Benefits of Jade Roller, why I love it and how to spot fakes

One of the rising trends in skin care is about going back to ancient skin care routines. Enter Jade Roller.

Jade Rolling dates back to ancient China where it was once reserved to the royalties because Jade was considered a very precious stone that is believed to have powers that can effectively ward of negativity and evil energy, thus only the revered one can use it. Literature says that the ancient royals used Jade rollers mainly to absorb negative energy from the body and infuse it with Qi, but the modern world has recently experienced that there's definitely more to the ritual than just spirit science. Looks like the ancients were pretty advanced after all.

I recently tried Jade rolling and it has become a twice-a-week or anytime-I-want-to routine for me. I'll muse to you the benefits, my observations, and tips on how to spot a fake jade roller.

I was introduced to this skin- changing tool by Veste, a local seller that sells Jade Rollers (they have recently included Rose Quartz rollers for those who need to invoke the energy of love in their lives :D).

Product comes in a simple box and inside is a bed of dried rose petals where the Jade roller lies. Fancy.

What's in a Jade? Jade is found across the world, but it is said that the best ones are found in Myanmar and they are also the most expensive ones. I'm not quite sure which place Veste's rollers come from though, but according to the owner, they are authentic Jade.

What are the benefits of Jade rolling?

1. It promotes lymphatic drainage, which helps get rid of morning puffiness and may contribute to faster blemish healing as it helps speed up the draining process of clogging and "dirty" fluids from the face.
2. Promotes better absorption of skin care
3. Lifts and tightens skin
4. Promotes good blood circulation
5. Helps tone down redness and swelling

Let's get rolling.

The best way to use a Jade roller is to freeze it for about 15 minutes. Jade is a good conductor of cold temperature and it gets really cold in just 15 minutes, depending on how good your freezer is. In the photo, I left mine for 40 minutes in the freezer that's why water has crystallized on it already. A downright cold Jade roller de-puffs quickly, tightens skin, and helps shrink pores for a more flawless look.

There's no rocket science behind using a Jade roller. Here's how I use it:

First, apply your favorite skin care. I am currently using SeeSea Dead Sea Minerals Moisturizing Cream as my night cream. Love that it's so thicc and my face feels super bouncy the next day!

Second, using the biggest chunk of Jade, roll it upwards and outwards to get some draining and firming action. You don't want to roll inwards because you're just going to drive the fluids back into your face.

Third, using the smallest chunk of Jade, roll on the smaller parts of your face such as the under eyes, sides of the nose, eyelids, and cheek apples. Always roll upwards!

Finally, roll your neck to delay sagging for a few more years.

What I like about the process is it keeps my hand from touching my face and absorbing a huge chunk of skin care. Jade Roller spreads skin care all over my face in the most efficient and hygienic way possible. I absolutely love the cool feeling I get once a freshly- frozen Jade roller touches my face; I almost instantly feel a tightening action happening right in there. Also, if you are a fan of running ice all over your face and believe in its benefits, this is a mess- free, water- conserving way to do it.

TIP: Got puffy eyes? Rest a frozen Jade roller on your under eyes for 8 minutes with 2 minutes interval to avoid ice burn. Or you can do it until the Jade roller warms up.

Been rolling for about two months now and here's my face; and here's why I love it:

Tight AF. My skin is tight as a belt, but in a good way. Tight is youth yo!

A lot of the people I know say that I'm quite a mystical creature because despite how much I aged in a lot of physical aspects, they said that my facial skin seems to resist time because they still remember it to be as youthful as the day they first met me. I owe it a lot to a religious skin care habit, but this secret ancient skin care routine brought it to more otherworldly heights.

But really, it's just a Jade roller and the good ol' effect of good blood circulation.

I am also into new age things like crystal healing and I do believe in the power of crystals that's why I find running a Jade tool on my face a therapeutic experience too. If you're into this stuff, you'll find Jade rolling a great way to relax or to keep your hands busy while watching Netflix, at the very least.

TIP: Make sure to clean your Jade roller with mild soap and cold water, and dry completely before storing.

Jade has been around for centuries and sadly, it has been mined to the point of extinction that the best sources of Jade in Asia have come to a scarcity, if not flat out extinction. This gave rise to one big problem, which is counterfeiting. Jade is one of the widely traded semi- precious stones in the world and is also widely duped.

Photo credit: Google

A Jaded roller (LOL). Looks like this is dyed Marble.

Jade is quite easy to dupe using various stones like Serpentine, Feldspar, Quartz, and even Marble, but there is only one Jade stone when it comes to quality.

Fake, cheap arse Jades are usually made from dyed Marble coated with Beeswax or god-knows-whatever-chemical-they-used to mimic the texture of the matte smoothness of Jade; and this kind of Jade can be found in dirt cheap Jade rollers. I wouldn't want this thing anywhere near my face.

So how do you spot a fake Jade roller? Here are some tell- tale signs:

1. Real Jade has a color ranging from forest green to natural milky green with intertwining white swirls inside and outside the stone. Fake ones are usually solid in color and come in a deep shade of green. But this is not a reliable insight anymore as counterfeit Jades have gotten better in terms of copying the look of real Jade and it probably would take an expert to know if a Jade is fake or not just by looking at it.
2. Real Jade feels heavier than it looks. If you toss it in the air and catch it, you should feel a bit of weight transfer onto your hands when you catch it.
3. When hit on a glass surface, real Jade sounds like glass and fake ones can sound like marble or plastic beads.
4. Real Jade is one of the strongest semi- precious stones; it's scratch- resistant too that's why it's one of the most expensive. Perform a scratch test by gently scratching an area of the Jade stone with a scissor; it shouldn't leave a temporary white mark.

Photo credit:

Here are the types of real Jade that you can find in the market. Now given what you have just read, if the Jade roller is too cheap, it's probably fake!

For all its physical and wellness benefits, I give Jade roller a thumbs up. It works (as long as you use it religiously) and I love how it made my skin look tighter and brighter!

Veste Jade roller is at P1,550.00. Visit on Instagram and VESTE PH on Facebook to inquire and purchase.

Have you tried Jade rollers already? What are your thoughts?

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  1. That was so informative Ms. Martha! I've been seeing Jade and Rose Quartz roller in Instagram and I don't really know what it does for our health particularly skincare. I thought it was only use as accesories.

  2. I'm tempted to try this one. Although where can i see one?

  3. I would love to give this a try, anything to make my skin look better.

  4. ohhhh Jade roller... I came across this tiny magical thing with Veste too but I had a tight budget that time so I was not able to buy! Good thing you reminded me Ms. Martha! I also read good reviews and results from using it so why not try it. I have a jade ring given by my dad and whenever I am wearing it, seems like negativity goes away so I guess ancient myths might be true haha!

  5. If that is the case...well I have to borrow mom's jade necklace.

  6. Super love ko ang face rollers especially kapag nag-iisip ako or bored lang. Sana may tumupad sa birthday wishlist ko na jade roller kasi ang daming benefits plus yung cold feels niya pagkagaling sa ref is the best girl. 💐

  7. ahhh you make me want to start using the roller too! I want the one made of rose quartz though, because it's pink~! hehe

  8. How I wish if I bought this I will use these very diligently - #tamad. Anyways I love how it tightened your skin. I love it.

  9. I shared this to one of my groups here in fb as one member ask if jade roller is real and what are the benefits to help her as one mentioned that it's just a gimmick and another one said that she haven't seen a vlogger reviewed jade roller.

  10. Thank you Ms. Martha for sharing ang dami kc aqng nkikitang jade roller, hirap bka fake p mabili. Now I knina how to spot a real one, 😂 trying!!!

  11. I want to buy po sa veste.. Is it a Real Jade stone Ms. Martha?? ☺️ thank you po

  12. I want to buy po sa veste.. Is it a Real Jade stone Ms. Martha?? ☺️ thank you po..

  13. My friend is selling for 500 pesos? At my markup niya pa yun. Do you think its authentic?

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