Tried out Cycling at Cyclehouse Manila + My Thoughts

Indoor Cycling is all the rage among fitness buffs in Manila nowadays; indoor cycling is pretty much spinning because the latter is used to describe a stationary cycling workout that makes use of a spinning machine, which pretty much looks like a bike.

Cyclehouse Manila is the newest indoor cycling clique in Ortigas. Located inside Elite boxing gym, it's a welcome respite from a sluggish work week where you can cycle, get fit, and just get lost in the music. Cyclehouse is Cycling meets party party! :D

One class can accommodate around 20- 25 students all at once. Our coach for the day, teacher Mitch, was super nice; I loved her enthusiasm!

First off, a bit of stretching. Before everything else, coach Mitch advised us properly to take everything lightly, don't force our strength, to scale the intensity down to our level, to not compare our performance with others, and to just enjoy the workout! I was looking for that advice when I join any new work out because it's an indication for me that the gym values safety more than anything else; not a lot of people can perfectly listen to their body and that's when accidents happen so they need a reminder always.

Let the fun and cycling begin!

It's one hour of pure fun, adrenaline rush, and party music. Indoor cycling usually happens in a dim area to encourage people to just get lost in the music and workout, plus it prevents others from comparing their performance, which happens most of the time to those who are new to exercise.

To sum, cycling is fun; I enjoyed the experience, the music, and the intensity of the work out. I can consider cycling as an alternative to Cross Fit (my workout right now, btw; will muse about it soon!) when I want a pretty good workout minus all the movements. Cycling is also very good in building strong, solid legs! I highly recommend it if you're in for the fitness, fun, and friendship!

Visit CYCLEHOUSE MANILA on Facebook for more information and to inquire.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I'm also currently into crossfit. This came out as a surprise to me since I never saw myself as someone who'll like lifting and other intense workout. And I've always been lampa. Haha. Guess I just loved being challenged. Looking forward to read your thoughts on crossfit! :)

  2. The stationary bike has been my top fave when I still work out. Haven't tried any cycling class yet but it sure looks fun! With the lights dimmed and music, that will surely get my blood pumping!

  3. The stationary bike was my top fave when I was still working out. Though I have not tried any cycling class yet, it sure looks fun! With the lights dimmed and music playing, it will get my blood pumping for sure!

  4. There is so many excercise or workouts that is worth trying. This is one of those. It looks like fun, and it would suit for those who like to strengthen and firm their legs.

  5. This looks so fun! Nag eenjoy ka na, nag wowork out ka pa! :) Gustong gusto ko talaga if may kasabay na may mag work out since it gave me more motivation to continue and build friendship as well. Aaahhhh, I'm so excited to visit cycle house Manila and move that body! Parang napapasakto yung mga post mo Ms. M na may relevance sa summer. Hihi.

  6. This reminds me of one of Ariane Grande's music video. Hihihihihi. What's the title of the song? Oh my! We're even copying the routines we just don't have our own ride (LOL)

  7. I remember the song na Ms. Martha. Side to side ni Ariana Grande. Yeeeee!

  8. This is really looks fun at the same time nastrenthen pa ang legs mo.


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