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Mark by Avon review.

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The first time I heard about MARK. by Avon, I thought it was a collection made in collaboration with a guy makeup artist or celebrity, but reading through the PR, I learned that it's a makeup collection that carries experimental, trendy shades and products to help women make their MARK. Interesting.

Now here's a review of this much- anticipated collection by Avon.

MARK. by Avon has 10+ products in its line- up including brushes and makeup tools.

Simple packaging and the screaming MARK inscription is enough to make you take a second look. Nothing about the packaging screams Avon in the packaging, but I guess that's the branding intention to make people search for MARK. and take a whole new look at the brand.

Here are the products:


Nude Matte Pressed Powder (P299) provides a light, matte finish while helping protect skin from harmful UV rays with SPF 30. Dual Glow Cheek and Color Highlighter (P399) features complementing powders for adding dimension to the face.


Perfect Eyebrow Styling Duo (P299) features a styling wax and brow powder, plus a dual ended spoolie + brow brush. Eye Impressionist 8-in-1 Eyeshadow Wet and Dry Eyeshadow Palette contains 8 coordinated colors in semi- metallic finishes.

L-R: Nude Matte Fluid Makeup (P399) is a breathable foundation with SPF 20. Hi Light Strobing Duo (P399) features a cream blush/contour product and highlighter. Big and Style Mascara (P349) is a volumizing mascara with a gel formula; it features a big wand with long and short bristles to deliver length and volume. Epic Lipstick features a gel texture and infused with primer for a lasting, smooth finish.

L-R: Hi Light Strobing Duo features a light gold highlighter shade and pearl warm pink blush/contour shade. It has a cream consistency with a hint of tackiness so it has to be set with powder after application.

Dual Glow and Cheek Highlighter features a contour powder with warm brown shade with a very light hint of taupe (saves it from looking orange); the highlighter is a light gold shade with hints of gold micro shimmer; the contour powder is a bit bronzer-ish and wish it didn't have shimmer, but the highlighter is really nice; it's a good dupe for Essence Pure Nude Highlighter, in case you can't find it anymore!

Nude Matte Powder has a nice, smooth texture and light to medium coverage. It's a little chalky, but doesn't look dry on the skin.

Nude Matte Fluid Makeup is a light to medium liquid foundation; it's lightweight yet a little streaky and I find that the best way to apply it is a traditional foundation brush.

Perfect Eyebrow Styling Duo in Deep Brown has a standard clear wax that can be used for the setting the brows or as base for the powder; the powder has a dry texture; at first, I thought it would not adhere well on my brows, but it did; it has medium to heavy pigmentation.

Eye Impressionist 8-in-1 Wet and Dry Eyeshadow Palette is an all semi- metallic eyeshadow palette; it doesn't have matte in it, but I don't have a big problem with it because the dark eyeshadow don't refract too much light and can somewhat act as a matte eyeshadow.

The eyeshadows have medium pigmentation, but becomes more pigmented if used wet. Normally, when eyeshadow powders are dampened, they tend to lose their spreadability, but not this; the eyeshadows are built to withstand wet and dry usage so props to Avon for that.

Let's try out the products.

Nude Fluid Makeup in Nude + Nude Matte Powder in Light Medium

The foundation I got is just way too light for my skin tone, but since it has light coverage, it didn't matter too much. However, it doesn't cover deep discolorations well because of the light coverage. I noticed though that when I used the Nude Matte Powder in Light Medium, the coverage improved; the two go well together!

Staying power for the powder and foundation is average at 2-3 hours before I oil up; it's best for normal skin, dry skin, and combination oily-normal skin types.

Dual Glow Cheek and Color highlighter is just very subtle; great for everyday and for fairer skin tones.

Perfect Eyebrow Styling Duo is a decent everyday brow powder; it lasts all day on me with a wee bit of fading, but to make it last longer, use the wax underneath.

Using the eyeshadows in this photo. Great for everyday, but needs primer to keep the colors intact.

Epic Lipstick in Rosy Outlook

Pale rose with a hint of beige.

Epic Lipstick in Red Extreme

The lipsticks are quite pigmented and have the signature satin finish of Avon lipsticks. They don't fade or slide around once on the lips, but definitely needs to be retouched during the day and after a meal.

Overall, Mark. by Avon is an okay range; love the colors of the lipsticks and brushes in the range, but I think some of the products can still be improved. I recommend the lipsticks, eyeshadow palette, and powder.

Check out my try- on FB live video featuring the products:


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  1. The foundation melts on my oily skin even with their primer though I like the lipsticks from the line it leaves stain.


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