I am unofficially unemployed. Well, in a matter of one month, I will be. I have never ever thought that life can actually get this scary. As early as now, I’m getting pretty nervous! But at least, I already got one monkey off my back. April 21 marks the first day of my journey to life fulfillment.

But life is like this. Starting anew is inevitable. As I near the end my life chapter called Studying, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank those who have been with me for the last 19 years of my academic life. I know that some of them are readers and lurkers of my blog. All I can say is a warm and heartfelt Thank You. You know who you guys are.

Photo credits: graduation

And to my fellow graduates, congratulations for making it this far. Let’s all welcome and embrace this new chapter of our lives!

As my way of saying thanks to God for guiding me through my academic life, and for giving me the opportunity to study in a prestigious school, I’m ending my academic life with a giveaway. :D

What are the prizes at stake?

FIRST PRIZE- A body care package that consists of 5 awesome products: Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm in Energizing Orange, Go Naturals Lip Sugar Scrub, Flawless Forever Lightening Body Lotion, Camaru Naturals Acerola Soap, and Vitress Instant Relax Hair Serum.

GRAND PRIZE- Regular bottle of Zoya nail polish, P500.00 gift certificate from Organic Rituals Nail Salon at Annapolis, Greenhills, San Juan, and a 50% discount card for any Zoya nail polish (can only be used in Organic Rituals Nail Spa), and Camaru Naturals Rice Bran soap.

Mechanics are as easy as pie. Just:

1. Follow The Beauty Junkee on Facebook
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3. Post this publicly on your FB wall: “Congratulations to all graduates! Join the @The Beauty Junkee’s Happy Graduation Giveaway!” (Make sure you tag me in your wall post)
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5. Lastly answer this question: “What’s ONE thing you wish you did when you were still in school?”
6. Post the following on the comment section of this post: A.) Link to your FB post B.) Link to your Tweet C.) Answer to the query D.) Full name and email address


Contest runs from March 6- March 31, 2012.

Only one entry per contestant.

Winners will be announced on April 1, 2012.

Winners must send his/her full name, complete address, and contact number to Prizes will be delivered via Xend Express.

Prizes are only valid for 10 days. If the winners fail to send their details after the claiming period, new winners will be chosen.

Once again, Congratulations graduates! :D

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61 Lovely Thoughts

  1. A.) (can't make a post and tag you on FB.. FB kept on telling me: This message contains blocked content that has previously been flagged as abusive or spammy. Let us know if you think this is an error.)
    C.) Back in highschool, how I wish that I used know how to value the so called highschool life then. I really missed my highschool classmates.
    D.) Katherine Medina/

  2. Congrats!!! I know the feeling :))

  3. A. FB post:
    B. Tweet Link :!/DawnLlanera/status/176730843404959745
    C. It's actually my last year in college. But thinking back to what I experienced, I probably wished I would have paid more attention to my abilities and enhanced in more. I know I could have done better with my artistic talents.
    D. Name: Dawn Catherine Llanera
    Email :

  4. IA.) Link to your FB post: B.) Link to your Tweet:!/mizichic/status/176732060638126080
    C.) Answer to the query: I wish I had learned self-confidence. To be more active in organizations and be optimistic :D
    D.) Full name and email address: Mirzi Sarte

  5. kath: please post it on my fan page's wall then, or you can try tagging me again later. :)

    pham: thanks! :D

    dawn: thanks! :)

    mizi: thanks dear! :)

  6. A.)


    C.) I really wish I'd been a better student and focused more on my studies.

    D.) Carla May Alcantara

  7. A.FB Post:
    B.Twitter Post:!/NakedArra/status/176767288500944898
    C.I wish I had more guts to approach my crush back then...haha,i was a super shy girl kasi dati..and I wish sana mas active ako sa mga orgs. and activities...

    Arra Morta

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  9. Fb post:


    Answer: Study harder! LOL! How I wish I was able to be part of the Dean's list ;)

    Full name: Svetlani Rozzi S. Santiago

    Email add:

  10. Oh wow, didn't realize you were an undergraduate all this time. Congratulations, Martha! :)

  11. A. FB post:
    B. Tweet Link :!/jongcute/status/176832892666781696
    C. It's been five years since i graduated from college but then i want to go back to school because i really haven't experience the school life because im so busy juggling my studies and my work load,because im a working scholar at that time, i want to experience having night life with my classmate,window shopping,watching movies with friends w/o worrying about my work the day after,I want to be on top of everything,i want to participate in school activities especially intrams week. I really miss college days,i really want to go back to school if i have the means,i will...but then i am the one paying my sister's tuition right now so there's no chance for that.:(
    Name: Janice Marjo Nuevas
    Email :

  12. A. FB Post:
    B. Twitter Link:!/Kathneko/status/176840193041645568
    C. Join organization during my college days and attend different seminars and events hosted by them.
    C. Name: Katherine Rose Rivera

  13. i'm joining! :)))

    A.) Link to your FB post:
    B.) Link to your Tweet:!/jayresa03/status/176859775823384579
    C.) Answer to the query: I wish I had joined school outings! We were three consecutive girls in the family and finances in college were really hard for my dad who's just working alone.. that's why I can't attend those events back then. :(
    D.) Full name: theresa montino
    email address:

    ~~~ thanks.. :)

  14. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Let's do the dance of joy!!!

    A. fb link:

    B. twitter link:!/jayarcy/status/176860203600457728

    C. my wish i did in high school: grew my hair long! i always cut it really short aka demi moore in ghost so everybody thought i was a tomboy and the boys saw me as just one of them. i didnt have any suitors tuloy :( hehehe

    D. jannell cajote
    email : jcajote(at)gmail(dot)com

  15. Congrats girl! I'm so happy for you! :)

    A. FB post:

    B. Tweeted:!/wednesdei/status/176895741321674752

    C. I remember I was really interested in joining Tomasino theater club before, but my sked did not permit me to do so. So on that note, if given another chance, I would love to be part of that.

    D. Bec San Diego

  16. A)
    C)i wish i take 2courses at the same time, sanitary&civil engg, to save time! and i wish i had more time to join more organizations inside the school, wish i tried to become a 'working student' even for a sem lang just to add experience, i bet i would learn alot on those things, like time management and dealing with stress. :3 paths not taken.. *sigh*

  17. fb:
    answer: I wish I could have been more active in my advocacies :(
    leilani c. sonza

  18. A. FB post:

    B. Tweet Link :!/Im_Charina/status/176990342342656000

    C. I wish i was able to focus more and manage my time more to avoid cramming.

    D. Name: Charina L. Espinosa
    Email :

  19. A.)
    C.) I wish I should've study well coz I am a very lazy student before I always miss my classess. I could have done better on my grades & achieve more. Thinking about it now I have so many regrets.
    D.) June Izabelle Roque

  20. A.


    C I wished i was more confident, engaged in sports and made friends..i'm a shy type person and was always focused on academics..

    D. Alpha Caspe :

  21. A. FB post:

    B. tweet link:!/itsme_JHENZtine/status/177041442932404225

    C. Answer: Never quit schooling T_T it was my last yr in college but then .. (OMG! im about to cry.. think that's enough whew!)

    D. neme:jenifer balatico

  22. A) FB link:
    B) Twitter link:!/lynneveigh/status/177051186522890241
    C) I wish I followed my heart first desire on choosing my course in college.
    D) Erlhyn Padilla

  23. A.)


    C.) Actually, I don't want to force it. I honestly don't want to change anything major in my life as a student, nor do I badly want to have done something in particular. Is it really so bad if I feel awesome with how everything went? Hehe Congrats on your graduation, sweet pea! :)

    D.) Joanna Marie Maligaya

  24. FB post:

    Answer: I wish I could have joined a dance group when I was still in school or I could have joined the band because I can play the keyboards.

    Norissa CHavez

  25. it's finally over, congratulations! I know you have a bright future ahead of you. damn, I feel so old...LOL.

  26. A:


    C: I should have join and participate some organizations in my college...

    D: Rovi Anne Bautista /

  27. A. FB Post :

    B. Twitter :!/anneG08/status/177322411539185664

    C: One of the things I really wanted to do back in school was dancing for the cheering squad. I really suck in dancing. So i guess it'll never really happen! haha

    D: Jamie Anne Del Mundo


  28. Lauren: I just realized that I should've graduated by this time as well. Haha! Thanks for dropping by Lauren. :)

  29. wow! Isang malaking CONGRATULATIONS Ms.Martha! Nakakamiss din ang pagiging student kapag nagtatrabaho na :(
    Anyway, I know you'll still have a lot of time pa din in blogging kahit na magkakawork na kayo.
    Opps, can I still join on that giveaway?

  30. CONGRATULATIONS to you and to all the PARENTS and GRADUATES of 2012!!!

    A. i tagged you in my FB status regarding your give away
    C. back in highschool and college, I joined a lot of school program that involves dancing. I realized I should have joined different sports as well to be more disciplined and compete.
    D. Aileen D. Santos

  31. First and foremost, Congratulations Ms. Martha!

    C) If I were still in school, I would have join the Pep Squad! I always got stucked with my curriculars and did not get A chance to join cool extra curricular activities
    D)Jennilyn I. Villasin

  32. A:
    C: I wish i would had continue my skill on dancing like joining different contest and also i would had gave extra effort on my academic :)
    D: Apple Rozeanne Mercado

  33. jenny: of course you still can. :)

    hollie: thanks dear! :D

  34. fb link:
    tweet link:!/crystahal/status/178296486872883200

    I wish I could join the glee club since I was good in singing, to explore my talent and to show to all the people that I have a talent from God. Also I would join varsity on volleyball. I was dreaming of being a popular player for the school.

    Crystal Lagman

  35. A.)FB LINK:

    B.)TWITTER LINK:!/mimichi13/status/178316322680221696

    C.) in my high school days, i miss the fun we have, copying one another notes and answer, coaching in recitation, get together in a resort and our circle of friends as a family and really close to our hearts.. katherine medina is one of them.. =) Chupul Family i miss you! (our group name)

    D.) Micah Jaziel dela Cruz/

  36. FB Name: Keene Slither
    Twitter Username: @slither1004

    A.) Link to your FB post:
    B.) Link to your Tweet:!/slither1004/status/178328737060892672
    C.) Answer to the query: I wish I would change my career life.I would start by shifting my college course to advertising and culinary arts. That way,I could spend my remaining years in the industry I like. I can start my own clothing boutique and restaurant. I can help my family and myself financially by starting a business. But now, I'm in the field of heath and nursing.

    Aida Villanueva

  37. A.)
    C.)I wish I did not copy my profs signature ahahhA!yan tuloy napatawag sa principal's office:))
    D.) Ricalyn Sicad /

  38. A.) Link to your FB post:
    B.) Link to your Tweet:!/lizamarie_0112/status/178417207871672321
    C.) Answer to the query: I wish i joined sports activity when i was still in school. I paid more attention to my studies and was not able to join any organizations.
    D.) Full name: Liza Marie Valenzuela
    email address:

  39. A.) Link to your FB post:
    B.) Link to your Tweet:!/mariebiskwet/status/178428387277291520
    C.) Answer to the query: I wish to be more committed on my organozations and hang out with my blockmates more
    D.) Full name: Marie Danicia B. Castro
    email address: mariemagical_23 at

  40. FB Link:

    Twitter Link:!/EconLanuzA/status/178485350321229826

    Answer to the question: I'm 23 years old right now, and guess what?! Ngayong May 2012 pa lang ako gagraduate ng college! yehesssss! You think I really mastered the Bachelor's degree? that's actually NO! Im a go lucky girl way back first year college days. I just realized na sana, nag focused ako maigi sa studies ko. Mas nag exert ng effort and mas naging seryoso, Kung ginawa ko yon siguro im working nadin gaya ng mga kabatch ko nung highskul(2005. Well, totoo nga na ang pagsisisi ay laging nasa huli. But at the end of the day, bilib padin ako sa sarili ko kasi kahit 6 years akong nagaral ng college, ito nako.. malapit na sa rurok ng tagumpay! This coming May 2012 aakyat nadin ako sa stage at tatanggapin ang aking college diploma. I'm just so excitedddd! Sana mainspire kayo sa story ko. :)

    Econ Margate

  41. A.


    C. I'm still in college yet I wish I had learned more how to manage my time properly - balance the time I have to spend using facebook, socializing, doing org matters, studying and doing my homeworks and papers. Even if it could be really hectic sometimes, I could have been more productive and efficient if I know how to manage time.

    D. Ronah Adiel Rostata

  42. A.)
    C.) The ONE thing I wish I did when I were still in school is to be more active in extracurricular activities!
    D.) Ma. Elinor Semira

  43. A.) Link to your FB post:
    B.) Link to your Tweet:!/BabyKodie/status/178857895264403456
    C.) Answer to the query:Back in highschool,I wish I had joined school clubs and not just the sulken student whom very shy to try things out.
    D)Baby Yap

  44. a)
    c) I wish I tried to learn a foreign language when I was stil in school.
    d) Mira Padillo /

  45. A) Link to your FB:
    B) Link to your Tweet:!/dearcrysy/status/179878716703379456
    C) Answer to the query: I wish I did join the mountaineering club earlier and have the chance to climb all of the seven mountains my friends did experienced climbing. I only got 3 out of 7.
    D)Crystal Marie Cañete

  46. A.
    C. I graduated from HS 3 years ago, something I didn't do was to continue being in the varsity cheering squad due to my parents who wanted me to focus on academics more. Given the chance I would've stayed and competed in various cheering competitions.
    D. Roselyn Ko

  47. A.) Link to FB post:
    B.) Link to Tweet:!/quiam/status/180946496202612737
    C.) Answer to the query:
    I wish I "played" more when I was in college. back then, my days revolved around my studies. Now I realized that there is more to life than academics.
    D.) Name: Camille Quiambao

  48. A. link to FB post:
    B. link to tweet:!/donnamuch/status/181248518688747520
    C. Looking back, I wish I made more friends! I was known for being a little too mean but I refuse to admit it. I just thought maybe I look snob and payed no attention to it. I was living this downward spiral life until I thought I don't want this and I wanted it to end. That's when I found myself in God. He's there when I needed Him the most. I learned how important it is to be nice to everyone and actually gained new set of friends who understand me and the struggles I'm going through! I realized I love college and every pain was worth it! :)HAPPY GRADUATION!
    D. Donna Lyn A. Gan (

  49. A) FB Post:
    B) Twitter:!/kirstiedeLuna/status/181730944565264384
    C) I am graduating this April! I am with Latin honors of Summa cum Laude. I don't want to brag about it, I don't regret anything from this wonderful achievement, However, one thing I regret is to have more friends and somehow, be carefree and pretty much don't worry about things so much. I tend to stress myself myself up studying and going straight to my dorm after class. I envy my friends for enjoying their college life with so many friends to remember, which make their college more memorable and meaningful. But over all, I am glad I am graduating this year, Batch 2012 and I am really grateful and overwhelmed that I ill be receiving such award :)

    I hope I win! Weeee! More power! :)

  50. NAME: Kirstie Ann B. de Luna

  51. Congratulations!

    I remember my own graduation day way back several eons ago. :D

    I think you don't have to fear anything because at the rate you are going, i think your passion will take you to an exciting journey called 'the corporate world'. ;)


  52. 1. FB : Sweetie Hestia

    2. Twitter: Sweethestia!/sweethestia/status/183265220582572032

    If there is one thing that i wish i did were i was in school is instead of celebrating graduation with my friends, i should grab my mom offer to go to HK.

    Jade Anne Belen

  53. A.


    C. during my college years, my wish that time is to be part in dean's list.

    D. Mei Santiago

  54. A.
    C. to live in a dormitory which I never experienced because I was then co-lived with my aunt
    D. Regina C. Beleno

  55. A:
    I wish I tried to go out with my friends, chill out, party with them and took a break away from my books and computer, studying. I never thought about it until I am about to leave the campus and realize that my friends and I are about to separate ways. Yes, I didn't have much time exploring the world of being a 'kolehiyala', didn't experience the wildest part of being a college student, because I was too busy with my ACADEMICS life then.

    Having graduated last year, I know I can still make it up to myself now that all my hard work has paid off. I am still young being 21 and I am now enjoying life to the fullest by spending spare time with my college and high school friends and family! This time just being me, away from my computer and paperwork! :))

    D: Sunshine Manahan,

  56. A.) Link to your FB post:
    B.) Link to your tweet:!/ellenchang22/status/184295051772432385
    C.) Answer to the query: I wish I could study soooo hard and so i will be part of the DL (dean's lister) during my batch .. :)
    D.) Full name: Erlinda Chang
    email address:

  57. A:
    C: I wish I could be more dedicated with my studies more than having a love life during college years. Because At the age of 17, and I'm only 2nd year that time I got pregnant and had to stop my studies because of my condition. If only I could back in that time I will prioritize my schooling more than anything. :( But, Despite of that, I know God gave me A Big Blessing and that's my Daughter! and now I will pursue my studies for my family, and I will be graduating next year! :)
    D: Aneeqa Chang

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  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

    Erlinda Sicad
    I wish i join Girls scout club:)

  61. A.


    C. I wish I applied for BS Multimedia sooner rather than taking up Civil Eng then wasting a year of college then transferring to multimedia.. ;)

    D. Cristine Nicole Paler


Thank you for your comments!