Welcome to the third and final installment of the BE YOUR OWN LONGCHAMP CONNOISSEUR entries.

For my last entry, I shall thoroughly inspect a fake Longchamp Le Pliage.

All authentic-- NOT!

You're probably going gaga over low bid and dirt cheap LCs sold in different buying and selling sites online. The seller would provide a singular pic, and you rationalize that the item seems authentic.

The word "SEEMS" means uncertainty. It may seem authentic on the pics, but in actual, it is fake (SORRY!). The truth lies in the littlest details.

Before contacting the seller or hitting that "Buy it Now" button, you have to be 200% sure that what you'll get is the real thing.

Look at the first pic of this entry and examine the Red Garance Le Pliage. Seems authentic, eh? I took a group picture of my LCs along with the red one. I'm pretty sure you're all telling yourselves right now: "Oh my, the Red Le Pliage REALLY looks authentic!"

Very deceiving, eh? Prior to the group pic, the red LC looked like this:

It costs 380php, and the seller gave me a 30php discount. Great bargain, huh? She even told me that this is an authentic Longchamp, straight from the LC factory in France, and is part of a wholesale order, hence the cheap price. Of course I didn't want to be rude even if I know that the LCs she's selling are fake.

Let's now scrutinize the bag.

Check the material of the bag. The fabric is identical to the glossy China- made LC, and the thickness and weight is that of a France- made LC. Bear in mind that China- made LCs are glossy, lightweight, and thin, while the France- made is matte, thick, and heavy. These are the characteristics that differentiate one version from the other. The material of this fake LC is inconsistent in terms of characteristics. Also, notice that the bag material of the fake LC is stiff, and it does not fold seamlessly on its sides.

Fake bags usually come with plastic tubes on the handles like this one.

It comes with a paper tag. LCs do not come with tags. They only come with care cards. This fake LC does not have a care card included in it.

Is it just me, or is the jockey riding a Llama here?

Check out the flaps. The fake LC has a wooden brown color, while the authentic LC oxidizes to a rich camel tan shade. Check the leather. The fake LC is trimmed with fake leather with scale- like markings all over. The leather trimmings of an authentic LC have natural cracks and diamond- shaped markings.

Compare the jockeys-- the Longchamp brand logo. The jockey on the fake LC is poorly drawn, has a line underneath the image, and blends with the scale- like marks. And the horse on the fake jockey really looks like a Llama to me. On the other hand, an authentic LC's jockey is intricately and carefully drawn and embossed on the leather. Also, the logo does not blend with the leather markings.

Check the buttons. The fake one also has the 'LONGCHAMP 1948' words engraved on the gold- plated button, but the jockey image looks like a mess here.

The snap closure. It does not have the words 'ORIGINAL PRYM' engraved on it. Instead, it bears the words 'SUN 484 KM HK' around the closure. However, engraved words on fake LCs may vary. I saw one that says "GUANGTONG" on the snap closure..

Check the leather on the inner part of the flap. The leather looks scruffy and feels grainy.

The words that indicate the Le Pliage style are poorly embossed on the leather. I had a hard time taking a clear pic of it!

The back part of the flap. It bears the words "LONGCHAMP TYPE "M" MODELE DEPOSE". It did agree with the type and size of the LC, and the Es have accents, but the sizing is a far cry from the standard size of a medium Le Pliage. Check out the pic below.

The handle of the fake LC is somewhere between an SH (Short Handles) and an LH (Long Handles). Obviously, the fake medium Le Pliage is a tad smaller than the authentic medium Le Pliage.

Check the interior. A Le Pliage is only lined with either of the three colors: black, (for dark colors); white or creamy beige (for pastel and light colors). The lining of this fake LC is identical to the color of the exterior.

Inner pocket button closure

Interior with the button snap

Check the buttons in the inner pocket and interior of the Le Pliage. They do not bear white, transparent discs that serve as reinforcements for the button closures and snaps.

Check the inner pocket. It is an inch away from the zipper lining. The inner pocket of an authentic LC is stitched on the zipper lining.

Check the stitching. Tis' poorly done.

Check out the handles. The handle on the left side is from a fake LC, and the one on the right is from an authentic one. The fake LC handles are heavy, stiff, thick, and rough. Compare the stitching of the fake LC with the authentic LC. The fake LC has fine and beige- colored stitching, while the authentic LC has thicker, sturdier, and cream- colored stitching.

Lastly, let's check the zipper. The fake zipper is made of tarnished, gold- plated steel with rough edges. And I think you will now agree that the jockey is indeed riding a Llama, not a horse.

Nope, the zipper does not bear the YKK trademark.

There you go! This concludes my comprehensive comparison and in- depth research on fake and authentic Longchamps. I don't want to generalize, but most sellers who sell dirt cheap LCs are probably selling fakes. Much worse, some claim their items as authentic. But if you're lucky enough, you might chance upon sellers who sell authentic LCs at really low prices. Here are ways on how to spot a credible seller:

- Provides different pictures of an item in different angles
- offers a 'money back guaranteed' option
- Does not use images from the internet to sell their items
- Willingly provides additional pictures upon request
- Knows how to answer queries regarding authenticity

Remember that you have the right to demand if you are the customer. If the seller refuses to offer additional pictures, then it's time to look for another seller. Do not solely rely on feedbacks. Or better yet, buy from a trusted seller.

I hope my BE YOUR OWN LONGCHAMP CONNOISSEUR entries helped you in differentiating a fake from an authentic Le Pliage! :)

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35 Lovely Thoughts

  1. thx for the tips~~~it is very helpful~~~


  2. this was very useful for me in the future. I bought a fake longchamp bad too after seeing the llama-like animal on the zipper detailing..

  3. thanks for this martha! very informative post.

  4. Thanks so much! Glad to have read this before getting a Longchamp from ebay =p

  5. what about the high quality replica, as they can u tell the diff.? the one you just did is a very cheap LC that can be bought at Divisoria. u can easily say that its fake.

  6. @anonymous: the care card. If it has four folds, it's fake (for lcs). The class aaa replicas look exactly like the real thing. So ask for pics of the care card. Check the grammar and sentences written on it and compare it with a care card from an authentic le pliage.

  7. sis, are these le pliages authentic?

    especially this red one? s/he's got complete pics but i'm not sure :/

  8. jelly: hi dear! I can't view the photo. :( you can email screen shots to:

  9. Hi i got a longchamp le pliage from someone and it has a 4 fold care card and a plastic on the handle. Omg my son told me its like an original fake. But all the other fetures look like the original, i dont how to return it back.

  10. hi i just bought my first LC bag and it has a plastic on the handle but my care card has 3 folds and same naman lahat ng authentic LC un lang may plastic sa handle?

  11. wow, I really learned about this alot. I've been eyeing alot of LC around tutuban mall, good thing I never buy them! thank you for this tips!

  12. Thanks for the info,I learned a lot.You're such an angel.Keep it up :)

  13. HI! hope you had the time to check on the pictures that jelly sent from the posted item of the ebay seller. is it the real thing? I am hoping to buy from from the same online seller.


  14. is currently offering lc le pliage zippered backpacks.. and I was wondering if they could b trusted with delivering authentic ones. Or if they have been scammed by knockoffs themselves. Unfortunately, these are just pictures.. I don't know how to verify without buying it first... Could i get ur opinion on this please?

  15. Thanks for the tips, Thank Goodness, I bought the original one, Bought it because my mother has been longing to have one, so i bought one as my gift to her. Buti na lang original nabili ko kasi ang mahal nya ha. hehehe..

  16. how about the embossed logo mark on the inner flap,should it be very visible?

  17. to be safe i bought my very first LongChamp LM Metal at the Long Champ boutique in HK Harbour City. HK prices are really low compared to Rustan's. If you have friends or relatives going to HK better dun nalang pabili...hindi namn sya mainit sa mata ng customs unlike LV kasi easily foldable naman in your luggage

  18. aside from buying my LC at the LC boutique in HK, I asked the sales assistant to find me the LC LM Metal stock which is Made in France...good thing she was able to find 2, 1 in black and 1 in pink gold

  19. Hello guys! Kindly tell me if my Longchamp Le pliage is fake or not.
    I ordered it online from a chinese seller and I dont know I am unsure about it. The bag just came yesterday.

    Kindly visit my blog to see lots of pictures you can determine.
    Please! I'm begging...

  20. hi there... thanks for this very informative blog... just got myself a Black Longchamp Le Pliage MSH... bought this fr a friend who needs extra cash hence was solf w/ a big discount... she claims its authentic, unused and US bought... kindly check it out if indeed real or fake longchamp...

    thanks again, Coco

  21. Hi there! Very helpful, but I'm just curious are there any colors that are fake? I am being very careful being a LC online, but I'm not sure if the color i want is real or not. It is a deep red color, some call is grape but it is a wine color. I cant really find it anywhere else. Thanks for the info!


    Can you help me see if this is authentic one ?


    Hi there , can u help me see if this is authentic one ?

  24. Hi

    Just purchased a very good copy today. Seller said it was 100% authentic from the USA. Definitely was a very good replica but as you mentioned, the little details give it away. Everything seemed to check out. Prym original,buttons, embossed leather, colored stitching, snap protector, leather seems original, color is ok BUT if you have 3 original bags to compare to its much easier to spot like i do. Nylon material is thinner and definitely shinier. Leather parts is stiff and shiny as if color was painted on as opposed to being naturally tanned. And the biggest giveaway: the diemnsions are off by 1 inch ( in the L travel size as this is the one i bought.) ...depth is supposed to be 9in but was only 8. Bag also didnt fold right. Amd lastly, the leather flap didn't sit straight when snapped, it was as if it was stitched on crooked or askew. Thus, i would like to conclude that there are very very good copies out there wherein you will not know until you actually hold them and inspect with a comparison bag. I just wanted to ad this as i couldnt really find a definitive guide to spotying a very good "high quality replica" with PRYM buttons, ykk zippers, embossed leather, etc...

  25. Hello!

    I'm so glad I randomly found your page!

    I thrifted a Longchamp Le Pliage "sac a dos" Modele Depose bag today at Goodwill for $5 in great condition! I never owned a Longchamp so I was unsure if it was a replica, but the stitching and material appeared/felt high quality. Your blog confirmed it was an actual authentic Longchamp so thank you very much for your detailed post! :)

  26. Here's why I think majority of the Longchamp bags sold online nowadays are high quality replicas... And now I highly doubt the authenticity of the other brands.

  27. hi i bought a longchamp le pliage it has all of the fratures of an original longchamp the downfall is the zipper and buttons color is starting to fade?

  28. Hello can you please help me authenticate the Longchamp Neo i bought?

  29. Hi how yo identify the right tag of an authentic LC bag? I am a bit confused of a shopping LC bag that my officemate offered to me. Upon checking the items halos wala siya pagkakaiba don sa original. Medyo nag doubt ako sa handle niya and sa paper bag. Yung sa Rustans darker ung color eveng yung care card. Yung sa akin parang nagmukhang yellow green. Hindi kasi allowed mag authenticate yong Rustans pero tinulungan nila akong i-check yong item. Nalimutan ko lang pakita yong tag sa loob ng bag.

  30. Hi does the LC bag have a rosegold/bronze like zipper pull?I purchase a LC lepliage in an onlineshop (they claim its original) Please help. Thanks.

  31. Hi can anyone suggest where i can buy an authentic bag online?:)

  32. Posted in 2011 but still a big help, I'm planning to buy Longchamp this coming Christmas so I looked for online sellers thru instagram, thank God Google brought me here, now I know that i should be extra careful. Thanks for this post Miss Martha!


  33. as of 2017 some authentic bags from with 4 fold and 4 fold cards. I dont know why though.

  34. Hi dear,

    Can you help me find out if this is a real one?

    Thank you in advance!


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