Ever since I laid my eyes on a pair of True Religion jeans, I knew that TR and I should be together. The patchworks, the washes-- they are so beautiful! Unfortunately, a pair costs at an eye- popping price of 18k and up!

In 2005, I saw an ad of this seller in this local forum. I immediately contacted her and inquired about the True Religion pairs she was selling. She told me that her items are authentic, and are bought from outlets, hence the dirt cheap price tags.

I immediately asked my mom for 4k to buy myself a pair of True Religion jeans. Since my birthday was near, I asked for that, even though I needed a new pair of rubber shoes.

I wish I could provide the pic but I was so infuriated when I found out that my TR pair was fake. So I threw it away.

I wish I knew better during that time. Even the RL Big Pony shirt I bought from her is also hell fake. And now, she's nowhere to be found in that forum.

Oh well. Lesson learned the hard way. But I'm glad I did. I just wish her good luck. :)

I'm a fan of online shopping. And I must admit that I'm always tempted to hit the "Buy it Now" button every time I would spot a too-good-too-be-true pair. But like what they say, "If it's too good to be true, then it is."

Welcome to the third brand I'm authenticating for you guys this time. I'll teach you how to spot a fake pair of 7 for all mankind jeans.

A brief background: 7 for all mankind is a luxury jeans brand, and is a favorite among celebrities and denim aficionados alike. Founded by Jerome Dahan in the USA, the brand has gained status and popularity all across the globe over the years due to their made-to-fit pairs, embellished jeans, and beautiful washes.

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I don't want you to go through the hassle of feeling shitty after paying a hefty premium for a fake pair of luxury jeans. So let's start.

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If the seller shows you that he/she is doing wholesale, BEWARE, especially if he/she shows you a massive stock. The seller must be the owner of Rustan's if that's the case. See, even authorized retailers CANNOT purchase A TON of stocks for a particular style. They might have it in all sizes, but usually in quantities of 1-3 only.

DISCLAIMER: The pair I'm going to use for authentication is intended only for this particular style. Other facts might vary for other styles, especially for the previous ones. Please take note that I am not an authority in authenticating 7FAM jeans. This is just a compilation of what I've learned from asking around and from thorough research. Generally, some or almost all of the facts stated in this entry might be true for all authentic 7fam jeans. But please, always ask for a second opinion.

This pair is bought from BREAD AND BUTTER, Singapore.

Style is "a pocket" and cut is flare.

To be able to distinguish a fake from a real one, you should know how much a pair of 7 for all mankind jeans is worth. This is the first step. So if your seller is selling brand new pairs, be mindful of the pricing. If it's less than $100, that's a red flag. Look for another seller. Or better yet, buy from authorized retailers.

The A pocket is possibly the most expensive pair. It is the iconic pair of the brand.

The A on the pocket's angle should be straight, and it should be located right at the center. Also, the stitching should be clean, and should be this size. If the A logo on your 7fam is small, bent, and placed at off- center, BEWARE!

Here's the tag that comes with the jeans. It also has a small button with the "7 for all mankind" brand name engraved on it. It is located at the end of the thread that attaches the tag to the belt holders (?). The cardboard is thick, sturdy, and color is light gray, just like the paper bag. The font color is silver. However, the tags have evolved over the last few years, and also depend on the style (especially for limited edition pairs). So please, do not solely rely on the tag.

Brand new pairs come with a carton sewn at the waistband where the style and size are indicated. It also shows the brand's tag sewn at the waistband. If your brand new pair has this but the tag is covered, and is not sewn but stapled or taped, BEWARE!

Here's the back part of the carton. Notice that the font's color is silver. This may vary for European versions of 7fam. But if your pair has this and the grammar is completely wrong and the fonts are in white, BEWARE!

Here's the tag stitched at the tip of the back pocket. Notice the hash mark. It should be half an inch thick. On fake 7fam pairs, this one is very thin and isn't straight. Also, the phrase "for all mankind" blends with the hash mark. BEWARE!

The logo on the waistband was excellently printed using the silk screen technique. It should have a rubbery feel to it, but it shouldn't feel sticky. Overtime, the prints develop cracks due to washing. If the logo on your pair feels sticky and are smeared, BEWARE!

Rivets on the outer part of the jeans. Bronze- toned, and the brand's name is neatly engraved. Fake 7fam jeans do not have this. Some class AAAAA jeans have this, but are either misspelled or poorly engraved.

These rivets are found inside the jeans. It should be in bronze, and should bear a "7" engraving on it. Fake 7fam jeans have gold- toned rivets, and the "7" logo is poorly engraved, usually bearing uneven sides and pointed upper tips. The "7" logo on the rivets of fake 7fam jeans are sometimes dyed in black. BEWARE!

The pocket lining on an authentic pair is thick. Recent pocket linings have stripes. For previous styles, the lining is plain white. For this particular pair, it has a print on it. If the pocket lining is thin and looks scruffy, BEWARE!

Notice the interlocking stitching on the sides of the pocket lining? Authentic 7fam jeans have reinforced stitching all throughout the joined edges of the jeans. This is the reason why 7fam jeans are built to last. The stitching on fake 7fam jeans are not reinforced, and are usually in white. If your pair has no interlocking stitches, BEWARE!

In 2007, the serial code was printed right below the "7 for all mankind" on the big brown tag. And in 2009, possibly to fight counterfeiters and to help 7fam fans spot knock- offs easily, 7fam released a new tag. The codes had been moved to a separate white satin tag found right underneath the big brown tag, and the size tag on the left side of the brown tag.

The thick running stitch on the sides of the brown tag is now in white. Before, the color was off- white to almost cream. The stitching is also precise and straight. Tags on fake 7fam jeans are also white, but the stitching is poorly done: lines are not straight and the threads are loose.

Authentic 7fam jeans says "MADE IN U.S.A." on the brown tag. Take note of the "." on the word USA. It should have 3 periods. Most tags on fake 7fam jeans say "MADE IN THE USA". If your pair says "Made in the USA", "Made in the U.S.A.", "Made in U.S.A", BEWARE! Authentic pairs only say "MADE IN U.S.A."

Serial numbers come in 6 numbers. The white sticker tag containing the sticker number should be taped at the inner part of the waistband, not at the back. However, some authorized retailers move the sticker to a cardboard/paper tag. But generally, code stickers on authentic 7fam jeans are taped inside the waistband. But DO NOT solely rely on this. Read on and look for these signs to know if the item your eyeing online is an authentic pair of 7fam jeans.

Do you know how you can easily spot fake 7fam jeans? Here are the pics that you should ask for from the seller:

Take note that the number 2s on the tags of authentic 7fam jeans are unique. They are soft and kinda' rounded at the curve. Fake 7fam jeans have pointed and sharp 2s on the tags.

Click pic to enlarge

The number 3 on the serial number should be rounded. This goes for all the 3s found on the tags and stickers. The number 3s on fake 7fam jeans are sharp and pointed.

A pair of authentic 7fam jeans have their own, unique serial number. If the seller shows you the serial numbers from a few pairs and you've found identical serial numbers, BEWARE!

Also, a pair of jeans may not bear the number 3 on the tags. But if the tag says size 30, and the number 3 is pointed and sharp, BEWARE!

Click on the pic to enlarge

Lastly, here's the vertical tag stitched at the back part of the waistband. The jagged v- stitching that holds the tag on the denim should be stitched right at the tips of the tag. Fake ones are stitched below the tip, almost covering the "7" logo. Also, take note that the "7" logo should be visible. It shouldn't be cut, just like the "LV" sign on Louis Vuitton bags. The "7" logo on Fake 7fam jeans are printed near the hem of the tag. Another tip: The upper tip of the number "7" should be slightly pointed. Fake ones have rounded upper tips on the "7" logo.

Here's also a pic of my first- ever pair from 7 for all mankind. I got this from a the brand's flagship store in Greenbelt 5. Style is Roxanne, cut is classic skinny, size is 26.

The paper bag is wider in terms of width as compared to the paper bag from Singapore. Regardless, the material should be the same: thick cardboard in a light gray color. Locally, a pair of 7fam would cost 8k- 23k. They also go on 5k denim sales. This particular pair of jeans costs around 8k+.

Roxanne is my favorite style. The material of the jeans are super comfy and stretchy!


- The seller might tell you that he/she purchased them through wholesale. BEWARE!

- Since I've pointed out how much a pair would cost you, do not fall for cheap 7fam jeans on auction sites. 7 for all mankind is a luxury brand, and it will never go below its actual worth. However, some sellers would want to get rid of their authentic pairs, hence the cheap cost. But always look for extra pictures and have them authenticated either at Authentic Forum or some blogs that authenticate denims and jeans.

Hope this helps!

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. this was very informative.. thank you for sharing pretty..

  2. I have six pairs of 7 jeans, each one purchased at a department store like Bergdorf Goodman, a reputable website like, or a high-end boutique. I went through every pair and there is so much variation in tags, pockets, letters, numbers, etc., that coming up with strict criteria for telling fakes is nearly impossible. According to what you have posted here, my $185 Roxanne skinnies in the Mercer wash purchased at Bergdorf Goodman's in Manhattan are fakes when I know that they are not. Bergdorf's doesn't sell fakes.

    The one thing that doesn't vary is quality. Real 7's are like a real Chanel bag--once you've held the real thing, you can spot a fake just by the way they feel, or don't feel. A real 7 jean is made from luxurious fabric and fits like a glove.

    So what's a girl to do? I say save your pennies and buy the real thing. One pair of 7's properly cared for is worth ten pairs from the Gap. You can wear them daily for years. And if it sounds too good to be true (a NWT pair of 7 jeans for less than $150) then it probably is.

    You can get real bargains on preowned jeans, however.

  3. missy: hello! thanks for visiting!

    Regarding your concern, I posted a disclaimer about my entry:

    DISCLAIMER: The pair I'm going to use for authentication is intended only for this particular style. Other facts might vary for other styles, especially for the previous ones. Please take note that I am not an authority in authenticating 7FAM jeans. This is just a compilation of what I've learned from asking around and from thorough research. Generally, some or almost all of the facts stated in this entry might be true for all authentic 7fam jeans. But please, always ask for a second opinion.

    Thank you for the input. I do agree that it's nearly impossible to tell if a pair of 7FAM is fake or real if we're judging it by the tags, labels, and whatnots because 7fam keeps on re-introducing labels and adjusting the tags. The best way (according to some blogs and experts too) is to spot the washes and the quality of the jeans. it's the only way to tell if a pair of 7fam is authentic or not. but that would take an expert eye.

    So it's really best to buy from authorized retailers. It's also nice to get them at cheaper prices like ebay, but one really has to know how to spot fake and authentic jeans. CLASS AAAAAs are really misleading.

    You have six pairs? Great collection! I wanted to get another pair from the same brand but I got Current Elliot instead. I'm thinking of getting another 7fam, or j brand for variety. And a pair of True Religion is definitely in my list! :D

    I couldn't agree more with you when you said that a pair of designer jeans really feels and looks exquisite. Some people would really commend my 7fam pair whenever I'm wearing one of them. :)

  4. hi,
    my sfam made in romania. it can be original? i bought it for eur 200 online.


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