Gifts and Hauls

Some stuff I got over the week:

Stuff I bought from Powerplant Mall Archeology section: Pen/Pencil Holder, framed quote (dunno what to call it! Lol), and Cord Bundler. I think the name of the store where I got these is Manic Monday. Not really sure! If you're interested, go to the Archaeology section of Powerplant mall and look for a mini stall that sells artisan notebooks and desk stuff. :)

Fabric Pencil/Pen Holder. I'm a sucka' for polka dots. :)

One of my most favorite quotes. So glad I found this!

Gifts from ManYip Corporation. Thank you very much! :)

And some more from ManYip: Sakura foaming hand sanitizers, hand wash, foot and heel cream, and hand and nail cream.

Lastly, some stuff from Studio SnR: Nippon Aesthetics makeup tools and Parian Spirit brush cleaner wipes. Excited to try them! :)

Have a great Sunday everyone! :)

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. oh wow! hand sanitizers that release foam.. COOL!!! ;))

  2. I love this haul. That book looks like something I need to have. =]

  3. I love hauls.

  4. I'm always looking forward for your hauls and gifts. You have a lot again and again! :D I love the pen holder! :D

  5. i love the quote.. i agree with it soooo much!


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