Your dear The Beauty Junkee was recently invited to Nivea's Lip Care event.

I actually thought that it was just a launch. But surprise, surprise. There was a dating game with Cosmo's 'Hunk of the Month' for November, Mark Alejandro. I thought I would just be sitting on the couch, laughing my a$$ off and amusing myself with the contestants of the game. But lo and behold, I was chosen as one of the contestants in the dating game. My name was called out first!

So here's the hunk, hiding behind these cute circles.

Oh my. Truly, Mark's a hunk!

Check out some pics from the dating game!

Photo Courtesy of Nivea Philippines

It was my first time to meet Bec of My Gorgeous Pink Cheeks. This girl's pretty awesome--and funny too! Her answers never failed to make us laugh!

Photo Courtesy of Nivea Philippines

Photo Courtesy of Nivea Philippines
Photo Courtesy of Nivea Philippines
Photo Courtesy of Nivea Philippines

As per dating game tradition, Mark had to choose the girl he'd date for the night. As I was readying myself to hop out of the hot seat and spend the rest of the night with my fellow beauty bloggers, Mark blurted out "Ill choose Martha."

I even asked LA Ferriols, our host for the night: "LA, is this for real?!" Indeed! It was for real!

Photo Courtesy of Nivea Philippines

Well hello, Hunk!

Photo Courtesy of Nivea Philippines

Mark and I sat at a special table near the stage area. After four years, I had a shot last night at dating--again.

Mark and I spent a great 30 minutes with each other. He's pretty hot and pretty intelligent! I like!

Before leaving to go out on a date with the person I'm supposed to date (The BF), I mingled with the peeps from Nivea, and of course, my fellow bloggers.

Nice meeting you both in the flesh! Mich of Mich Eats and Sleeps, and the bubbly Bec of My Gorgeous Pink Cheeks! :D

L-R: Shen of Shen's Addiction, Rowena of Animetric, Bec of My Gorgeous Pink Cheeks, Moi, Mich of Mich Eats and Shops, and our perky host, LA Ferriols. :)

TOP: Wisdom
BOTTOM: Forever21
BAG: Salvatore Ferragamo
SHOES: Brash at Payless Shoe Source
ACCESSORIES: Beads and Crystals

Went home with this cutesy loot bag.

It contains the whole lip care line. :D

Photo Courtesy of Nivea Philippines

Mark's a pretty awesome guy. Even though I didn't spend the whole night chatting and laughing with my fellow beauty bloggers, my moment with Mark was time well- spent. We didn't have awkward moments with each other! We've talked about a lot of stuff: from food to Zodiac signs. He's very intellectual, cool, relaxed, proper, and so easy to talk to. My kind of guy! I'm pretty sure Mark's future girl would definitely be a very, very, very lucky one. Or if he's currently attached, THAT GIRL'S PRETTY BLESSED! :)

I say he's pretty date- worthy! So you wanna date Mark too? Then play KISS MARK on Nivea Philippines' fan page and get a chance to win a ton of awesome prizes!

Get a chance to win the whole Nivea Lip Care range weekly, a free makeover by Shiseido, and of course, the grand prize, which is an exclusive date with Cosmo's 'Hunk Of The Month' for November, Mark Alejandro, plus coverage by Cosmo!

THE BEAUTY JUNKEE ASKS: Would you go out on a date with a celebrity hunk?

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. of course ms.martha!especially if he's hot as Mark!..But I only go if he is Enrique Iglesias!!!You really a lucky lucky lady!!!love your outfit!!!:)

  2. Wahhhh. watta awesome loot bag! :) lot of lip balms inside! love it! <3 i'am certified Nivea products Fanatic! :) Can i have ONE? :P

  3. oh my..that's really awesome..i keep playing this game everyday coz i really want those nivea lip really a fan..and i was so surprised to see you got the chance to win a date with cosmo really deserve this outstand everyone there :) you really are beautful :) congrats!!!

  4. Haha, bubbly talaga ang adjective mo for me! Halata naman nga sa pics, puro naka bungisngis ako, harhar. Super nice din to meet you sis! Hopefully eh magbonding ulit tayo sa mga next events :) mwaahhh!!

  5. Had so much fun that night! Laughed throughout the dating game because you guys were soooo game! :D :D :D Thanks for all your advice on blogging! See you next time!

  6. arra: Me too! Enrique Iglesias! Hahaha! :D Thanks for the compliment dear. :D

    alpha: hey! you might get a chance to win a date with Mark too! Thanks for supporting Nivea. :D Thanks for the compliment too dear. :D

    Bec: tama! :D Halata talaga! Yes, I shall see you again soon! :D

    Mich: Nice meeting you too dear! Hope you find my tips useful. :D Till our next! :D

  7. woo hoo congrats again martha! :D

  8. kawawang Mark, napisat na ang face sa kissmarks ko. hahaha.


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