FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Tips when buying liquid foundation online

Happy Friday, guys! 2 days to go before my Great Barrier Reef adventure and excitement is kicking in! Also, I am sincerely hoping that our brothers and sisters up north are all safe despite experiencing Typhoon Lawin.

Our question for today is from Katrina and she asks:

Hi Martha,
How will someone choose a shade when buying liquid foundation online? Any tips?

Hi Katrina!

Thanks for the question! One of the biggest challenges that I have faced - and continually face - is buying liquid foundation online. I have purchased a ton, but I still experience either buying the wrong shade or disliking the quality sometimes. The risk of error is really high when buying cosmetics that you have never swatched nor seen in the flesh, but that shouldn't discourage you because there's still room for a good purchase (if not perfect). Below are my tips when buying liquid foundation online; each of them, I employ before making the big purchase.


- Two bloggers: Temptalia and Karla Sugar. Temptalia has a Foundation Matrix that helps you find out which shade is your match and Karla Sugar will show you what the shades look like and how they fare against each other, and at least how it looks on her skin, at least.


- And go to the image section of Google to check how the product fares on different skin tones and undertones.


- Does the foundation tend to lighten after a few hours of wear? Does it oxidize during wear? These are the things you have to know so you will know which shade to get.


- Because lighter shades are easier to correct than darker shades.

That's all and I hope you found this useful. Happy foundation hunting!

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18 Lovely Thoughts

  1. My best fool proof trick is to swatch the foundation in their counters specially if they're locally available before you purchase them online. As for not locally available foundation I do watch swatch videos in youtube.

  2. this is not just for foundation, this is the downside of online shopping as we can't touch and see actual color or how it really looks like when we buy online.

  3. Before buying any beauty product, I search for reviews and swatches online. Especially when the product is pricey.

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  5. YASSSS! I needed this advice too! So hard finding foundation locally so I was hoping to get the legendary Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Porelss through Chedelyn's but I was too scared because I don't know which shade to get! :'D Thanks for this Ms. Martha! Huhuhuhu!

  6. Good thing I've read this post, i'm just about to buy a new shade of liquid foundation. Thanks for the tip :)

  7. I really steer away from buying fonda online, as I am obsessed about having a perfect shade match.

  8. These are good tips, another thing I do is to look/ask for the commentor's shade in other foundation brands like MAC or L'Oreal. This way, I 'd know how different their actual skin color is from mine. I'd check for dupes and or similar foundations to see if it's what I'm looking for. I might also ask friends, if they've tried it personally and what their thoughts are. And then I close my eyes,cross my fingers and hope for the best! Lol!

  9. Abigail Dela VictoriaOctober 22, 2016 at 3:51 PM

    For me di kasi talaga ako masyadong convince when it comes to buying foundation online. I'd rather buy lipsticks online than foundation. Lalo na ang hirap pag di ko maswatch yung product talaga kasi baka mamaya masyado palang maputi for me. And baka masayang lang yung bili if di ko din naman magagamit dahil di compatible sa skin color ko. But this is a great tip Ms. Martha! For sure madami din talagang nagtatanong niyan. Especially madaming bumibili ng makeup online.  I agree about temptalia dun din kasi ako tumitingin ng swatches lalo na pag sa shade ng lipsticks. 😂 Thank you for this review Ms. Martha! Have a good day!

  10. Thanks for the tips regarding purchasing foundation online. It has its pros and cons though. I do have some concerns though like errors in processing orders, and receiving the wrong product in the process. It is an adventure though. Love that you mentioned the technical aspect such as the product oxidizing, and other things. Great post.

  11. This has always been one of my biggest problems! I always tend to go for BB creams or sheer powders when I purchase online because I have trouble with foundation matching. Temptalia has been very helpful for me, and it's one of the easiest sites to work with in looking for your perfect match. :) One very helpful point of reference is looking for your MAC shade too! It's like the universal language for foundation matching, and you would get a lot of insight about what shade you would be on other kinds of foundations. It's almost equivalent to blood type or zodiac sign in the beauty community, in a manner of speaking. =))))

  12. Thanks for the tips, Ms. Martha! My sister recently bought a liquid foundation just the exact shade as her skin tone and when it oxidizes, it darkens on her face. Good thing, it's a shade lighter than my skin so it ended being a pamana. Hahaha! I'll tell her those tips so she can buy smartly in the future. It's really helpful! Thanks again, Ms. Martha!

  13. Oh! Thanks for featuring this. This is one of my own burning questions. I have been doing items 2, 3 and 4 and so far it has worked for me.I do research for weeks and weeks just to be sure if what shade will possibly work for me. I've been clueless about Temptalia and Karla Sugar, and thanks a lot for passing on the knowledge, I will surely check 'em out. Shopping on line is fun and in many ways economical but it does have its pitfalls, especially in finding the perfect foundie.

  14. Thanks for this Ms. Martha! These days, I'm been having an interest in buying makeups online, it's convenient since I work from Monday-Saturday, I don't have time to go to malls. Recently, I've been hooked to Sephora and Althea, but haven't tried buying from those sites yet. Thanks for your advices, what I do when I'm interested in a brand or a particular product of it, I google it and read reviews, I also watch youtube video reviews about it. Sometimes I watch Youtuber's favorites and see what product they use. Thanks for this, big help especially for someone like me who is still a newbie when it comes to this!

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  16. I don't usually buy foundations online. It's better to swatched it first before buying :) and yes we can always see swatches on the net...
    thanks for sharing these tips!

  17. Me whenever I buy foundation:

    1. Check if it's Martha's shade match
    2. Buy

    Lol I'm so lucky to have found your blog. I haven't purchased any foundation online, but whenever I buy something, I always check your blog first as reference.

  18. Thanks for this post Ms. Martha, never pa kong bumili ng any makeups online, natatakot kase ako, baka hindi tugma sa skintone ko, masayang lang. Thanks also for mentioning Temptalia and Karla Sugar, ngaun ko lang sila makikilala.


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