The Best Places to Eat In Boracay

My Yuminum bikini! It's so pretty!

I did not work so hard for this summer body for mere picture- taking and to just look good in a bikini. I have achieved this body in order to eat like a king during my recent Boracay trip. And gorge, I did. :p

The BF and I have searched for the best restaurants in the island and spent all of our money on food. Yeah, we're corny just like that. We didn't even think of trying out any water or island activity! :p

So here's a list of the top- rated meals from the most popular restaurants in Boracay. Read on and be sure to visit them in your Boracay trip!


Zuzuni is a Mediterranean restaurant located between Stations 1 and 2. It's a warm and cozy place that's best for people who dislike noisy and heavily populated places when eating or drinking. :)

Belgian Waffles. This is no ordinary breakfast meal. The waffles are made from Zuzuni's secret batter filled with Bacon chunks!

To-die-for Mati Chocolate Sin is to-die-for. Molten chocolate cake that's big on flavor. The BF and I went back to Zuzuni twice for this thing! Be sure to eat this thing before leaving the island!


Gasthof is a grill resto that boasts of their ever- famous Grilled Baby Back Ribs.

And this is their island- famous ribs. Honestly, it tastes pretty average. Not mind- blowing as I expected it to be. But it's not so bad, especially if you eat it with steaming hot rice and a glass of soda after a long swim or strolling by the beach.


Lemon I is tagged as one of the best dessert places in the island. It's located right at the heart of D'Mall in Station 2. Their Lemon Muffin is said to be one of the bests in the island. Boohoo, it was out of stock when we ate there.

When life gives you lemons, turn them into a succulent Lemon Cheesecake.

...Or a sweet-sour Lemon pie with whipping cream on the side to make life a bit interesting. :)


- Located right beside Boracay Regency at Station 2 is Don Vito, one of the best restaurants in Boracay. It's a lovely place to eat dinner with your family or friends.

Don Vito's Special is not so special. It looked and tasted like regular pizza to me. :( At least their Pasta Carbonara tasted really good. (Sorry, forgot to take a pic)


- Located between Stations 1 and 2 is Tibraz, a French- inspired restaurant that specializes on crepes and breakfast meals. I think it's the BF and I's most favorite restaurant because we ate here thrice during our 3 day-2 night stay.

Crispy Sisig. Ridiculously tasty.

Forgot the exact name of this breakfast set. Tibraz offers hearty breakfast sets for those who love eating big on the first meal of the day.

Tibraz makes the best Mojitos, IMO. In fact, they have a separate Mojito list on their menu which goes to show that indeed, it is one of their specialties. :)


- Homestyle grilled meals at affordable prices. It is located at the heart of D'Mall at Station 2.

The interior reminds me so much of Johnny Rockets and 50's Diner of Baguio. :)

Must- order: Dad's Grilled Bulalo Steak and Homemade iced tea


- Jammers is the place to go if you want a greasy yet tasty treat. If you have tasted cheap burgers for at least once in your life (those burgers sold for P20-30.00 on the streets) and actually loved them for their "Cheap yet tasty goodness", you'll like Jammers' burgers.

Jammers is located at the beachfront part of D'Mall, Station 2.

Bacon Cheeseburger. Ah, oily, fatty, and carby goodness

The best- selling meatball slider. It's okay, but my Bacon Cheeseburger tasted better. The meatballs tasted very much like those found in Bolognese and meatball pastas. Maybe they have to re-do their meatball recipe.

There you go! Now I'm hungry! Do let me know how you love/hate these restaurants in case you visit one of them in your Boracay trip! :D

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22 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Love love love Lemon I Cafe!!! Their breakfast are great and their desserts ofcourse! =)

  2. Martha, may continuation post pa to?naku, puro favorite ko yung nakita ko na breakfast. Waffles and pancake then add the chocolate cake, lemon cheesecake and pie~ Kahit na napadami kain nyo, I'm sure super satisfied! Saka you can get back in shape naman. I know you have discipline when it comes to diet and exercise.

  3. Gasthof is owned by the family of the late Melody Gersbach (Bb Pilipinas International 2009).
    They had a branch before in Naga City. I tried their baby back ribs. Considering that it's not that expensive, for me, it's above average.:)

  4. I can see in your eyes that you enjoyed your stay there Ms.Martha!
    Wow ha, maka-food pala talaga kayo ni BF mo. hehe So nice naman at meron pa rin palang P20-30 pesos na burger sa Boracay :D

  5. oh dear i wish i could wear 2 piece! but i cannot i have skin problem which is seen on my back.. to my shoulder blades.. i cant even wear sleeveless.. lumabas lang sya pagkapanganak ko.. hope it was hormonal lang =(

  6. we've been to Don Vito, and we loved it, have been reading a lot about Lemon i so this would be a must! Thanks for sharing dear! Wil bookmark this so we have a guide the next time we visit Boracay!

  7. bonggang food trip yan ah.. :D

  8. just looking at the pictures of the food made me hungry :)

  9. Love Lemon I Cafe's rhum balls... ☺

  10. Christine DacanayMay 3, 2012 at 1:28 PM

    Thank heavens for this post! Omg we'll be going to Bora tomorrow! This would really be helpful. =))
    I'll save this in my pocket app as this would really come out handy since it will be our first time tmrw. YAY :)) wanna try those belgian waffles! -_-

  11. Dear lord *mouth waters* It seems we like the same food!

  12. i tried Gasthof, lemon cafe and jammers!! have you tried jonah's milkshake?? Superb taste :)

  13. abby: Wish I ate some of their regular meals there though. Next time. :)

    aviva: wow! glad to know :D

    hazel: yes! I actually went to Jonah's an hour after reaching the island! :D

    christine: wow! enjoy! do let me know how you like the food. :D

    kath: wala na for our bora food trip. :) i can't wait for next week na nga so I can go back to dieting! :p

    precious: saw those too but didn't order them. I was fixed on having a cheesecake. Next time I'll try. :D Thanks for the reco! :D

    Joy: hello and welcome to my blog! :D Glad you liked this post. :D Have a great day! :D

    alpha: suuper! :D

    khyutee: ditto! :D

    jenny: actually, the jammers burger are priced at 100+ :D

    rhaindropz: have yourself checked by a dermatologist dear. Hope you recover from it soon!

    blogchef: thanks for sharing! Wow, didn't know that. God bless her soul then. (Melody Gerbasch)

  14. yes dear.. thanks for the advice, minsan kasi nadala ako magpacheckup sa derma, sabi lang allergy, pero di nya sinabi what type ng allergy, nilabas nya kagad mga cream at soap =( ganun siguro kapag card holder ka (hmo's) para maka-oncash kagad pabibilhin ka ng product nila, dahil yung consultation is credit sa card =(

  15. hope u could write about your diet plan. :)

  16. That crispy sisg looks so good! And I wanna try the best Mojitos! Now I know where to go on my next Boracay trip! :)

  17. rhain: awwww...bad! hope you recover soon. :)

    issa: it tastes as good as it looks dear :D

    blogchef: I will soon. :)

  18. that's an envious vacation you have in there! might wanna try on bora next time!

    tnx for the suggestions!

  19. wow! nakakainggit naman yang mga yan! gusto ko matikman ung mati chocolate sin! hahaha...curious lang sa name at sa lasa.

    I hope maka visit ako one day sa Boracay!

  20. Nice! Ako din, mas gusto ko mag-food tripping than water activities when in Boracay, (di kasi marunong lumangoy, haha). Parang masarap yung bacon cheese burger!

  21. What an awesome vacation you had Ms M. Thanks for sharing your experiences with the place. Will check out these places in the future!!!

  22. I know I just ate, then all of sudden after reading this,I am becoming hungry again!!!


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