Black Beauty Video Shoot

Two weeks ago, I was invited to model for Black Beauty's series of makeup tutorials along with some of the country's finest bloggers. Marj Sia of the blog The Traveling Heels was the featured makeup artist. The shoot was held at Indigo Salon, Corinthian, Q.C.

Photo Credits: Black Beauty Philippines

I don't look sleepy at all. Haha.

Photo Credits: Black Beauty Philippines

Lissa Kahayon

Photo Credits: Black Beauty Philippines

Marj Sia

Photo Credits: Black Beauty Philippines

Val Chua

Photo Credits: Black Beauty Philippines

Enciso sisters, Verniece and Vern

Love this advice. It's so apt for all women! :D

Cam hamming with Lissa

Taking pics while Marj is taking a break.

Photo Credits: Marj Sia

Lissa has just finished her set. Now it's my turn! Lissa's eye makeup is lovely, don't you think? :)

Thank you Black Beauty for these! Hurrah to new shampoo stocks!

Curious to know what my makeup look is, as well as the ones sported by Val, Lissa, Vern, and Verniece? Then like BLACK BEAUTY PHILIPPINES on Facebook and watch out for our video tutorials! :D

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. yay! Gorgeous ladies :) Dami shampoo, will wait for your review. Thanks for sharing

  2. i'll wait for the review too. para pwede irecommend sa nanay at tatay kong nagkukulay na ng buhok.

  3. Sana next time commercial model ka na Ms.M kung hindi sa hair products sa makeup! hehe :) Anyway, B&B is a good brand. Sabi ni mama ito daw sikat na shampoo nung dalaga pa sya.

  4. I thought it was the mane & tail.. Ohhh.. I saw the Enciso sisters last time in Superb Sale Bazaar.. Andami pa shampoo,.. ;))

  5. oooh.. my dad used to use that shampoo.. he loved it! :) hehe you look gorgeous. ms m! AS ALWAYS!

  6. Love your look here Ms. Martha :)

    Black and white ensemble. Simple yet stunning.

    Wow! Shampoo stocks. Usually I only have 2 to 3. But you, you lucky girl Ms. Martha :)

  7. Thanks girls! Will definitely review this soon. :D


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