FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Do I really need False Eyelashes + Tips in choosing falsies

It's Friday once again! Thinking of going on a night out with the girls? Maybe this post will come handy. :D Thanks Nicky for the question!

Hi Martha,
I just want to ask if girls really need to wear false eyelashes or it's just an unnecessary add on? I don't have one yet and I have no plans of buying until a friend of mine pointed out in one party that I should be wearing falsies just because it's a party. Now I'm wondering if I really need it. I also love makeup and I'm wondering if this is a pre-requisite for any makeup lover. Thanks!

Hi Nicky!

First of all, I believe that makeup is self- expression and it's a tool you use to improve and enhance yourself...naturally. If something doesn't feel right and in this case, falsies, then don't use it. At the end of the day, what's important is you are comfortable with your look. With or without falsies, you can look great with makeup and I don't think it's a pre-requisite for any makeup lover!

Personally, I'm not that fond of wearing falsies because I don't like anything that weighs down my eyes or feeling that there's something on my eyes. But I've realized that they are handy, especially when you're going to a special event or if you're going to be photographed. I agree with your friend when she said "it's a party!" because wearing something that you don't really wear often like a pair of falsies makes certain beauty moments extra special. But then again, if it will make you feel more conscious or uneasy than ever, then don't use it!

I wear false eyelashes if I'm going to be photographed for a feature or campaign, and during special occasions. I've realized that it really does make a great difference for the eyes. Admittedly, I am not blessed with lush, long lashes; false eyelashes give that look for me and it brings out and livens up the eyes better in photos. On casual days, I just wear plain mascara.

If it's your first time to buy and wear false eyelashes, here are some handy tips:

1. Unless you are looking for an avant garde or dramatic look, remember this: False eyelashes should resemble the natural look of your hair strands, but only a bit thicker and longer.

2. There are weightless, 100% natural, and lightweight false eyelashes available in the market. Opt for these if you want them to feel just like your natural lashes.

3. For a more natural look, choose a pair that's thicker at the base and slightly thins out upwards. Also, choose one with irregular strand lengths.

4. There are different styles to choose from. Just go for one that helps you achieve your preferred look. Do you fancy Angelina Jolie's winged out lash look? Choose a pair that flares at the end.

5. Brands I would suggest are Red Cherry, Seowoo, Elise, Faboulash, and Bohktoh.

Always remember to store your false eyelashes properly and discard them after a few uses (maybe around 8-10) to keep your eyes safe from possible infection.

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Yeah I agree with you Ms. M! I just wear false eyelashes whenever I have special occasions, been reminiscing when I joined pageant, it really looks different when you had it!You too Martha, love the both photo:)

  2. I am really not into false eyelashes but it would really add drama to your eyes especially on big events or occasions but for me mascara will do. hahaha

  3. I never tried to use false eyelashes. I'm not a party goer either. For me, kung san ka komportable, yun ang gawin mo. Kung makoconscious ka lang, wag mo ng gawin.

  4. Have you heard about the technique where you put your false lashes under your real lashes, not on top of them? I saw a tutorial on it and even if it didn't look like the most comfortable process, the results were fantastic! They came out very natural-looking, and it supposedly lasts longer that way. :) I personally don't feel the need to wear falsies on special occasions, except when there will be tons of photographs or when my eye make up is quite heavy, so as to make my eyes pop even more. My bare lashes are pretty thick and dense, and they weren't originally like that, I just spent a few months 2 years ago religiously putting castor oil on them and it did the trick! :)

    1. Oooh so that thing works? What kind of castor oil do you use? I've been wondering if it'll work for eyebrows too hehe.

  5. I love Red Cherry falsies they look natural compared to the cheap shiny plastic ones they sell in the departmant stores. False lashes for me complete the look, especially if I'm going to special events. On regular days, like you Ms. Martha I just wear mascara (which I pile up on) as wearing falsies can be a chore. Wearing a good mascara can still make you look like your wearing falsies less the discomfort and frustration of applying falsies.

    1. Totally agree about a good mascara. I use a different mascara for special occasions or for heavier makeup looks vs everyday.

  6. I, too, am not a fan of falsies. They feel heavy and are uncomfortable. But they do make you look so good. I wear them only when there are important events. �� However, mascaras are must haves for me. They do help in making one look awake and achieve mesmerizing eyes. ��

  7. Been reading good reviews for red cherry. Magtry din ako hehe

  8. I used to party a LOT and I mean like A LOT when I was a student but I never wore falsies when partying (i.e. clubbing) because 1) it's such a hassle to put on and 2) one more thing to worry about when you're dancing for hours. The only times I've worn falsies were during stage performances to achieve a certain look as part of the costume and probably the only time I will wear them again would be to similar performances (if the costume would be better with it) and to events where I will be photographed heavily (maybe my wedding someday? haha). Even to formal events that I go to like weddings and other formal parties, I opt to just layer on the mascara (caveat: I feel that my lashes are pretty thick/dense though not long).

    At the end of the day, you do you. Do whatever you can do/wear confidently and comfortably.

  9. I'm not really a fan of falsies, wearing it feels kinda weird. HAHAHA! Mascara will do for me! :P

  10. I guess wearing falsies would be fine for events, parties, photoshoots and the likes. It would make your look a lot more attractive. I'm not exactly fond of wearing falsies because I prefer to just wear mascara. But falsies are great once in a while.

  11. I've only tried using falsies once and I love that my lashes looked so gorgeous... I wore it during our Christmas party at the office and everyone was so wow looking at it haha! I kinda like wearing other brands, like Bohktoh and Red Cherry Lashes kasi yung nabili ko is kinda unnatural and the glue doesn't hold strong :( for me wearing falsies make me feel extra beautiful especially with my eyes na maliit tapos ang ikli and sparse pa ng lashes! would recommend wearing it on special occasions, like Ms. Martha said if you're comfortable wearing it on daily basis go lang, but if not then don't :)

  12. Bohtok feels weightless and when layered my eyes speaks for itself (kinda waaay expressive) lol. As for Ardell's selection they makes my eyes festive (err if you know what I mean). I remember that I got caught by my "monita" because I gifted her (anonymously) with falsies.


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