Review: Lime Crime Glamour 101 from the Lip Noir Collection

Here's a review on Lime Crime lipstick in Glamour 101

PRICE: Got this on a sale for $12-14USD (Originally at $15.99)
PLACE BOUGHT: Lime Crime Online
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The roaring 20's is not only considered as one of the most socially flamboyant eras in world history, but also one of the most revolutionary periods in modern fashion and beauty. This is where the iconic 'masculine feminine' physique was popularized by old Hollywood stars such as Louise Brooks (who happens to be one of my favorite actresses). And more importantly for a beauty blogger like me, the 20's gave birth to one of the most iconic (and my most favorite) makeup looks of all time: The Vampy look.

Speaking of the Vampy look, it is not complete without a vampy red lipstick, like Lime Crime's Glamour 101.

Cruelty- free and Animal- Friendly ingredients list

Glamour 101 is a dark red lipstick with a tinge of brown undertone. It is opaque, pigmented, and very moisturizing. It yields a satin finish that lasts all day. Like all of Lime Crime's famous Opaque Lipsticks, Glamour 101 stays put and leaves a nice hint of color when it comes off. Glamour 101 leaves a nice cherry- red tint.

It's like MAC'S Matte Lipstick in Diva (another stunning vampy red lipstick), but a tinge lighter and less berry than the former. I find that this dark red shade compliments ladies with medium to tan skin tones so well. It's my current go- to red lipstick because it never fails to receive compliments from people, (even guys!) and it keeps cashier people from asking for my I.D. because they think I'm a minor! Lol! I like pairing it with black- colored outfits for a sophisticated look, and using it to tame down bright- colored outfits.

I will definitely buy this again as long as it's still available in Lime Crime!

How about you? Do you fancy vampy red lipsticks like me? Spill!

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. woot! this shade of red really suits you!

  2. This red really compliments your skintone. Wahaha! Try ko nga magred lippie, maybe di na rin ako hahanapan ng id ng mga kahera. :P

  3. you really look sophisticated with this shade..talagang attractive sya..wanna try the spell with my lips..hehehe..thanks for blogging :D

  4. anne curtis lang ang peg :)) how many lipstick do you own?? curious lang :D

  5. Haven't tried any red lippy. Addis ababa pa lang pinaka bright and bold for me. I want to try one sana maka kita ako ng bagay sa akin. Ganda :)

  6. That's true :) You look stunning here! Ang bongga! hehe I love red lipstick too, and since I can't afford the expensive ones, I bought the EB in Scarlet :) but it's a bit drying on lips. Anyway thanks for the Lime Crime Ms.Martha that you've sent me last year :)

  7. hollie: hi dear! thanks! :D

    janine: thanks! :) red will always work in making you look "mature". :)

    paige: true! hence my pose! :D

    alpha: welcome dear! :D

    jhenz: true! :) around a hundred before. ended up selling what I rarely and don't use at all. :)

    kath: since you're fair, go for blue- based reds. :)

    Jenny: thanks dear! :D hope you're enjoying your lime crime. :)

  8. wow, very sultry!!

    parang di kaya ng powers ko ang vampy look!pero sa yo, it soooo suits you :)


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