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Perfume and memories- I'd like to think of them as eternal lovers who can't live without the other; the Romeo and Juliet of the cosmetics universe, the special bond between these two elements diffuses an aura that not only moves an individual, but takes them to a cerebral time and place of beauty, joy, of joie de vivre.

Love Marie Ongpauco- Escudero's may be a star, but her fondest, most luxurious memories are the simplest ones: painting, fresh sheets, waking up next to the love of her life, her most vivid memories of Paris, her union; memories that are not shrouded in glitz and glamour, but just as powerful for they define her purest state. What better way to capture these timeless memories than in a flacon of fragrance, thus Love Marie, together with WHIFF unveils LINGER, an eau de parfum inspired by happiness, made to inspire happiness.

WHIFF is a Filipino brand of fragrances that started out in 2014 online; it was founded by Mishy Co after a brief trip to Grasse, France, considered the mecca of fragrance by perfume lovers; after coming out with their first collection of fragrances for the heartbroken, this online perfumery steadily gained a local following, from perfume lovers to celebrities, just about anyone who is into finely crafted fragrance that doesn't hurt the wallet. Guided by the principles of fine perfumery, WHIFF's team creates the fragrances through professional techniques such as aging local perfumes, choosing the finest oils, and carefully crafting the identities of their scents. WHIFF only creates small batches of their fragrances to maintain the quality.

WHIFF and Love Marie had a helping hand through RJ Lopena, the first- ever Filipino perfumer. He graduated from the Grasse Institute of Perfumery, a legendary school for perfumers and have trained under Max Gavary and some of the most brilliant noses. Some of RJ's creations were showcased in the launch and as a perfume lover myself, I couldn't be more proud of this Filipino achievement in beauty!

Fun fact from RJ: Grasse didn't exactly start out in the perfume industry, but rather in leather. To mask the strong scent of leather, tanneries in Grasse started using and investing in perfumes; eventually, it led to an industry that catapulted this French capital to fame in the world of beauty.

In the Q&A, Mishy, Heart, and RJ revealed how they created Linger. Heart's idea behind the fragrance is simple and that is it should be a heartwarming fragrance, one that inspires certain good memories; her fondest memory so far is her wedding, thus the fragrance is primarily composed of Lily of the Valley, the flowers she chose for her wedding bouquet; she also created the artwork for the perfume box and called it "In Full Bloom".

LINGER EDP by Love Marie Ongpauco- Escudero is a clean, powdery floral; it's a scent that uplifts, lasts, and leaves an impression, just like a good memory. On top of Lily of the Valley, notes of sea and musk complete the fragrance.

LINGER EDP is now available at Pop by Retail Lab, Powerplant Mall, Cura V Powerplant Mall, Apartment 8 Clothing, and online at @whiffofperfume; it retails at P1,650.00 per bottle. Visit WHIFF OF PERFUME on Facebook for more information about this product.

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow! I'm a fan of Heart's beauty and talent in painting. Happy for her new achievement. Such a talented girl.Have you tried this already? Hope you can tell us how good this smells. :) So proud of this talented woman.

  2. Never ko pa tong narinig na brand. Nakakatuwa naman kase Filipino brand. Proud kababayan here. Kaso hindi ako mahilig sa perfume ngayon, habang nagpapabreastfeed ako. Feeling ko kase maghahalo halo ang amoy, amoy ng gatas ko, pawis at perfume. Ang mga kids ko nga ngaun ang gumagamit ng perfume ko eh. Maybe someday, matry ko tong Whiff.

  3. Abigail Dela VictoriaOctober 18, 2016 at 6:48 PM

    Lovely. Fragrance and Florals indeed my weaknesses. I'll bet that this scent will make me want to buy it,once I tried the tester. Especially that it was collaborated with Ms. Heart. 💕 Thank you for the review Ms. Martha!

  4. I really love Heart! <3 She's a woman with grace, passion, and love. No wonder why she's named after it. She's really amazing! <3

  5. Grabe na talaga ang Idol ko from makeup collaboration with Happy Skin now perfumes naman! Another milestone for her! Definitely supporting here, I'll save up for this Linger EDP :)

  6. Thank you Ms. Martha for sharing with us again another achievement of Filipino, something that we will all be proud of. But I don't really use perfume and I don't change my cologne as I believe it is connected to brain like a conditioning. We associated scents with memories that we have just like what Heart did with the perfume. There are times that I smell my boyfriend's perfume scent in one guy I almost wanted to hug that guy as he reminds me of my boyfriend. But I love how we all have a natural scent that made us all different from one another and for my boyfriend although I smelled someone like him it's the perfume. But his scent that is different that is something deep within my mind and being with him (hopefully soonest) will bring back a lot lot of memories and happiness. Hope you could watch Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. It's not as scary as the title suggest it's so beautiful :)

  7. I'm not a fan of Heart but I can say that she is talented. From paintings, make-up and now perfume. Ang galing! :)

  8. In my opinion Whiff's perfumes can compete Jo Malone's. I'll gift myself with a bottle of this :D

  9. It actually has been proven that certain scents trigger memories. I guess that's why the Christmas spirit is very apparent when people start smelling puto bungbong and bibingka cooking on the streets. I'd love to try Heart's perfume and I'm amazed and proud of how she comes out with these collaborations with Filipino-owned/local brands left and right. She is beautiful inside and out.


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