Don't sit, rest your foot on, and put your stuff on installations.
7. Supervise children and don't give them pens or anything that might deface or ruin any of the art objects.
8. No changing of clothes inside the museum; there are bathrooms for that (museum rule).
9. No smoking inside the museum (museum rule).
10. No pets allowed.
11. Wear light clothes and comfortable footwear.
12. No flash photography, please.

Pinto Art Museum is a great destination that's not far from the city center to take a breather from work, to bring your family and friends to, try and see something new, and to take balikbayan relatives/foreign visitors to. I'd love to go back again and absorb the paintings more.

Pinto Art Museum is located at 1 Sierra Madre St., Grand Heights Subdivision, Antipolo, Rizal. Opens from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and from Tuesday to Sunday.

Have you been to this place already?

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  1. Anni PagkatipunanApril 13, 2016 at 3:14 PM

    This is one of my bucket list. Hehe. Museum date!! 😊😊

  2. oh dear.. i LOVE going to MUSEUMS kahit ano pang klase lalo na kapag historic sya.. i dunno what is with me pero i find peace and comfort kapag nakakakita ako ng old things and new discoveries..

    thank you for the tour ms m! i will surely do visit this place with my kiddo

    1. Same here! I like how art makes me ponder about life in general. :)

  3. Your red skirt is a statement making one and I love it!

  4. Thanks for the visual tour Ms. Martha! I just sent this to my friends so that we could drop here :) My mind went wild when you said deep fried twinkies *drools* :D

    1. OMG YAS. Now I wanna go back to Pinto for the Twinkies hahaha

  5. I enjoyed so much with this! Thank you so much for sharing this po, it take me a long time to finish reading this because I was so amaze looking at those great photos of yours. I love staring at them and hoping to visit this museum too. Thanks a lot Miss Martha(^̮^)

  6. This museum is so photogenic. My partner and I had a super fun Valentine's day date here last year :) I wish I tried the twinkies OMG

  7. Thanks for sharing this post Ms. Martha. Great place to go to!

  8. Been wanting to go here. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Qing's Style

  9. Yup! I celebrated my birthday there 2 years ago! :D Dami ng tao based sa pics mo, and iba iba na yung artworks! :D

    1. Yes! There were just too many people when I was there haha.

  10. I've been there twice. Everything there is just so pretty! You can take pictures from any angle haha. May bago na rin palang nalagay na artworks, makapunta nga ulit. :D

    1. Yes! I wanna go back on a weekday so the place would be calmer haha. It's pretty hectic here during weekends.

  11. I've never been here! I feel so envious hahaha. Want to go there!!


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