Review: Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara

Here's a review on Lancome Hypnose Mascara in So Black!

PRICE: Regular size is at P2,000.00+
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in Rustan's and Lancome Store Greenbelt 5, Makati City


Kawaii fashion is truly a hit nowadays. Here and there, you'd see a lot of girls sporting big- eyed contact lenses, sky- high and ultra thick eyelash extensions, and globs and globs of volumizing mascara--all of which are meant to emphasize eyes, and give it a doll- like effect. Who could blame them? You have to admit that having thick lashes is very nice. It frames your eyes and gives it definition in half the time, and sans the use of too much eye makeup.

Speaking of the Doll look, Lancome gave me a sample of their newest mascara called Hypnose Doll Eyes. It is an innovative mascara that combines length, curl, and volume in a sexy tube. It has the FiberShine formula, a Lancome- exclusive technology that adds a touch of gloss to your lash fringes.

Here's what the actual product looks like. Click READ MORE and check out my detailed review.

It comes in two shades: So Black and So Purple.

It also comes with the new cone- shaped brush, a specially designed brush that effectively delivers all of the mascara's benefits, and helps you coat each and every lash easily. I like it because it catches all my lashes, and imparts a significant amount of product in one stroke.

First coat- lashes look significantly longer and more defined.

Second coat- Lashes look fuller and longer

Best mascara feature: Gives your lashes a soft and natural look

I had to stop at the second application because I was already satisfied. The texture of the mascara is spreadable, and a little amount goes a long way. Its consistency is thick, mousse- like, and a tad bit wet, but I find that it dries up easily. Normally, I just apply two to three coats because it has a tendency to weigh my lashes down if I apply more than three coats. The glossy finish deepens my lash color. I've also observed that the gloss catches light and helps emphasize my eyes more.

It is long wearing, but I find that it has a tendency to smudge for a bit especially if you have very oily lids. But it's not the type that will give you raccoon eyes though. What I do is I use a matte eye primer and dry concealer whenever I'll wear this mascara to prevent it from rubbing off on my lids and undereyes. The best part is, it surprisingly comes off easily with warm water and cleansing foam. It's good because that means less tugging on your lashes and lids.

It's a very good product because it makes your lashes look fuller and longer, but without the clumpy and exaggerated look. If I would have to spend for lash products, I'd go for mascaras, as eyelash extensions and falsies are quite high- maintenance for me.

It's pretty pricey for a mascara though. But if you are looking for a great mascara brand, and don't mind paying a hefty premium, I'd suggest you take a look at Lancome's selections. Visit LANCOME PHILIPPINES on Facebook and check out their entire mascara line.

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I was quite shocked at the price.. this could definitely help my overly scarce lashes.. the "less tugging of eyes &lids" caught me.. <3

  2. Marjorie: Was shocked to find out that it's THAT expensive too. I'd love to have this again, but not now because I still have to finish up my tiny sample. :)

  3. I was also shocked at the prize :( I'm looking for a nice mascara that lengthens my "barely-there" lashes. Could you recommend me one? :) my lashes are so short and thin. I don't look like I even have lashes... Thank you Ms. Martha. Hoping for your reply. ;)

  4. I've heard a lot about the Hypnose Mascara. Based on the pics, it works wonders indeed.

    Funnily enough, I wasn't so shocked with the price. Then again, I have a friend that sinks quite a lot of pesos for her make-up (kasi nga daw, the quality is worth it).

  5. Oh my it's so expensive O.O It's like the price of a liquid foundation already. Maybe someday I can have this (*prays) :D

  6. Price, naaah.. Effect = Va-Va-Voom!!! ;)

  7. nyay! mascara for 2k plus.... :D wow,, you're truly blessed Ms. Martha having so many brands that trust your reviews.. :)

    love how it transformed your lashes,.. so sexy! :)


  8. mahal naman, but worth it due to its effect, but not practical for me since I use mascara only when I have time...

  9. I'd like to try this, but the price! My gulay, ang mahal! Haha!

  10. it looks great miss m! BUT oh my, 2k!!! wow!!!

  11. Awww. Too expensive. I'd rather buy their foundation. But the quality is soooo good. I just hope it is more affordable. Thanks for the review. .^_^.


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