#RANawaywithMartha Wedding Blog 7: 10 things I realized after my wedding

We're now down to our final wedding blog post and I've enjoyed writing about it as much as I enjoyed the whole journey; I hope you learned something from me. Here are ten realizations I had after #RANawaywithMartha.

1. I realized that the shorter the preparation time is, the lesser the expense. 6 months since we planned the wedding, our cost ballooned to 600% of what our ideal budget was just to come up with a good wedding, but thanks to our family and friends who supported us all the way, we were able to hit that amount.

2. I realized that shorter preparation lets you laser focus on the wedding and shun distractions; since you know you don't have much time to plan, fix, and make adjustments, you're able to decide better and faster,

3. I realized that there are people who are actually willing to help. Weddings restore your faith in humanity somehow.

4. I realized that you should stick with your plan no matter what people say; left and right, you will hear advice and opinions, and this will disrupt the process and delay everything so listen, but take everything with a grain of salt; people will always have something to say about the type of wedding you'll have and your choices, but it's your money and your wedding anyway so stick to your guns and don't let negative opinions discourage you.

5. I realized that you should always have a plan B--always.

6. I realized that it is important to have extra money, at least 15-20% of your original budget because you will always have something major to spend on weeks or days before your wedding or heck, even on the day of the wedding; it's best to have a buffer amount so you don't end up borrowing money too.

7. I realized that the wedding is the best time to use all your cards: friendship cards, work cards, colleague cards, Blogger cards, etc. LOL.

8. I realized how beautiful and meaningful it is to have a small guest list; well, 115 is not a small guest list, but it's smaller than most since a couple will always have a minimum of 150 guests; a lot were even expecting I'd have over 200 due to my blogger status; a small guest list comprised of all the most important people in your life makes the wedding more worthwhile versus having a large guest list where you don't even know half of the people in the room.

9. I realized the power of asking help; it is not vulnerability, it is learning.

10. I realized that it's important to enjoy the process for you to enjoy the outcome!

I hope you enjoyed this. If my wedding blog posts have helped you, pass it on and help others too.

Happy planning! As always, I'm just one email away if you need help! :)

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. All of your preparations is perfect po madam! You achieved everything you wanted and more! di po namin na feel na mahal ung wedding ninyo, we feel is the LOVE in the air! Happiness, peace and positive lang lahat! Above all, no pressure po sainyo while walking down the isle 😊😍

  2. It's true na the shorter time to do a plan for a event, the easy way to make it wonderful. Kasi nga pag matagal maraming destruction. And it's true to always have Plan B or option B, just in case na may aberya. I noticed din nga na wala kang guest na mga blogger friends. Anyway mas ok na din na family, relatives and close friends to make it simple and sentimental.

  3. These 10 realizations are very important especially sa mga ikakasal or kahit sa mga ibat-ibang event. Pinaka gusto ko yung #4 Anyway, Thanks for sharing all your experience to us. of course, nag-enjoy kami. Sna meron pa din blog about being newly weds hanggang sa magka-anak kayo. hihi 😊

  4. Parang ayaw ko pa po mgplano tuloy Ms. Martha :)Pero still thank you so much for all the things you have shared to us :) I realized how important every detail is when it comes to your wedding :) It is once in a lifetime, kya dapat sulitin at i cherish :) I am also planning to invite those people na talagang close ko Ms. Martha :)

  5. I have no words for your wedding, Ms. Martha! It's absolutely just so beautiful! Your team didn't fall short or anything. I've learned a lot as well. Especially when it comes to sticking with the original plan since it is your wedding after all. I've watched several episodes of Say Yes to the Dress where the bride just gets torn apart when choosing the right wedding dress because of so many distractions and opinions from people. Some just end up with no dress from the show at all. I'm glad you ended up with wonderful choices, Ms. Martha. I'm happy that you have people who help you get through this. It's also so nice that you included the tip with plan B and extra money since we can never be too prepared indeed. The guest list is so important as well. I'd prefer a smaller list too! It's more intimate that well and I'd like to get a chance to talk to every person in the room and just be as close to them as possible, instead of having a room full of people you can barely talk to or approach 'cause they're just too many of 'em. God bless on your marriage, Ms. Martha!

  6. Hindi na ako makatanggi sa lahat ng sinabi mo, agree na agree ako ate martha lalo na dun sa number 4 na kahit ano pang sabihin nila ikaw pa din ang may karapatan na mag decide kasi kasal mo yan and ganun naman talaga eh people will always have something to say pero dont let them affect you and your decisions. I love everything about your wedding ate, thankyou for sharing all of this to us kahit na wala kami sa kasal mo para na din kaming nandun nung araw na yun. Iloveyou! 😊

  7. Thank you so much po Ms. Martha for sharing all of this with us even if it is really personal. I learned a lot and it gives me tons of ideas as well hihihihi. Pregnancy blog soon hahahahahahaha. Congrats again Ms. Martha :*

  8. Amen to number 4! Same tayo Ms.M. I've always wanted na small guest list lang para mas intimate. Hehe. Dami ko natutunan sayo Ms.M. Dami nako ideas for my future wedding kung ikakasal man. Hahaha. Can't wait for you to start a family and share your journey with us soon! 😊😊

  9. I am into intimate wedding. I had one. Only my love ones and most treasured friends. You're right that lesser time make you decide precisely and with our outcome, right choices. Cheers to a blessed unity of two hearts truly in-love!


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