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Last week, I attended a private launch and get together with some of my favorite people from Ever Bilena. We played a couple of fun games using makeup (including fixing each other's brows! This one got me nervous haha!) and checked out Ever Bilena's exciting new products, both that have been newly- released and are about to come out on the market in the next few weeks!

Starting with Careline's new Kiss Sticks!

Fancy Colourpop Lippie Stix? Then you will definitely love Careline Kiss Sticks; pigmented pen lipsticks with a small, rounded tip that lets you apply lipsticks evenly, easily, and precisely.

Sneak peek of the shades!

The line comes in 12 adorable shades. That Green one is called Martian and yes, it's a gorgeous shade of Green! Careline Kiss Sticks come in 12 shades and are coming out this June 2018 so better watch out for it! Visit CARELINE on Facebook for more details.

I heard that they are expanding Blackwater into a full- fledged bath and body range for men and women; there will be other body care products soon, but they started first with body soaps. Blackwater men Deo Soap comes in Fiery red and Ultra Marine, cleansing bars that help get rid of odor. Meanwhile for the ladies, Black Water Women Deo Soap comes in Shades of Spring and Golden Sugar for a moisturizing, fragrant after- shower feel. These babies are now out in the market so better go to BLACKWATER MEN on Facebook for more details about the products.

This ain't new, but still worthy of the attention, plus it's the first time I saw it too! Ever Bilena Advance Eye Define are long- lasting eye pencils that come with a smudger at the bottom so you can customize your eye makeup anytime. Couple it with Brow Define eyeliner for a killer eye makeup look! Visit EVER BILENA ADVANCE on Facebook for more details about these products.

I saw these on Denice Sy of Ever Bilena before and I'm curious! To those who are fan of lip and cheek tints, Ever Bilena came out with their own watery tint and it comes in three shades: Red, Pink, Deep Pink You should check out these babies when you hit the malls! For more information, visit EVER BILENA on Facebook.

Which of these new products would you like to try?

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Gusto kong itry ung Careline Kiss Sticks. Ang galing nga may shade na green. Thanks for this post Ms M

  2. So excited to try careline kiss sticks! Di ko lang siguro mapupull yung martian shade, but definitely trying out the other shades. And yes it's because I'm a colourpop fan �� interested in EB's eye define eye pencils. I heard they're affordable pa.

  3. Yay for Careline! :) Excited for the kiss sticks and I hope it beats colourpop or atleast with the same quality and pigmentation. Can't wait to try their new lip and cheek tint as well! I hope these have good staying power and won't bleed on the lips. :) Waiting for reviews or first impression about it.

  4. I hope eb will restock the lip and cheek tint soon. These are talked bout tints and wanting to try them. Too sad even testers are not available for swatching. Excited for the kiss sticks is it already out in the market?

  5. Can't wait for your complete swatches Ms. M.

  6. The Careline kiss Sticks look super cool 💚💚💚 espcially the green one would love to try it.

  7. I would love to try the new Kiss Sticks! Nakakatuwa talaga ang EB at Careline, they keep coming up with new products. Lagi silang may bagong pasa-vogue!

  8. Hope you can do FOTD or MOTD on the Careline Kiss Sticks. I am curious as to how long they last.

  9. I would like to try the careline lipiestix its like reminding me of schooldays...

  10. Careline/Everbilena is always surprising us consumers with their new releases. One after another.
    I wanted my daughters to try the Kiss Sticks, I think they cater for teens but the shades are pretty looks good for adults and teens.


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