A Favorite Brush brand of makeup artists: Royal and Langnickel Charming Brush Set Review

Here's a review on Royal and Langnickel Charming Brush Set

PRICE: Around 59USD
FROM: Gift from a friend
OTHER LOCATIONS: Please visit ROYAL AND LANGNICKEL'S OFFICIAL WEBSITE for a complete list of distributors and retailers


Royal And Langnickel is one of the favorite makeup brush brands of many makeup artists; I've heard countless makeup artists whom I've worked with swear by this brand; I've learned about this brand in my beginning years as a Beauty Blogger and have long since craved for a set, if not a few pieces.

A dear client and friend of mine gave me a set as post- Christmas gift; LE GASP! Can't believe I finally have not one, two, or three pieces, but an 11-pc. set! I feel so happy!

Here are my thoughts on this makeup brush brand.


Royal and Langnickel is one of the leading manufacturers of paint and makeup brush brands. Charming is an 11-pc. set that contains essential eye, face, and lip brushes for flawless makeup.

The set comes in a golden box lined with textured satin. Gorgeous! This will look amazing on my dresser.

 The brushes are 100% vegan or synthetic.

A top shot of the stipple and powder brush; I love how clean the edges are, which will also help create a cleaner, focused makeup application.

The handles are lacquered wood with a salmon pink color; ferrule is gold plated. Love that the brushes have names, perfect for beginners.

 L-R: Foundation brush, Stipple brush, Powder brush.

 L-R: Medium Eye Shader, Smudger, Crease Brush

L-R: Fine Liner brush, Lip brush, Concealer brush, Lip brush

The brushes feel really soft, flexible yet sturdy enough to help me blend colors properly and precisely on my skin; what's great about this set is it contains a varied range of brushes; no redundant brushes and covers every brush need I have, especially for the eyes. I've washed these once and no fallout! The flat liner brush doubles as an eyebrow brush too and I love how it creates clean lines!

I'm pretty happy with these brushes and I can't wait to play with them more. Unfortunately, R&L is not available locally, but I hope it will be soon! I'd love to get my hands on their pro brushes!


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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. That's a good set of brushes ms martha😍😍 love the box that came with it too,will really look nice on vanity table ☺️ But sadly i already ordered SET-707 COPPER DREAMS in Morphe. I hope i can get my hands on that brushes too. Nice review ms martha

  2. That's a good set of brushes ms martha😍😍 love the box that came with it too,will really look nice on vanity table ☺️ But sadly i already ordered SET-707 COPPER DREAMS in Morphe. I hope i can get my hands on that brushes too. Nice review ms martha

  3. It's my first time hearing about these R&L Charming Brush Set and they seem like a really great investment! The packaging looks beautiful! Reviews about make-up tools are super duper helpful since readers like me had a bad past with choosing the right brushes. Before, I ended up with the most terrible tools since there weren't a lot of people who do reviews on make-up tools. So, thank you very much for this, Ms. Martha! Always looking forward and hoping for mooooooore! :)

  4. Super ganda ng mga brushes. 😍

  5. PangSosyal na brush naman pala to πŸ’œ Lalagyan palang bongga na sbay yung loob pa ang cute kasi color red. Kaso mukhang wala dto sa pinas kasi iba yung currency ng pera hehe. Eto nlang kulang ko sa makeup kit ko sana magkaron din ako nyan soon πŸ’œ

  6. Pangmaharlika!!! Hihihihi. Royal na royal ang dating but it also looks like a paint brush Hihi. Ang sarap siguro nyan sa balat di gaya ng mumurahin lang na naglalagas pa.

  7. This is my first time hearing about the brand and they look posh ang to boot the handles are in red whoa ♥ ♥ ♥!

  8. What a beautiful brush set, looks like my sisters art brushes! Looks well crafted too na even if you use it over and over again, the bristles won't fall. Ang ganda naman!

  9. Jonalyn FalculanJuly 25, 2017 at 6:35 PM

    Perfect Set of brushes. Gaganda Ms.M, kakainlove nong mga angle at style ng tips lalo na sa foundation brush. Parang ang sarap-sarap gamitin.

  10. Wow mukhang maganda nga po Ms.M plus it's 100% vegan or synthetic. ❤

  11. Wow ang gandaaa! ❤ Sana nga po maging available locally. I want a set too :) I love the color and yung gold box na kasama. Ang sosyal tignan hehe. I'm saving this link para pag may budget na ako at balak ko bumili ng brushes. Thank you po for sharing this! :)

  12. OMG! This make up brushes is around 3k pesos and I can say that it's so expensive, pero siguro when it comes to quality hindi mo na maiisip yung price nya. And for me hanggang Divisoria make up brushes lang ako.. hihihi.. 😊😊

  13. So sweet ng friend mo Ms. Martha :) First time ko po ma encounter ung brushes na to and my fav brush based on what you have posted po is ung stippling brush and ung smudger too cute :) Hope you will have a full face makeup using these brushes :)

  14. Ang ganda ate!!! My first time hearing this brand and I already fell in loveee 😍😍😍 Ako I personally believe na it is soooo worth it to invest in a brush set na medyo expensive but high quality. Kasi just a few weeks ago, I used a brush that I bought for like 200 per set (10 pcs), after using I felt a burning sensation and itchiness. Then ayun na, pimple breakouts. I don't think it's the makeups kasi been using them for a while pero wala namang ganung effect, nun lang gumamit ako ng brush. Kaya super worth it yung mga ganitong makeup brushes. 😍😍😍😍

  15. Ang ganda ng brushes mo ate martha, pati na yung lalagyan. 😍 I dont know how it feels to have lots of brushes because I dont have my own set of make up brushes pa, nasanay ako na fingers lang gamit ko pag nag mmake up ako but I have 2 brushes pa din naman na pang blush on at contour na nabili ko lang din sa watsons. πŸ˜… Hopefully madagdagan pa ang ipon ko para makabili na din ako ng magandang set ng make up brush katulad neto. Thanks for sharing how beautiful your brushes are! Nakakainlove kasing pretty mo sila. 😊


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