This P139.00 rose essence toner that everyone is raving about is so good!

Here's a review on Mumuso Rose Essence Toner

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Makeup and skin care fanatics have been raving about these so affordable and apparently, so good toners lately: Miniso Rose Water Toner and Mumuso Rose Essence Toner. It was Miniso's version that first rose to fame, but due to low stocks and high demand, beauty junkies were forced to look for another option and found Mumuso's to be just as good; now both toners share the top spot for being the highly raved rose toner for the first quarter of 2017 (at least on Facebook!).

Mumuso was the most accessible to me so I grabbed their version the Rose Essence Toner and you know what? It's really worth the hype!


Mumuso Rose Essence Toner is a hydrating toner with preserved rose petals and rose essence to hydrate and moisturize the skin.


The product is filled with what seems like jellied Rose petals; don't know if they're actually real rose petals or something else. The product has an emulsion- like consistency, which makes it a good candidate for a watery moisturizer already.

It has a Rose scent and feels really nice, refreshing, and hydrating; I use this every single day because I like how it prepares my skin much more efficiently for the rest of my skin care routine. Also, I love how it makes my face feel so F-R-E-S-H.

Onto my 3rd week of usage, my face feels much more hydrated than before, perhaps due to the properties and ingredients of the toner that help ground moisturizing ingredients from my other skin care products. Also, no break out!

To be honest, I've tried similar stuff from other Korean beauty brands; essence toners are not new and they work just as effectively as Mumuso's, but the difference is this one is hundred thirty FRIKKIN' nine pesos onleeeh!

GIF from Tenor

That feeling after using Mumuso Rose Essence Toner

I highly recommend it to hydrating skin care fans out there and also, for anyone who's wondering why the heck their moisturizers won't stay in place or last the whole day; this toner will do the trick in locking down moisturizers and other hydrating skin care products!


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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. At first when I read the price in words I thought it's nine pesos hahahahaha.

  2. i would love to try skincares from Mumuso! i would love to give try on their creams! buti meron silang mga testers! malaking tulong.. i am into skincare lately and i was impressed nalagpsan nyo yung 10 steps to korean skincare (yung sa inyo twelve!) hehe

    I tried it one time at talagang you will see/experience the difference the next day.. kailangan lang talga ay konting sipag pa hehe.. will turn 31 this 8th of June (malapit na mawala sa calendar ang edad hehe)


  3. Hope Mumuso puts up a store here in Paranaque soon. Daiso lang ang meron sa SM Sucat. If I were still in Eastwood up to now, would have gone there in a heartbeat to get this.

  4. This sounds nice and im on a hunt for a good toner. Thanks miss M 😊

  5. oh my. try ko nga icheck yan sa ibang branch. palaging out of stock dito sa U.P town branch nila. :(

  6. WOW! I can't believe that beauty products from MUmuso are working, because I have the tendency to think that I'll have a breakout when I use them. Thank you for sharing this one Ms.M!

  7. I also bought a 300ml bottle hyaluronic acid toner and I use it as DIY mask sheet mask and facial mist.

  8. WHOAAH! An awesome find! Glad I've read your blog today Ms. M :) <3

  9. There's a newly opened Miniso here at Cavite. Might be able to try their version soon. Thanks for the Mumuso's review!


  10. Oh wow! Exactly what i need rn! Kailangang makahanap ako nito. Ang mura pa! Thanks for sharing. ��

  11. Wow, ang mura nya ha. Matry nga to pag naubos na ung toner ko. Buti nalang at may mag oopen na branch sa Greenbelt 1. Yes! Thanks for this post Ms M.

  12. Hi, heard that online that Miniso and Mumuso are China brands that pretend to be Japanese and Korean respectively. Went to the store and it is very very noticeable that the packaging of their cosmetics are knock offs of popular brands...what do you think? Do you think their cosmetics are safe to use? Thanks miss M!

  13. True! Sobrang nirerave to ngayon!

  14. I have dry skin and it did not work out for me. I feel like my skin is more drier. I guess there is an alcohol content. Could someone confirm this please?


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