WORTH BUYING: The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer 1.5 Review, Swatch, Price

Here's a review on The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer 1.5.

PRICE: Around P180.00+ (sale price) P320.00 original price
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at Althea Korea


So this is the other Korean concealer that every K beauty- obsessed gals have been raving about, specifically those who love full coverage concealers; I can see why; The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer is a full coverage concealer with intense pigmentation and staying power, plus it's ridiculously affordable!


A full coverage concealer with brightening, hydrating, and sun protection properties; has SPF 28 PVA++ that protects skin from harmful UV rays. Comes in 3 shades.

It's a fairly small tube at 3.8g and comes with a doe foot applicator;

There are three shades to choose from and my match in my belief is Rich Beige #3; however, it is always out of stock so it will pay to subscribe to email alerts from Althea. The darkest available was 1.5, Natural Beige; it's too light though, but I can remedy it with foundation and powder.

Consistency is a light cream and holy guacamole, this is indeed pigmented! That perfect swatch on my skin only took one swipe!


Bare under eye

One layer of The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer

Will you look at that! One layer was all it took to lift the look of my eyes, brighten it, and smooth out the texture.

Post- acne marks

One layer of  the concealer

Oh my...look at my cheeks! Where did the post- acne marks go!?!?!?!??!?!?!?

Product is unscented and 1.5 Natural Beige is a fair beige with neutral undertone. A few dots go a long way and it's extremely easy to spread, doesn't set into fine lines, doesn't crease, doesn't dry out during wear, and long- lasting; plus points for the SPF!

This is a concealer that's really worth the hype because it's simply AMAZING and affordable! Would love to buy one asap! The Saem's concealer is perfect for your if you're on a budget, but you want a concealer that's pigmented and hardworking at the same time!


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19 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow!!! That's a really full coverage concealer , ms martha can this be a dupe for tarte shape tape concealer?

  2. Ayy wow! Tinalo ung trending na Dermacol ba un ahaha. Worth buying nga �� need ko din yan para maitago lhat ng flaws sa face ko huhuhu. Super affordable pa ��

  3. I wanted to try this concealer but I opted to try the pot concealer of the same brand first for my acne marks. I read good reviews about it too! Next time I'll purchase this one after my Fit me concealer which I'm currenly using!

  4. Wow afoordable concealer..πŸ˜„πŸ’š Love this review Ms Martha.😁

  5. Woaaaahhhh ang galing naman neto, naccover lahat ng one layer lang. I want huhuhu pano ba mag order dun sa althea ate martha? May minimum purchase ba and tumatanggap ba sila cod? 😊

  6. Woaaaahhhh ang galing naman neto, naccover lahat ng one layer lang. I want huhuhu pano ba mag order dun sa althea ate martha? May minimum purchase ba and tumatanggap ba sila cod? 😊

  7. where to buyyyy huhu

  8. Ganda! Heard so many good reviews about this concealer also.

  9. Oh my grabe ang coverage with one layer lang di na halata ang blemishes.

  10. This is legit good according to other bloggers and vloggers too! Unfortunately, it's not available in local drugstores. :( We really have to get it from ALthea Korea ph. Price is pretty reasonable too so that's a plus. I've always been on the lookout for good concealers that are easy to save up for. I thought that this one would be way overpriced when I first heard about it. I hope I can get one soon! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, Ms. Martha!

  11. I have to buy that when I ran out of my favorite zero kuma.

  12. andami tlgang magagandang concealer! isa na yan!

  13. Amazing! Saan makakabili niyan ate Martha except Althea? :)

  14. Perfect to sakin! Ang dami kong pimple and pimple marks! Huhu Thank you talaga sa mga reviews mo Ms. Martha! Lav yah :*

  15. OMG. Now i am going to try this! The coverage looks great!

  16. WOW. Thumbs up for this!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Really Works wonders!

  17. Full coverage concealer is also a must try! Yung products ng althea korea magaganda. Lahat ng reviews okay. Dyusko! Ttry ko talaga ko. Makahingi ng isang set ng make up galing sa althea korea kay hubby! 😊😊

  18. I bought this too, sabi kasi ng GF ng kapatid ko dupe daw siya for Club Clio Kill Cover, so nung bumili ako sa Althea sabi ko wala naman mawawala, mura lang so I tried, nung ginamit ko na, ayun na nga, ang GANDA! Iba talaga, angd ali iblend and everything! Grabe this concealer, from the packaging to the applicator to the formula itself PAK NA PAK, BET NA BET!


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