#RANawaywithMartha Wedding Blog 6: My Chosen Photo and Video Coverage Team + Tips in Choosing your video team and theme + Wedding Photos and SDE!

In any wedding, couples have their non- negotiables; for my husband, it's food that's why he went all out and didn't skimp so much on the budget. For me, it's wedding coverage; Because I'm a content creator and I want people who are on the same page as me to document my most memorable day.

I'd be honest; I wanted Treehouse and Nice Print Photo to cover my wedding, but their rates are just way out of our budget. So I set out and looked for up and coming creatives in the wedding industry that have the same aesthetic as my preferred photo and video teams, and have finally settled for this husband and wife duo who don't only cover weddings...they tell stories.

After sifting through dozens of videos and wedding coverage teams, I decided to go for Meg and Jane because of their aesthetic, romantic vibe, and the way they create their videos: it's telling a love story, not just covering a wedding. Although fairly new in the industry, Meg and Jane is one of the up and coming wedding photo and video teams in Manila because of their impressive, cinematic concepts!

Meeting with Meg and Jane and Day One Project

Jane Moreno, the JANE of Meg and Jane, is the one who answers customer inquiries and I appreciate her prompt replies; they're also fairly easy to work with and I felt at ease on my wedding day because I felt that they knew what they were doing. I also loved the fact that Meg and Jane were present in my wedding to head their pack.

Our wedding footages were turned over in this gorgeous velvet box and hard drive!

The package I purchased was Wedding Photo + Video coverage; it's inclusive of an SDE (Same Day Edit video), photo and video coverage, footages, aerial videography and out of town fee; the footages were turned over in this gorgeous velvet box and hard drive (yes, we got to keep the hard drive!); plus points for the hard drive! They turned over the footages in a little over one week--didn't expect it would be that fast, but it's very much appreciated!

Our package, including the add- ons aerial videography and out of town fee, is around P120,000.00; Meg and Jane is a semi- premium wedding coverage company, but as the old saying goes: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR and my husband and I did; our wedding photos and videos came out the way we envisioned it, plus they are professional!

1. Think of a concept; it doesn't have to be too detailed because your wedding coverage team will expand on this as it's their job; for our concept, we told Meg and Jane that we wanted ours to be light- hearted, funny, and romantic.
2. Choose a wedding theme song for your SDE; if you don't have one in mind, ask your chosen team for options and recommendations; this will depend on the overall concept of your SDE.
3. Inform your team of the mandatory footages in the video; do you want more shots of you and your husband/wife? More shots featuring the priest and homily? More shots of your wedding vows? More shots of your family? Balance it out.

1. Set your budget for wedding coverage; it will be easier and quicker to filter your list this way.
2. Watch, watch, watch; check, check, check. Make it a point to watch their videos and check their photos to get a feel of their aesthetic in order to know if it matches yours.
3. Read up on a lot of testimonials; you don't want to deal with a headache on your wedding day, most especially with a very important supplier.
4. Photos and videos are the only surviving memories of your wedding so make sure you entrust it to a great team; piece of advice, if you have to shell out more to afford a really good team, then do so because as I said, you get what you pay for and great talent and professionalism ain't cheap; you can easily earn back what you spent, but the time spent and memories made in your wedding are hard to recover so make sure these are properly documented.

And here's your most awaited part: our wedding photos and same day edit video!

For an updated list of their works, visit megandjane.com and MEG AND JANE STUDIOS on Facebook.

Meg and Jane is also an exhibitor at the upcoming biggest wedding fair in Asia, WEDDING EXPO PHILIPPINES this coming September 9 and 10, 2017; be sure to drop by to check out their portfolio and for exclusive promos and discounts!

Ending this post with our beautiful SDE by Meg and Jane!

That's all for this post. For my last wedding blog post, I'll tell you 10 things I realized after my wedding!

My directory of wedding suppliers:

Day One Project
Contact: Angela Ibarle- 0917 886 7441
Meg and Jane Studios
Contact: Jane Moreno- 0956 589 6568
Caketella Cake Rental
Contact: Mac Chan 0908 894 0144
Shebby Chic Makeup Artistry
Contact: Shebby Liquete- 0917 673 5887
Raffy Viernes Couture
Contact: Raffy Viernes- 0917 722 7232
Zen Zest
Contact: Catherine Ong- 0917 559 9046
JS Mina
Hillcreek Gardens
Tita Sonya Tagaytay (Manuel Francisco)

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24 Lovely Thoughts

  1. OH MY GOD!!! Beautiful photos, beautiful video! All of you looked so happy at the wedding! Thank you for sharing this with us. It warms the heart!

  2. Thanks @thebeautyjunkee, you're wedding is truly beautiful and heartfelt! More power to your blog!

  3. I'm really enjoying this blog series Martha! Yours turned out to be a beautiful wedding, and you looked absolutely stunning! If I were to get married (again, haha!) this would have been the way I would have approached the organization of it. It's great that you found awesome suppliers that delivered and more!

  4. I'm so glad you found Meg and Jane Studios! I can only imagine how hard it must've been for couples to juggle everything when it comes to planning weddings. So many elements to handle and settle all at the same time. Despite the hardships, the wedding looks so effortless. Kitang kita naman lahat ng hirap ay nag pay off sa mga printed photos. Plus, the price for Meg and Jane Studios' services is quite reasonable. Hands down to you and your whole team, Ms. Martha! I'm so noting this plus the tips! Thank you so much!

    1. Thanks, Eunice. Glad that my events/PR specialist background helped me a lot! Can't wait for yours! :D

  5. Ang gaganda ng wedding photos Ms. M! And sa SDE video super na touch ako. Kinikilig ako na naiiyak kasi feeling ko ako kung kinasal. hehehe.. Gustong gusto ko yung moment na iffocus na syo yung cam tpos hinawi mo yung hair, talagang napa WOW! ako Ms. M, tsaka yung naglalakad kayo ni Randy, super romantic. Nafeel ko yung wedding nyo. Feeling ko andun din ako. Great choice lahat Ms. M! Sana sa wedding ko ganyan din kaganda. Thank you for sharing all about your wedding Ms. Martha. ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Awww thanks dear. I worked hand in hand with Meg and Jane for the SDE because I'm a content creator and I definitely want this to be special! :D

  6. Bongga ni Meg and Jane di tlga kayo nagkamali ng pinili. gaganda ng shots and yung video winner! 💗💗💗 Sarap ikasal ulit haha! #dreamwedding ang peg! 😉

  7. Haay Ms. Martha :) Your wedding journey makes me so kilig :) My bf and I should work hard because right now I have so many plans and thoughts on my mind :) Your wedding po is so perfect lahat ng emotions na dapat meron sa isang wedding andun na :) Talagang pinagisipan at pinaghandaan :)

    1. Yes, thank you. 6 months was enough time to plan everything perfectly without delaying the event further not to mention, increasing the expenses! :D

  8. I've seen it po! ewan ko pero naiiyak tlga ako sa mga weddings, na sana soon ako rin makaranas ng ganyan sa taong pinakamamahal ko,.. I love everything you did madam! detailed lahat, wala tlgang pinalampas, walang mali, lahat ramdam po namin, ng viewers mo po ang iyong Happy Ending. Congratulations po ng paulit ulit madam! God Bless you both!

    1. Thank you, Sam. I'm glad that I was able to take you guys with me in this important journey of mine through photos. :)

  9. Hi Ms Martha. Ang gwapo nung groom nyo.

  10. Sobrang ganda talaga napakacandid and genuine all ng shots. It really shows the personality of the bride and groom along with your family and friends. So inspiring :*

  11. Wow ang ganda ng photos! Kinilig ako. Love the spontaneous shot photos, That's what my sister's photographer friend did in her wedding too. Maganda talaga yung may natural vibe to the photos.

  12. Perfect match talaga kayo, Ms Martha. Ang kulit ng husband nyo sa photos while ikaw naman goddess ang peg as bride. Sold ako sa photo ng set-up niyo! Yung white chairs tapos borderless door! Ang ganda!

  13. Ganda po ng photos Ms.M! 😍 Nakakaiyak sa kilig ang SDE. Both of you are really lucky to have found each other. Sana ganyan din po outcome ng future wedding ko. 😅

  14. Nice photos and concept. I really admire all of these. I hope I can book the best photographers and wedding videographers on my wedding day.

  15. It was a genuine treat. Everyone was full of smiles and tears combined. These kind of moments can be captured if you have the right people to help you out so head on to this wedding expo in the Philippines and know the best of the best in the wedding business.


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