Farm To Face: Taiwan Beauty Brand 23.5 N Launches in the Philippines

23.5 N of Tropic of Cancer lies Taiwan, which is the only location in the latitude that is optimal for growing crops; this is the inspiration behind the namesake brand from Taiwan that has recently landed in the Philippines. Inspired by the' Farm to Table' concept, 23.5 N's 'Farm to Face' concept that utilizes ingredients fresh off nature that we eat and are very good not only to our health, but our skin as well.

Helen of 23.5 N flew to Manila for the grand launch; according to her, Farm to Face approach is rooted in the belief that if we turn to nature to nourish our bodies, we can turn to nature to nourish our skin too. 

The ingredients in every 23.5 N product are harvested directly from Taiwan and production is maintained in the country as well so as to control operations and quality to ensure that every product meets the highest standards, plus it promotes sustainability and minimizes environmental footprint as well.

The products are formulated to suit Taiwan's tropical and cool weather, therefore there's one that every Filipina/o can enjoy. The best sellers are the Gel Masks, well- loved for their effective hydrating, moisturizing, and rejuvenating properties. The range also includes cleansing oils, facial foams, toners, and moisturizers categorized in the following collections:

Red Pearl Barley series- for unevenness and hyper pigmentation
Oriental Beauty Tea series- for oily and sensitive skin; an ingredient native to Taiwan and is rich in Tannins, a compound that deeply moisturizes
Bamboo series- ultra hydrating, for normal to dry skin
Rice series- dry skin

23.5 N products are cruelty- free, paraben, colorants, alcohol, fragrance, preservatives, and sulfate- free, plus it's suitable for sensitive skin, pregnant women, post- surgery skin, and vegans.

One of their most interesting products for me are the feather masks, extra thin masks made from organic cotton; it is much thinner than regular sheet masks, thus it adheres better onto the skin. You can use this along with their gel masks and toners.

23.5 N is available at Beauty Bar boutiques. Visit BEAUTY BAR PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this brand.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Naintriga ako sa feather masks! Mukhang maganda. Plus it's cruelty-free! ❤❤❤

  2. Skin food is 💜💛💚!kya pla ganda din ng mga kutis ng taiwanese.hehe Natural and eco-friendly products are very nice! for sure it's worth the price.😊

  3. Wow this looks so healthy. I love it so much :*

  4. It's good that Taiwan also make a good skincare that filipina would love it. I intrigue about feather mask. I want to try it also. 😉❤️

  5. Natapos tayo sa korean products, taiwan naman ngayon omg ano kaya susunod? 😊 Nahihiwagaan ako sa feather mask ate martha! 😅

  6. Yaay! Wanna try feather masks Ms. Mastha looks very interesting :) Will ask my brother and sister nasa Taiwan if ever they encounter this brand :) I am more into korean skin care, but would love to try this also :)

  7. wow! very nice! nakaka intriga gamitin! I love korean skincare products!!

  8. I like the whole concept for the name of the brand. It's very creative and classy. It's a good thing their brand is highly organic. I've always been a fan of brands that are paraben free, organic, fresh, etc. We need more brands like these here in the Philippines. Good thing they launched here already. Really excited to see their brand at the Beauty Bar Ph! They remind me of Australia's Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr. Thanks for this!


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