FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: How to find the right mascara for you

Hello guys! Time again to answer another great beauty query from one of my avid readers, Addie:

Hi Ms. Martha

I really love the way you answer the questions of your fans, so I thought of writing you one. I also figured that you’re the best person to ask since your blog is literally a beauty bible!

Okay. I’ll stop beating around the bush now. Hehe. Here goes my question: How do you know which mascara is the right one for you? They say that a mascara's wand will tell you what particular effect to expect from the mascara, but they all look the same to me! Is this even true? Help! Your answer will be very much appreciated!

Much love,

Hi Addie!

Thank you for your kind words. And I love your question! I've been meaning to write about the same topic as well, and your question is very timely.

Most people would only rely on what the labels would tell them, but they don’t know that mascara wands give a real preview of what mascaras can actually do. So yes, this fact is true. In this entry, we will decipher the common types of mascara wands, and find out how they can help you find the mascara that suits your needs. Click READ MORE and read the rest of the post.

Nowadays, mascaras have very catchy names, and us, consumers, sometimes end up guessing which one is supposed to lengthen, thicken, or separate lashes. Much worse, we sometimes end up buying the wrong product! So just keep this in mind whenever you’re looking for a mascara to buy:

RULE OF THUMB: What the mascara wand looks like is how your lashes will look like.

CONCERN: Lash Separation
TYPE: Traditional wand with comb bristles
LOOK: Separated and clean- looking lashes

If you have very thick and dense lashes, congratulations. You are truly blessed. LOL!

Anyway, dense lashes have a tendency to get tangled up with each other, making them look unkempt. Comb Bristles will help comb unruly lashes into place. Opt for lengthening formulas because volumizing ones can weigh lashes down. Besides, you don’t need it anymore. You can also get away with clear mascara and a lash brush. Apply clear mascara onto your lashes, and gently comb it using the lash comb to separate entangled strands.

CONCERN: Volume/Fullness
TYPE: Traditional mascara wand with dense bristles
LOOK: Dramatic, thick, and full lashes

If your lashes are sparse, go for mascaras with packed bristles. They deliver heavier coverage and can coat even the tiniest strand, making your lashes look bigger. Most volumizing mascaras have shorter bristles because it lets the wand focus on depositing more mascara onto your lashes.

You may also want to try mascara bases. They usually come in white, and you apply them before the actual mascara for a thicker, more dramatic look.

TYPE: Traditional mascara wand with wider spacing
LOOK: Lean and long lashes

Most lengthening mascaras have wider spacing in between the bristles, and the bristles are longer and not as scattered as compared to the ones on the wand of volumizing mascaras. The long bristles let the wand focus on each prominent lash, making them reach their full potential by giving them a more elongated look.

There are also mascaras with nylon fibers that add more length to your lashes. You can try those if your lashes are seriously short.

MODERN MASCARA WAND: Comb Wand and Curved Wand

Basically, it’s just a newer version of the traditional wand, but the principles are still the same: Comb wand with tighter teeth- Volumizing; Comb wand with widely- spaced teeth- lengthening/Separation. They’re also great to use if you like styling your lashes.

Curved ones are just flattened and bent versions of the traditional mascara wand. But it’s a faster way to apply mascara because the semi- U shape helps catch all your lashes in one stroke.

There you have it! Now you know what particular mascara to get!

Have a great Friday everyone!

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. OMG!!! this is really helpful for me due to my scarce lashes!!! I always thought that comb bristles will give me volume, I guess I was wrong..

    thank you so much Ms. Martha!! much love!! ;))

  2. since i already have long lashes pero bagsak. love ko ung traditional wand na comb-like hehe. and yes, ang linis kasi tignan. thanks for this Ms. Martha! I also see some mascara wands po parang maliit na circle pero sa tip lang ng wand.para san kaya un

  3. Other than waterproof mascaras (which irritates my eyes since it is so hard to remove) what can you recommend that holds curl po? Can you do a post on how to spot a fake shu and shiseido eyelash curler po?

  4. this is another helpful post miss m!! :) I am pretty blessed with long lashes.. but i want to add up some volume. and this is really a big help!thanks! :)


  5. Nasa beauty section ako ng SM lately searching for mascara! haha super right timing ang fan mail mo Ms. Martha! kasi wala akong nabili! dahil bago palang ako gagamit ng mascara :D babasahin ko muna to.

    SUPER LIKE! <3<3<3

  6. Another short yet helpful post Ms. Martha! Three cheers for TBJ!! :D

  7. Marjorie: You're welcome! Glad you liked it. :)

    Mica: You're welcome! Thank you too! :D

    Sweetie Pepay: thanks too! :D

    Arra: Hi dear! It's the same as comb wands. It's just funkier and cuter hehe. :D

    Anonymous: Hello and welcome to TBJ! :D Go for water resistant mascaras. They're not as tough as waterproof mascaras. You can check Bobbi Brown, Lancome, and Maybelline.

    Try mascaras with curling effects. Look for mascaras with thicker consistency. Or if you want to be more specific, look for mascaras with wax and resin bases because they lift lashes, and help hold curls. :) Hope this helps! :) I haven't seen any fake shu and shiseido curler yet. But if I do, I'l definitely grab them and do a comparison post! :)

  8. Thank you so much for this helpful tip. Now I know how to choose the right mascara for me and I will also share this with y Mom. We usually depend on what the sales lady tell us and ended up not liking the mascara we just bought. :D

  9. Wow! This is so helpful, Martha. Now I know how to find the good mascara for me. :)

  10. thank you po for the reply, which maybelline mascara po?

  11. wow, you know a lot about mascaras! this is very helpful! :)

  12. Hi!

    Can you recommend any smudge-proof mascaras that are not waterproof? I've tried over a dozen brands from high-end brands (and prices!) and drug store brands. Paula's Choice Illicit Lash does not smudge, but it is so watery that you need to wipe off all the excess mascara with Kleenex. Fiberwig works, but the brush makes the mascara go on gloppy.


  13. this post is very helpful!! now i know what to buy. since i have short and tiny lashes. thanks for answering the question.

  14. Yippeeee. I rummaged some of your posts and I found out this one. :) You know, I'm still confused with the differences between mascaras and their wands. I just tend to buy anything not too pricey sometimes. But recently, I got intrigued to the clear mascara, the one which is transparent and gel-like. I saw one from an Ever Bilena Counter but I didn't buy it since I'm not yet sure about the effect it will give. But when It comes to mascara, I go for a volume instead of length. :)


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