Pink Sugar Honey I'm Good Brow Gel Review +Swatch + Price

Here's a review on Pink Sugar Honey I'm Good Brow Gel.

PRICE: P349.00/each
FROM: Free (Press Sample)
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in leading Watsons and SM Department stores.


Pop some champagne, we're celebrating because Pink Sugar finally launched a maiden brow product! YAY! But let me be honest here, I expected that like all firsts, this brow product would be so-so, but dang, it's pretty good for a first product! Pink Sugar Honey I'm Good Brow Gel is a versatile brow product: it does more than just keeping brows smooth; it colors them naturally and perfectly at the same time too!


A multipurpose brow gel infused with Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera to condition brows; it comes in three shades: Blonde, Taupe, Brunette,

It's a generously- sized brow gel with a sleek, chic feel; the brush that comes with it is medium- sized and the even, slightly big spacing between the wand allows for better dispersal of the product on the brows.

 Top to Bottom: Blonde, Brunette, and Taupe

Consistency is emulsion- like; it's very easy to spread, sheer in consistency, but doesn't fall short on pigmentation. Look at how pigmented these are for a gel product! And since it's a bit watery in consistency, it doesn't clump on brow strands and doesn't look sticky and flat on the skin; it just sets into a matte finish (and efficiently at that!). It is unscented and I don't know if it's just me, but these feel nice and cool on the skin!



A toasted blonde shade that's strongly golden in my opinion; a little red in it will adjust it to the usual light, reddish brown hair color of many Filipinas, but since a lot are sporting the bleached look nowadays, this may come handy!


A grayish brown shade. This is my best match among the three; it goes well with medium brown to ash brown hair colors.


 A charcoal brown shade. Great for those with dark brown and black hair colors. It's a great shade to use if you want dense- looking brows. Also, a little red tint in this one will make it a true blue brunette shade.

I'm good with the shade in Taupe, but I wish there is a red-brown shade for girls like me who have honeyed hair.

By the way, the photos above only showcase the product on its own; YES. ON ITS OWN. It's such a time saver because it colors as it sets your brows!

WORK IT: If you're going to use the brow gel on its own, apply product all over the brow in gentle, sweeping strokes and use a spoolie to distribute and even out the product. Fluff hair strands lightly  upwards for a more natural look.

Can you use this product in conjunction with other brow products? Why of course because coverage can be built! Check the photos below:

 Brow defined with a brow pomade

 With brow gel in Blonde

I've found a good use for Blonde and that is as a 'bleach' solution for too dark brows! :)

Staying power is okay: it stays put and fades minimally during wear, plus I like the conditioning agents included in the formula; it's great to use on any casual day at work or school. Shade selection aside, I think this is a good product and impressive for a first one at that. Honey I'm Good Brow Gel is recommended for sparse, unruly brows or as a back up product that will adjust your brows to your current hair color anytime; it's very affordable too!


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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hooray for this post! I'm currently looking for a new brow gel and this immediately popped in my email :) Already convinced to buy this because of its pigmentation. Thanks for this tbj! It's like an answered prayer!

  2. Your brows are on point and shaped and groomed so good perhaps you have a PhD in brow grooming? (lol)

  3. another lovely product from pink sugar! i love the taupe one, just the right shade, not too light and not too dark! it's a must have. :)

  4. I like Taupe, pero hindi naman ako nagkikilay, I mean, wala akong nilalagay sa kilay ko simply because I don't know how. Such a late blooming. Hehehe

  5. I am one of those girls who aim for that eyebrow goals look so I do take a long time to fix my eyebrows especially because I am not blessed with thick ones. However, it definitely is time consuming and I am still a college student so the hassle is really real. I have been thinking about only using brow gels but I tried one from EH before but it came out pretty heavy for me (maybe because I didn't use a light hand, my fault) so i was kind of scared to use one again. But this one looked so natural for me and it does look goon on you, Ms. M! I will give this one second chance.

  6. It's never too late to have that browcara for "PINK SUGAR"...
    I though taupe is darker but when you apply it, it's not that darker...
    And I also like the browcara that have small spoolie,it's better to apply than the big one...Another wonderful product again from 'PINK SUGAR"♥♥♥

  7. I currently own a different brand of browcara but one that does not seem to deliver. I see that Pink Sugar's brow gel has great consistency you can even use it on its own I am looking forward to using it myself! Hmm I think I will go for Taupe and Brunette

  8. This is really convenient specially you can just apply the product on its own. Lalo na pag nagmamadali ka pero gusto mo on-fleek pa din ang kilay mo.

  9. Finally! been waiting for your swatch and review on this babies Ms M! been using EH brow mascara but it has shimmers on it, as seen on your swatch for Pink Sugar Brow Gel, napawow ako kasi matte sya (to me) tapos affordable pa. I think i will pick Taupe from the three shades above. It looks natural.

    Buti na lang I learned more from your meet and greet last april i'm gonna do that million dollar brows with this one hehehe

  10. i like it, after trying the pink sugar liquid matte, I bought the brunette, konting fill in nalang to my brow perfect na:)

  11. Hi Martha! I bought this in Taupe because the product came highly recommended by beauty blogs I trust ;) Anyway I don't know if it's just the one I have but I think the consistency could be a bit thicker. It takes a while to set and sometimes I still need to set it with loose powder when I'm in a rush. Did you have the same experience?

    It would also be great if they come up with a lighter, warmer version of Taupe for warmer skintones :) but like you said, it's great for their first try!


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