Skin 101 Opens in Shangri-La Mall + Review

Before hitting the Great Barrier Reef, I had to get rid of some hair and had it done at Skin 101. They have a newly opened branch at Shangri-La Mall and it's one of the most posh clinics I have seen; I'll take you around!

Skin 101 was established in 2004 and has become a household name for all things derma beauty; they have 10 stores around Metro Manila and boasts of an impressive celebrity clientele such as Yassi Pressman and Andre Paras.

The new branch is as modern and eclectic as it can get; French and Asian decor were fused to create a chic impression and colors are predominantly cool, specifically in mint and white with touches of blue and orange for a sense of relaxation. The ambiance was peaceful and warm, perfect enough for me to ready myself for my underarm laser hair removal treatment.

The hallway that lead to the treatment rooms. The place is quite big!

My room for the day - I found it really spacious!

The machine used for my underarm laser hair removal is Alma, one of the most sophisticated machines used in laser treatments in the derma industry.

How did my treatment go?

First, a doctor on duty approached me and interviewed me about my past experiences with laser and took the necessary precautions by asking if I was taking any medicine or have any existing skin or health problems. After the consultation, we then proceeded to the treatment. It's been a while since I had a laser so I was expecting that there will be some form of pain, but to my amazement, there was very, very little pain involved. Amazing! I could even categorize my first sesh as painless! There were little pricks here and there, but they were very, very tolerable. The whole session lasted for 15 minutes.

The staff were really friendly and overall, I had a wonderful time. Props to them for being generous with the cold gel and for keeping my mind off the treatment by chatting up with me when needed - that helped minimize the pain!

I'll be taking the rest of my underarm laser treatments here. Will be posting an update on my progress after my first three treatments.

For now, visit SKIN 101 at the new Shangri-La Mall for your beauty needs. Visit SKIN 101 on Facebook for more information.

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love this post, I haven't tried this yet (but I want to) and based on your sharing, I think I'm inspired to do this! Haha! I also want underarm laser treatment, hopefully have this done to me soon soon!

  2. Wow! The place looks nice and you'll never thought it's a derma clinic at first! I love the feels and ambiance of the place! It's really a must see! <3

  3. Abigail Dela VictoriaOctober 31, 2016 at 7:01 PM

    I definitely agree the place really looks relaxing, what I really like is the modern chic type interior and loving the hallways hihi so instagrammable. Yes please update when you already tried the first three treatment.  I'm thinking to try this one cause I'm not really that 100% confident when it comes to my underarms. 😭😂 Thank you for the review Ms. Martha! Can't wait for your post about your adventures in the great barrier reef! Have a good day! 😊

  4. I love the color of the clinic. White and blue and its so relaxing. I hope I can try also to do laser on my underarms. How much is this?

  5. I haven't been to a skin clinic for a while na, since I got pregnant di na ako naka pagpa derma :( but I love spacious room, di tulad nung last na natry ko na ang liit ng room and parang hirap gumalaw nung doctor! buti nalang may mga new clinics like this!

  6. Their interior kind of reminds me of SNSD music videos way back 2010 lol! Teal and white looks so relaxing...a refreshing break from usual girly pink :D

  7. how much it cost? will look forward with your progress since I'm planning to have mine lasered din :)

  8. woosh skin 101 here is so chic and neat, i been in other branch (pasig) but does not look like this. i would like to know the progress until your last session so i could finally gave in laser too:)

  9. Sobrang Ganda dito Sabi Nila yun nga Lang mahal .. hehe Ipon muna .. Pero Pak para sakin yung place NATO 👍

  10. Super love the place. Looks so huge and relaxing. Medyo nahilo lang ako ng konti sa floor. Haha. I've been wanting to do laser treatment pero natatakot pa ko. But now, I think I want to try sa Skin 101. Can't wait for the results of your sessions :)

  11. Have you tried their facials? I wanted to book an appointment with them to have a facial sana. Tia! Love you blog!


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