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Here's a review on Lash EM Makeup range.

PRICE: To be revealed within the post
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at SM Makati, Beauty Section


Okay, my lashes are at their thickest, healthiest, and longest, thanks to Lash EM All Eyes on You Lash Enhancing Serum; it's amazing and so far, the best lash enhancing serum I have tried and glad we crossed paths! It's not everyday that you encounter a lash serum that is super gentle yet super effective, and it's not everyday that you encounter an eye makeup range that beautifies and helps enhance your lashes and brows at the same time! Introducing Lash EM makeup range, a makeup range that enhances your lashes and brows!


A targeted eye makeup range infused with the signature formula of All Eyes on You Lash Enhancing Serum; formula features Sympeptides to help enhance lashes and brows, fruit and natural flower distillate to keep lashes lush and for additional nourishment, and QuSome, a patented system that encapsulates all the ingredients for better absorption and permeation. The entire range features two mascaras, one eyeliner, and an eyebrow mascara.

I mixed up the mascaras and their respective boxes in this photo; for reference Double Trouble as a cylindrical tube and Extensions in a Bottle has a rounded tube

Here are the products in the range:

Double Trouble Mascara- P1,029.75
Extensions in a Bottle- P1,539.75
Colour Strokes Liquid Liner- P1,029.75 (Shades: Blackest Black, Espresso, Black Pearl)
Colour Strokes Brow Tint and Lift- P1,029.75 (Shades: Blonde, Brunette, Raven)

L-R: Mascara ingredients; eye liner ingredients

The eyeliner is a traditional dip-pot liner; the tip is made of felt and feels quite sturdy at first, but my experience with such applicators is they tend to wear out after some time; for this one, however, it's still intact despite how frequent I use it and I'm happy to know that it has really good quality.

Extensions in a Bottle features a white mascara with fiber and a black volumizing mascara; this particular product takes me back to the early 2000 when this was a huge thing! Double Trouble features a volumizing and lengthening mascara; I do prefer the lengthening mascara here because of the wand; I find that it delivers the product more effectively to my lashes. Between the two, I prefer Double Trouble because it is easier to use and delivers more impact. Btw, these mascaras are VERY pigmented!

The brow mascara is my favorite in this batch because it gives me 3D, sparkling brows (in a good way!), and the wand that comes with it is brilliant, IMO: it combs and separates while delivering product at the same time; I love how the wand effortlessly delivers the right amount of product to my brows every time!


One layer of the brow mascara

This mascara contains shimmer, but the good kind; initially, I thought that it will make my brows too sparkly, but it gave them the right kind of bling so they will look 3D, ergo thicker and fuller; I'm using Brunette and I like its reddish brown hue; it's quite pigmented as I find that it automatically adjusts ashy and charcoal brown eyebrow products to my current red- toned hair color.

Double Trouble Mascara
1- Bare lashes
2- One layer volumizing mascara
3- Topped with lengthening mascara
4- Another layer of lengthening mascara mixed with volumizing mascara

I really like how this mascara gives me that dramatic falsies look, plus I don't have to wear eyeliner when I'm wearing this one; staying power is great! I used it to a work out one time and it didn't smear nor smudge!

One layer of the eyeliner

The eyeliner is very pigmented and the applicator is expertly designed to help users achieve a winged eye instantly. It stays put for hours on a casual day, but it is not waterproof.

Extensions in a Bottle mascara
1- Bare lashes
2- One layer of the white mascara w/ fibers
3- One layer of the volumizing mascara
4- Another layer of the volumizing mascara

Extensions in a Bottle give me longer- looking lashes, but it does require a lot of time to use so I only use it during weekends before going out or when I'm particularly not in a hurry.

One issue with Extensions in a Bottle is it doesn't dry up easily, but at least it is long- wearing.

These are pretty expensive eye makeups, I must agree, but what makes them special is they help maintain a healthy set of lashes and brows, and even induce hair growth too; it's a makeup range targeted for the older market of women, but I think anyone can use Lash EM's products to help prevent premature lash fall and to help the lashes grow stronger and thicker as we age. Ever since I started using Lash EM's lash enhancing serum, my lashes have gotten longer, thicker, and stronger; using the complementary makeup line also helped because these act as an extension of the serum and they take care of my lashes during wear; everything worked synergistically to give me amazing lashes! Also, I don't experience lash fall or flaking with these makeup products; they're gentle to the lashes!

Lash EM makeup range is a special range with a special price and with a special function; best for you if you want to induce lash and hair growth (best used with the serum!) or if you want an eye makeup range that has skin care benefits too.


Please visit @lashemph on Instagram for more information about this brand.

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  1. I have to be careful and make sure they are dry before I bat my lashes lol!

  2. never tried lash enhancer before.. i wear eyeglasses that's why I seldom use mascara.

  3. Lash Em Makeup Range is a bit pricey but its effective. It makes your lashes fuller and thicker. I like also the eyeliner kaso natatakot akong gumamit if ever, pasmado kase ako eh.

  4. What I like about this product is not only they work as a makeup but it also have skincare benefits. I would like to have a healthy lashes. Hope I can afford to buy one.

  5. How to do that kilay. Ang galing talaga. 🙁

  6. For the longest time, I have been wondering if mascaras affect my lashes in a negative way. So I try not to put mascara everyday, kasi feeling ko it makes my lashes thin and brittle. I guess if I get this it won't do that and should in fact nourish it back to the way they were before. Sayang lng kasi medyo mahal. Hopefully, I'll be able to try this in the future.

  7. I am really into maskara as it adds drama to my look hihihi. This is a must have coz it also has skin benefits that is really awesome.

  8. Wow! Thanks for the post! Would like to try anything that adds volume to my lashes.....

  9. It's kinda pricey for mascara but since it offers a really nice effect, I guess it's worth the investment.

    Wannderzel by Hazel

  10. packaging is similar to the new product line from benefit. i seldom use mascara since I wear prescription glasses minsan mahirap tanggalin tapos minsan sumasama yung ibang strands =(

    i prefer using clear mascaras (avon and EB)


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