HOW TO: Apply Liquid Foundation Flawlessly

Foundation is supposed to give you better skin. But if you don't know how to apply it properly, you'll end up emphasizing the areas that you want covered.

Applying foundation is no rocket science, but most women veer away from foundation because they've always thought that one should be an expert to use it. In this tutorial, we will shatter that belief so everyone can finally experience the wonderful effects of foundation.

Why liquid foundation? Because it is the most common foundation type used by women, and the easiest variant to work with. Personally, I love liquid foundation because it mimics the texture of skin perfectly. In my next tutorials, I'll show you how to apply cream and powder foundation flawlessly.

I am going to use the following:

1.) Revlon Photoready Mousse Foundation (It's actually liquid foundation, but it's softer and less creamy than traditional liquid foundation)

2.) Charm Pointed Foundation Brush (A traditional foundation brush is the best way to apply liquid foundation. Sponge applicators end up absorbing the product. Flat top brushes are okay, but I find that liquid foundation has a tendency to sink all the way to the bottom of these brushes.)

NOTE: You may opt to use your fingers. Just use your middle finger because it's more deft than your other fingers.

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- This is the first step. I assume that you've already found your right foundation shade. Priming is very essential to flawless- looking foundation. I strongly recommend that you use a face primer because 1.) It helps foundation adhere better to skin 2.) It neutralizes facial imperfections 3.) It creates a thin barrier that blocks oil and moisture, thus improving the staying power of foundation.

Apply moisturizer and sunblock then let it settle for 1-3 minutes. Then apply primer and let it set for 2- 3 minutes.


- Conceal puffy and dark under eye problems with an eye concealer. If you don't have grave undereye problems, you may skip this step.


- Cover any facial mark with the help of a skin concealer. Covering up your imperfections helps minimize the appearance of protruding and discolored facial marks. If your foundation yields full coverage, you may skip to the next step.


- The trick to applying foundation evenly is to follow the imaginary lines on your face. Doing so helps you maximize the pigments in your foundation as well. If utilized properly, Pigments, or the ingredient that determines your foundation's shade, can help give your face a different dimension. Here's how you do it:


- Warm up the foundation for a bit by dabbing or swirling your foundation brush onto it. Wipe off excess, then start applying on your cheeks. If your cheek areas had visible lines, they would either be: 1.) Straight and slanted and pointing downwards 2.) Curvy and going outwards. (starting from your nose) Choose which of the two set of lines you'd like to follow. Either way, both are correct. Just choose the technique that suits your need.

LIFT- Apply foundation outwards, starting from your nose
SLENDERIZE- Apply foundation downwards

Since I have a round face, I chose to do the slenderizing technique. Starting from the center, apply downwards in a light motion. Build coverage if desired.

You have to apply foundation on your undereyes to unify its tone with the rest of your face. I just forgot to put a pic though. Principle is the same: Follow the curve of your undereyes when applying foundation. You'll only need a thin layer. I just like using what's left on the brush because too much foundation can emphasize my dark circles.

NOTE: You may opt to apply foundation on your neck, but I don't really recommend it to gals who are living in a tropical country. It will just smear on and stain your clothes!


- If your forehead had visible lines, they would be straight. So apply foundation in this manner, and move your brush left and right for a more even finish.


- Imagine a straight line running from the top part of your nose all the way down to your chin. Follow this line when applying foundation. These parts don't need too much foundation, (unless you have to cover some major discolorations on these parts) so apply foundation sparingly on them.

NOTE: Let the foundation settle for at least 2-3 minutes; Don't apply too much foundation at once because drying time will take forever.


- The best way to apply setting powder onto foundation is by dabbing--not rubbing. Rubbing will just wipe it off! Here's how you do it:


- Dry, loose powder is still the best thing to set liquid foundation as pressed powders can be too creamy, and may end up making your foundation look and feel thick.

Dab powder puff onto the loose powder, tap off excess, then start dabbing it on your face. Make sure everything is covered. Gently run your fingers all over your face to check if you've skipped some parts.


- Using a dense brush, gently dust off excess powder in a light and swift motion. Use any of the following: Kabuki brush, fan brush, big powder brush.

NOTE: Use sheer, translucent powder because it won't darken or lighten your skintone; If you find that your face looks lighter than the rest of your body, use bronzers or darker setting powders to remedy the white cast.

BEFORE: With just moisturizer, sunblock, and concealer on
AFTER: Now with foundation and setting powder

Liquid foundation is such a difference maker that's why I really recommend it to just about anyone who wants to sport better- looking skin. Just keep these tips in mind when you're going to use liquid foundation. Remember: You can only achieve flawless coverage if you use flawless techniques.

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    Sweetiepepay: Go ahead dear! :) Go for foundations made for sensitive skin to lessen the risk of breakouts. :)

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