The Biggest Makeup Palette I own: Makeup World Ultimate Palette Review, Swatch, Price + Youtube Video

Here's a review on Makeup World Ultimate Palette.

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When I was younger, I loved Lego. I've come to realize now more than ever how much my mother loves me because she would still buy me Lego even if it hurts her foot a lot when she would step on the pieces and she finds them in her bowl of rice (yup, I was that mischievous).

I still love Lego, but there has been some change with the kind of Lego that I like and it's this: Makeup World Ultimate palette, a palette that lets you build and customize your looks and faves, not to mention, this is the biggest palette I've owned in a while. WHOA!


A mega makeup palette that contains almost all of the brand's makeup products and shades.

 Product comes in a sleek, see- through box.

The palette may be huge in terms of width, but the shape and lightness makes it good for traveling as well; this palette cuts down the need to bring multiple makeup products so all you have to bring are your foundation, powder, and skin care that's why I think it's travel- friendly overall.

But wait, there's more: the palette comes with a smaller palette! Palette within a palette! #Paletteception

As if the entire palette is not travel- friendly on its own already; Makeup World thought about u and included a smaller palette that you can pop in your handbag and customize with your favorites from the palette.

There are 16 cartridges that house 16 eyeshadows, 4 eyebrow products, 4 blushes, 1 contouring powder, 1 highlighter, 1 face powder, and 16 lipsticks. Total of 43 products all in all. WOWZA!


12 eyeshadows

4 eyeshadows

The eyeshadows have light to medium pigmentation; they're decent, but if you want them to be more vivid and to last longer, use a primer.

L-R: Blush, contour, highlighter

The blushes are my favorite because they're pigmented and I love the rose-pink duo because it's good for morena skin. These complexion products are very pigmented and have nice quality overall; they're the nicest in the palette in my opinion.

L-R: Corrector and concealer

These concealing and correcting products have light to medium coverage; you have to layer them on if you want good coverage; good for those with almost flawless skin and only need to even out the skin tone nicely. I wish these were more pigmented, but I think having a concealer in this palette is pretty useful.

Brow kit

The brow kit has 3 powders; I like the shade selection. There's a clear wax as well that you can use to set your strands or intensify the payoff of the powders.

12 lipsticks

L-R: face powder and 4 lipsticks

The lipsticks have medium coverage and a uniform satin finish. You can use these as full lipsticks or to sport a lightly tinted lip.

I am wearing the rose-pink blush duo, contouring powder, and highlighter in here.

The palette is nice and a must- have for those who want to maximize their makeup budget; imagine, with almost P2,000, you have already bought 90% of Makeup World products lol! :D Between palettes and singles, we all know that the latter always have better quality, but with Makeup World, with just a good primer and base in hand, the products will come out great.

Check out my Youtube review and demo of the products here:

Click HERE for the video and demo


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31 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Oh wow! Kaya naman po pla super laki nya, all in one na 😍 sabi nga ni Daniel Padilla sa kanta nya, "Na sa'yo na ang lahat!" Worth the hype naman po based sa reviews and swatches mo mrs. M! Ang gaganda ng colors and pigmentation ng bawat isa sa kanila. The shades you used in your eyes works well with your skintone. Love na love ko pagka-blend nya mamshie! 😍

  2. Ganda! Sarap sa mata tingnan Ms.M. Hehe. Sobrang sulit neto plus super pigmented. Love their blushes too. 😍

  3. Ganyan na ganyan ang gusto ko!!! Makakabili na sana ako eh! Kaso mas need ko ung pera para sa kids ko πŸ˜”
    Ang ganda po nyan madam!! 😍😍😍😍

  4. I can still remember that you featured this on your Ig stories, playing with it like a Lego just like what you said. Why not go bigtime with this makeup palette it almost has everything. Plus, it is great for travels too, just assemble what you will just be needing.

  5. wow. i'm swooning. hngggg i need that

  6. bonggang nyan! lalo na sa mga beginners at future MUA! 😍

  7. Thank ypu for your honest review on this miss.m esp qhen it cones to its quality. However, just knowing you can actually choose which among palettes u can just bring in for the day is already a good thing.atleast it's a space savvy. Right? Thank u for this!

  8. Grabe ang nice neto 😍 Saka sobrang sulit sa price kasi lahat ng kailangan mo nandito na sa pallette ba to! Bet ko din mga blush on nila ang ganda ng mga shades. Please ireview mo naman ang mga color corrector nila sa YT ate. Thankyou! 😘

  9. I love thier all in one palette. Worth to buy. And I love the idea of putting a small palette where you can customize the product you just want to bring. Super nice! I think sale ata sila from almost 2k down to 999. Nakita ko lang sa IG.

  10. Sobrang dami naman po nyan Ms. Martha kahit di ako marunong talagang magmake up ang saya saya talaga makakita ng mga ganyan. haaaaay. pero pak po ang final pic sa blog na to bongga ang sye shadow

    1. I only used the blush, contour, and highlighter on my palette. I used BYS Berries on my eyes. :D

  11. Waaah a lot :) Parang sale po ata sila ngayon ms martha parang 900 plus nalang po ata di po ako sure bsta po naka sale :) Thank you po for sharing your thoughts, inaabangan ko po ung color corrector po nito ;)

  12. I love the looks you've achieved on this one! The palette looks so complete! You are killing it especially with the eyshadow and contour game! This is the perfect product for people who are on a tight budget but want to buy a complete set of products too. Thanks for sharing, Ms. Martha!

  13. Bongga! Love this! Perfect to sa mga girls na mahilig magmakeup kasi nandito na halos lahat eh! In just 2k? Imagine?! Pwede rin to sa mga makeup artist diba? Thanks for this Ms. Martha!

    1. Yes! Especially for those who are starting out with the craft pa lang. Pang-practice. :D

  14. Kaloka yung pink shining shimmering eyeshadow mo dito Ms. Martha. Hihi Ganda mo! Ikaw na. :)

  15. Shocksssssss ang daming makeup at ang affordable! Ang ganda din ng kinalabasan, lalo na ugn eyes mo Ms.M, I love it so much!


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