Wanted By Azzaro: If James Bond had a signature perfume...

As a kid, I grew up watching James Bond and I believe this has very well influenced my taste for guys; I like guys who are straightforward, sharp, bold, have a taste for the exquisite, sleek yet a bit rugged, and have a taste for adventure. And oh, I like them always wearing fragrance too. :D

In short, I like guys who are a bit of James Bond; if Bond had a signature perfume, it would most likely be Wanted by Azzaro.

Wanted is the new fragrance from the house of Azzaro. At the core of the Wanted is flamboyance, tenacity, boldness, and luxury; the Wanted man is someone who doesn't settle for less, always seeks new heights, and commands attention wherever he goes; he doesn't induce desire; he is desire.

The flacon took inspiration from various masculine elements formed into a mechanical piece; it could remind you of a sports car steering wheel, a Russian Roulette, a gun barrel, gold pennies, or a watch; everything about it reminds you of a man living the high rollin', luxurious life.

Onto the juice: this fresh, woody fragrance features notes of lemon, ginger, lavender and mint. The heat has Guatemalan Cardamom, juniper, apple, and geranium. The base has Haitian vetiver, tonka bean, and amberwood; it's airy and sexy, and has a colorful spectrum of notes that complement so much the adventurous side of every man. First whiff and I got hooked, and I kept on smelling my wrist while it was on it, which is strange because I am not that fond of woody fragrances; the fact that I like this one means it's pretty good!

Check out the official film for this fragrance:

Glad to have my own 'James Bond' in this bottle!

Wanted Azzaro is now available at FRESH Fragrance Bars and Art of Scent. Visit FRESH on Facebook for more details.

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ganda ng packaging nila. It looks like a gun.Lalaking lalaki datingan. Siguro mahal din to like Ralph Lauren, etc.

  2. If I've known this last week I might pick this up as a gift.

  3. Woooooow 😍 sobrang ganda ng packaging 😍😍😍😍 I would love to give my Dad this coz he loves James Bond movies too. And I totally agree with you that this is perfect to be his signature perfume 😍 thank you as always, ate! 💕

  4. Wow what a gorgeous perfume brand. Now, how to look for The One to give it to? Ha ha

  5. The packaging :) what a great idea!! Ideally for men tlaga :) This blog specifically reminds me of my father ms martha the last movie that we watched together at home was a james bond movie before he died.

  6. Favorite ko yan James Bond movie lalong lalo na si Pierce Brosnan, crush na crush ko sya. Hehehe. Ang ganda ng packaging parang baril, magkano kaya to? Thanks for this post Ms M.


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