TIPS AND TRICKS: Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Foundation in 270 and Match Stick in Bamboo Review, Swatch, Price

Here's a review on Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Foundation in 270 and Match Stix in Bamboo.

PRICE: Foundation- P1,950.00; Concealer- P1,450.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at Sephora.ph and Sephora boutiques


I said on my social media when I unveiled my Fenty purchase a few days ago that I'll be reviewing it tomorrow, but I decided not to put it off for another week because I love you guys and I know you have all been itching to know my thoughts on Rihanna's groundbreaking beauty brand.

I purchased the Pro Filtr Foundation in 270 and Match Stix concealer/contour stick in Bamboo. If I had it my way, I would purchase the three sticks, primer, setting powder, and Trophy Wife highlighter, but, you know, BILLS! LOL.

Now here's what I think of Fenty Beauty's foundation and concealer.

First, the packaging; so fly! I love the white and beige-pink colors; a lot said that it reminded them of KKW Beauty, but I didn't get that vibe; Fenty has a design of its own and it does not look like a private- labeled brand (Eep! Had to say it!). I have mixed feelings about the box packaging though.

Pro Filtr Foundation ingredients

Match Stix ingredients

Match Stix is one of the coolest makeup packaging I've seen to date; it's a hexagonal, magnetic stick that sticks on to other Match Stix products. Great for those who perpetually lose their stuff and want their favorites close together always. :)

Now let's proceed to the products. Starting with the foundation. The biggest question is:


Here's a swatch of the foundation in 270. It has a light cream texture, spreads easily, and yields medium to full coverage. 270 is described as 'Medium Warm'. It's a medium dark beige shade with neutral undertone; I was expecting a yellow- toned foundation, but at least it's not olive or pink.

After 2 minutes, here's what the foundation swatch looked like:

Yes, ma'm; the foundation oxidizes. I've used this product straight for a week and I therefore conclude that it oxidizes a shade and a half darker (you will see in the photos below). According to this vlogger who uses the same foundation shades as me, she's 300 in the foundation range; given the oxidation issue, if I went for 300, it could have ended up 310 or 320 on me, which is way too dark already. It is also worth noting that the foundation leans on the warmer spectrum (I've had 4 more samples of the foundation in different shades that's why I concluded this), which has contributed to its significant shade transformation.

I went for 270, which is 3 shades lighter than my ideal shade. Why? I could have gone for either 280 or 290, but the undertones of these shades are peach and olive, which may look off for my skin so I went for 270 because its undertone is WARM/NEUTRAL. Best decision ever because the shade matched my skin overall and it only looked 30% lighter than my skin tone and can be corrected very easily with powders and bronzers.

Meanwhile, here's Match Stix in Bamboo; it looks a bit too pale for my skin tone in this swatch, but it looks okay on my under eyes, most especially if layered on top of Fenty foundation. Texture is cream to powder, coverage is medium to heavy and is very buildable, and is very easy to spread; it has really good staying power as well and the light texture prevents it from caking and setting into fine lines.


Wearing Match Stix in Bamboo here; despite the cream consistency, it does not cake and staying power is very good, I even wear it to Crossfit.

One layer of Pro Filtr Foundation in 270

One layer and I'm good; this has excellent coverage; I did not have to use correctors anymore to cover my post- acne marks. Coverage smooths the skin instantly and 

The formula is a cross between Kat Von D Lock It and L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte; it has the staying power of KVD and consistency of L'Oreal. Sometimes, I wish KVD were a bit sheerer and L'Oreal would last as long as KVD, and Fenty solved this for me.

I was wondering why the staying power of this foundation is just as good as KVD Lock It then I found out that they're both by the same manufacturers, Kendo Beauty, the makers of KVD, Bite Beauty, and Marc Jacobs Beauty to name a few.

Fenty was lauded by beauty bloggers, editors, and Youtubers upon its release for its jaw- dropping range of 40 foundation shades. How great of Rihanna for championing inclusivity in her beauty line, but this concept is nothing new as most websites, Youtubers, and Beauty Bloggers would claim because Make Up For Ever has long released 40 shades in their Ultra HD Foundation line; in fact, there's a mini social media war between RiRi and MUFE about it; well, at least there's another brand that has a massive foundation range!

Oxidized after 2 minutes

Another big question regarding this product:


Great. On its own, it stays intact for the rest of the day on my combination oily/normal skin; my face would oil up, but the coverage is still there. There would be a slight creasing on the sides of my nose after 6 or 7 hours, but it is insignificant.

But if worn with Pro Filtr Primer, the magic happens.

Here's me wearing Pro Filtr Foundation and Primer; I've worn both for 8 hours straight with zero retouching; my T-Zone has just oiled up for a little bit, coverage is still intact, no creasing on the sides of the nose, and looks great overall even after 8 frikkin' hours. Dang, I should have gotten the primer too.

To summarize, Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Foundation is great; love the coverage, consistency, shade selection, and staying power; can work on moderately dry skin (just moisturize), excellent on combination oily/normal skin, and will work even on very oily skin provided that a primer is used beforehand; everything about it is great for tropical climates such as hours. I just hope that the extreme oxidation issue will be addressed in the new batches.

Some useful tips and tricks on Fenty Pro Filtr Foundation; this is especially useful if you are yet to buy yours:
1. Before buying, check out swatches online. Find a blogger, vlogger, or influencer who uses the same foundation shades as you; this is your springboard in determining your Fenty foundation shade.
2. As mentioned, the foundation oxidizes a shade and a half darker so it's best to choose a shade that's 2- 3 shades lighter than your 'exact' shade. For example: I'm 300 according to this vlogger who pretty much uses the same foundation shades as me. Moving 3 shades backwards, my safe shade would be 270 Medium Warm.
3. Take note of your undertone also. Let's say moving backwards, you ended up with a shade that has a yellow undertone, but you have a pink undertone; either move forward or backward on the shade spectrum to arrive at a shade that will suit you overall, from tone to undertone. If you're having a hard time finding a match, it's always a good choice to choose a Neutral/Warm undertone.
4. This foundation is best applied with a kabuki/fluffy foundation brush in my opinion; consistency is light and if you use a blending sponge, a good amount of the product might be absorbed into it, which means wastage.

After reading this post, I hope you're now ready and more confident to make your Fenty foundation purchase!


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  8. The coverage and finish looks amazing on your skin, Ms. Martha! I love how you did the make up look in this one. I had high expectations for this. Maraming pong nagsabi na nag ooxidize siya and totoo po pala. :( Other than that, I think Riri did a great job in this one. LOOOOOVE the fact that it's diverse in color selection. Riri has outdone herself. She considered every skin color. I love it. Thanks for this detailed review, Ms. Martha!

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