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Here's a review on BARE skin care.

PRICE: Lotion, Shampoo, and Conditioner- P575.00; Body Wash- P450.00
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OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Beauty Bar boutiques


It rained mighty hard last night and yesterday was the only time I saw a lightning come THAT close to Earth. I literally saw its veins and when it struck, electricity went out, the surroundings felt a bit warm, the thunderous noise sent my dogs into hiding in the bathroom; it was pretty scary!

I was forced to go on a house arrest due to bad weather and I thought of treating myself to a hot shower with my newest bath time favorites, BARE skin care. These giant bottles of all- natural skin care are just what you need to feel pampered and spoiled on any bad day, and they're quite luxurious, but affordable.


BARE is a Singaporean skin care brand that makes use of various, potent ingredients sourced from Nature, the most powerful healer and provider; the products are meant to soothe, calm, and uplift tired souls and skin. BARE offers 7 kinds of shampoo and conditioner and 7 kinds of lotion and body wash variants.

 Lemongrass and Ginger Body Wash

 Peppermint Lotion

 Birch Leaf shampoo

Sweet Almond Conditioner


 L-R: Conditioner, Shampoo, Body Wash, Lotion

Birch Leaf Shampoo has a pearlized, light cream consistency with a light floral scent. I like how it cleanses thoroughly yet doesn't leave my locks dry.

Sweet Almond Conditioner is a light cream conditioner with a fruity, almond scent; it's good for those with really fine and normal hair, but for me, I wish it were more moisturizing.

Lemongrass and Ginger is a favorite of mine because it smells quite exotic, uplifting, and overall, nice; this body wash relaxes me a lot whenever I use it.

Peppermint lotion has a light, gel-cream consistency. I thought initially that it would smell like foot lotion on the skin, but surprisingly, it smelled nice - just a fresh, light mint.

I use BARE's shampoo and conditioner, especially when the weather is warm because both are light- textured and gently scented.

What's great about BARE's products is they come in big sizes to accommodate your entire family, plus they smell and feel luxurious, but aren't priced as such.

For sure, I'll repurchase the Shampoo and Body Wash - would even recommend them too!


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. That's nice tho! Will visit Shangrila later. I'll find that Shampoo. Thanks for the review miss Martha!

  2. I would like also to try these Bare Skin Care line, its affordable naman at ang laki pa ng bottle.

  3. I really need to up my bath game with more body washes! I love a good scrubbing as much as the next person but I'm so basic, I just use a bar soap, lol.

  4. Wow! The packaging is simple yet elegant. Is the birch leaf shampoo has a birch leaf ingredient? What I only know about birch is it's the brand of the milk that I love, Birch Tree. Hihihi. It's really good that all of your bath time "things" are all nice as bath time for me is relaxation time so I don't want to be stressed that my things won't be nice such as it doesn't smell good or it won't make my hair and skin soft.

  5. Ahhh, I can already imagine how the peppermint lotion smells and feels like. I want to get one for myself! It has a very Christmas-y feel to it because it's peppermint, and since the Ber months are almost already here, it seems even more fitting! Is it easily absorbed, though? Or does it have a greasy feel to it? :) I want to try the body washes too! Their scent combinations are pretty unique, and for the amount of product you get, I think the price is worth it. I also love how conveniently packaged their products are with the pump heads! :) Thank you for the heads up, Miss Martha! :)

  6. The ingredients/variants are quite new to my ears. You don't usually see birch leaf shampoo or peppermint lotion around. But I'd lovr to try the sweet almond conditioner! Will surely check this one out. 😊

  7. Yesterday na sa lumabas kami sa neighborhood kase may newly opened Vietnamese Shop,masyadong dark clouds after nun sunod-sunkd na yung lighting and kulog .Katakot.
    Gusto ko talaga itry yung Body wash lalo na big size na for 450.00.

  8. Oooh! That peppermint lotion is a temptation! I'm so obsessed with lotions, especially hand lotions and I use them every night for my hands, knees, and feet as my skin is sensitive. My hands and feet tend to get dry and chapped whenever I use strong / harsh soaps or detergents. :(

  9. Mint is one of my favorite so when i saw that they have Peppermint lotion ohh i wanna try this haha.The price is ok coz it looks big naman. I'm intrigue at the body wash though.

  10. Peppermint lotion sounds wonderful got to grab a bottle!

  11. ohh! I'm into body wash these days, walalang i just feel so moisturized every use. I want to give this body wash a try since I like yung mga relaxing effect :) i like also mint effect currently im using V&M Naturals lotion in Minty variant.

  12. You are so pretty in your FOTD...
    I really enjoy reading post that has to do with bathing essentials... I do love to try different types of shampoo yet my hair doesn't cooperate with me, but with the conditioner there are a few that I keep on purchasing as well as with body wash but the most purchased of all is the lotion, I love to try different types and brands of lotions.. I like this set! I like that its scented with most of the scents I'd love to smell like almond, peppermint, floral scents :) I'll check this out at beauty bar!


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