BYS Launches an SFX Line! Complete line Review, Price, Swatches

Here's a review on BYS SFX Line.

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FROM: Free
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The demand for SFX makeup is increasing, thanks to makeup transformation and special makeup gurus who have been challenging us to go beyond our beauty comfort zone. However, SFX makeup, aside from being expensive, is hard to come by; you can only find it in specialty stores or obtain through your trusty pro makeup online seller (which aren't a lot, btw).

Good news because SFX has finally come to retail through BYS. BYS SFX is your affordable makeup solution for special effects makeup. Check out the entire collection below plus the looks I came up with them!


BYS SFX is a pretty big range for a new makeup line launch; it's basically comprised of everything you need to pull off a character look. I'm pretty impressed with the selections and how well thought out the products in the range are.

L-R: Bruises, Fantasy, Burn, Cuts and Scratches, Zombie, Ghastly

There are 6 color wheels to choose from and I think that's awesome! There's one color wheel for each popular character look. For starters, Color Wheels are usually cream products that complement each other or can be used individually to create realistic shading on the skin, depending on the effect your are going for.

Here are swatches of the color wheels: individual and blended altogether:



Cuts and Scratches




The creams have medium to full coverage and yield a powdery finish; these are very easy to blend and last long if set with a good translucent powder.

TIP: Color Wheels are best used with a sponge.

Here are the base products: Liquid Latex, White Liquid Foundation, and White Powder Foundation. I was incredibly impressed when I learned that BYS SFX have this; these are products that you will rarely find in malls, even white liquid foundation!

L-R: Liquid Latex, White Liquid Foundation, White Powder Foundation

Liquid Latex is used to stick wax, molds, and other things onto the skin; BYS Liquid Latex comes in 115ml and 45ml.

White Liquid Foundation is used to completely remove the undertone of the skin and is a great base for character makeup; it is a rich cream that sets into a demi- matte finish; it yields medium to full coverage and doesn't come off completely white (our skin tone affects the shade) with one layer so layer twice or three more times if you want a flat white look; it has a light floral scent.

White Powder Foundation is specifically made to set White Liquid Foundation. Pigmentation is medium to heavy and enriches the shade of the complementing liquid foundation. Finish is matte and controls oil for a good 5 hours.

TOP, L-R: Black Dirt Powder, Brown Dirt Powder, Scar Wax, Thick Clotted Blood
BOTTOM, L-R: Fine Stipple Sponge and Liquid Blood

Black and Brown Dirt Powders are good for creating dimension to the look or for smearing all over the body; BYS' version has a  slightly creamy consistency, thereby adhering well onto the skin and lasts long.

Scar Wax is for adding or enhancing features of the face or other parts of the body. BYS' version is tacky yet malleable; it sticks well on the skin even without adhesive, but if you have severely oily skin, best to support it with liquid latex or spirit gum.

Thick Clotted Blood is for creating a deeper, more realistic effect on wound effects. BYS' version is almost jelly- like and a little goes a long way; best applied with a spatula. However, it tends to evaporate so you have to retouch it in between takes or during wear.

Liquid Blood is for making gruesome makeup looks even more gruesome; this comes in a liquid gel formula so it doesn't drip too much and stays on better on the skin compared to watery formulas. However, it has a tendency to sting the skin due to very high alcohol content; this accidentally ran on a side of my nose and it stung; to be fair, the sides of my nose are pretty sensitive to begin with, but to be safe, don't use if irritation or redness is present.

BYS SFX Lipsticks

 Top to bottom: Blue, silver, white, teal-grey

Creamy lipsticks with a glossy finish and buildable pigmentation; I'm a big fan of the blue shade. The lipsticks don't last long due to its consistency; you can use a primer to prolong coverage or lightly dust powder on top of the lipstick to set it.


Here are some looks I made up with the products:

Lisa Frank- Inspired


1. BYS SFX White Liquid Foundation
2. BYS SFX Fantasy and Cuts and Scratches color wheels
3. BYS SFX Lipstick (Blue)

Halloween Gore


1. BYS SFX Liquid Latex
2. BYS SFX Burns and Cuts and Scratches color wheels
3. BYS SFX Thick Clotted Blood
4. BYS SFX Scar Wax

BYS SFX is good for creating makeup looks in workshops, vlogs, blog tutorials, and any occasion that requires character looks like Halloween. There are products that are good both for pro and non- pro settings like the color wheels, blood products, stipple sponge, dirt powders, and scar wax, while there are some like Liquid Latex and White Liquid Foundation that may not necessarily fit harsh makeup settings like films and shoots, but are still good for the situations aforementioned.

Overall, this is a great collection because it made SFX more accessible and affordable, plus there are products that I once wish were available, but not, and are now finally here.

In the next post, I'll treat you to a tutorial on the looks I made here! See you in the next post! ;)


Please visit BYS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more details about this collection.

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  1. Wow nice naman po,at nag labas na ang BYS ng SFX make up. Next year for Halloween bibili ako nyan para may pang make up ako sa Anak at Pamangkin ko.
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  2. THIS IS AMAZING! I LOVE YOUR LOOKS, MS. MARTHA! Grabe po! The products can truly give you the high quality standard look you want to achieve. I love the Burn color wheel woooo! Hoping I could try some of these one day. Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!

  3. Now I'm searching the web for inspiration.

  4. Ang gaaaaaaaaling! Realistic yung sa Halloween Gore look 😱 Gusto kong itry at makapag-inarte sa fb na kunwari ang dami kong bruises na mysteriously nagsilabasan. Char! Hahaha

  5. Love them!! very great quality na pang halloween makeup!

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