Review: Kate Kanebo Rouge HG Lipstick in RS9

Here's a review on Kate Kanebo Rouge HG Lipstick in RS9

PRICE: A little over P500.00
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Watson's outlets and leading department stores


My lips are cracking due to the erratic weather so I've been using my watery and moisturizing lipsticks a lot lately. Sigh, my lips are missing my matte babies!

Anyway, for moisturizing lipsticks, I only trust Japanese brands. In my opinion, Japanese brands produce the best emollient lipsticks ever. Whenever I'm using them, it feels like I always have a fresh supply of water on my lips! Most Japanese brands are a bit pricey though. But I'm glad there's a fairly affordable Japanese brand called KATE. I have their lipstick called Rouge HG, and it's a nice lipstick for the cold season. Click READ MORE and check out my detailed review.

What I love most about KATE is the packaging, particularly of the lipsticks: It's sleek, sturdy, and compact.

Whoops! Made a dent on the lipstick. (Segue to caveat) These lipsticks are so soft, that they're very prone to damage and melting. So be careful when using it and don't leave it in a warm or hot place!

RS9 is a light rose shade with gold micro glimmers. It is fragrance- free, glides on easily, has a nice balmy texture, and has a lovely melting consistency that moisturizes your lips upon contact. It's a bit sticky, but forgivable. Staying power is not so good, but I like that the 'moisturized' feeling stays even if the lipstick is completely gone.

It has a glossy finish, and I like that it doesn't feel too wet and runny. I've also observed that this particular color looks so good in daylight: it makes you look very fresh and young. :)

KATE's lipsticks aren't that pigmented. I guess it's okay especially for those who only like having that 'touch of color' on their lips. As for me, I will still choose matte lipsticks over glossy lipsticks any day, but I'm still glad I have this KATE lipstick: it comes handy when my lips are misbehaving! :)

For more information about KATE's lipsticks, please visit KANEBO PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. You look so fresh on the picture.. ;))

    is it really true that lipsticks like this (glossy, shimmery and the like) doesn't have a good staying power like matte lipsticks do? Thank you Ms. Martha.. ;))

  2. Ang ganda sayo Ms. M! and I'm happy that this brand is affordable too!

    I moght check on this but a different shade.. something like orange.. hehe :)

    thanks! <3

  3. Sayang! I'm such an intense colour person. I liked the colour on the tube pero di pala masyado pigmented. Oh well!

  4. Wow! I loooooooove the color so much! I think I might buy it. Haha! I'm fine with moisturizing lipsticks because I love retouching anyway.

  5. yes!!! super fresh ang peg miss m! i love colors like this, it looks so mabait. hehe. :)

  6. You look fresh! :) Me too, I'll choose matte lipsticks over glossy lipsticks. :D

  7. Gosh! you look so fresh here Ms. M. I love the shade! :D

  8. Hi Ms. Martha I just want to ask do you think it is comparable to Revlon's lip butter and which is better Revlon lip butters or this Kate lipstick? thank you


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