Review: Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation

Here's a review on Lancome Teint Miracle Natural Light Creator- Bare Skin Perfection Liquid Foundation in B-05

PRICE: P2,200.00
OTHER LOCATIONS: All Lancome counters in Rustan's malls; Lancome Greenbelt 5


Our skin has a Natural Aura, or the glow that our skin emits when light hits its surface. If your skin is clear, even, and smooth, it has better chances of re- emitting this aura because the flawless surface enables light to travel to and fro your skin without any disturbance. But if you have severe skin conditions or if your skin is starting to show signs of aging, your skin surface becomes irregular, and the natural pathways of light are disrupted. Another factor could be your foundation: It's probably not projecting your skin's natural glow at all.

The result: Dull, uneven, and flat- looking skin.

Since these disturbances are inevitable, is there a way to capture and mimic our skin's natural glow? Finally, there is.

Ten years of research and seven patents later, Lancome successfully found a way to reproduce skin's natural aura through their newest foundation, Teint Miracle. It claims that it boosts surface light, and re-emits inner light for beautiful and radiant skin.

So what is this sorcery all about? Lancome's explanation is pretty scientific, and I might end up reinterpreting their studies, so I'll just quote them here:

Beautiful skin naturally radiates light- not just on the surface, but from within. Conventional foundations tend to block the skin's inner light and plays only on the 5% of reflected light. Lancome successfully captured the aura of perfect skin by reproducing 40% of re-emitted light (inner light).

Introducing Teint Miracle, a revolutionary natural light creator that uses new unique blue and pink bioptics pigments for exceptional luminosity, boosting the skin's inner light with maximum radiance.

To explain the science in detail, Lancome explained that when light hits our skin's surface, 5% is reflected, while the rest (which produces the 'inner light') goes deep into our skin-- Hemoglobin absorbs it, while Collagen re-emits this light, thereby giving our skin a beautiful, beaming look. Teint Miracle helps project skin's inner light by 40%. The blue bioptic pigments reinvigorates skin's clarity and freshness, and the pink bioptic pigments helps bring back its radiant glow.

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The product is housed in a chic glass bottle with a foundation pump. It definitely feels and looks expensive to me! It comes in a wide variety of shades, although I find that the shade selection is friendlier to fair- skinned gals. The darkest shade is B-05, which is a tad dark and pink for my skintone.

It yields medium to full coverage without completely changing my skin's look. Check out my forehead, nose, and cheeks: In the before pic, these parts are emitting this natural glow. In the after pic, Teint Miracle has just mimicked the glow on these parts, and made my skin look smoother as well.

I find that it can effectively minimize the appearance of pores without the hey-I'm-wearing-thick-foundation look. It can also conceal minor to severe post- acne marks!

Teint miracle+Finishing Powder: Since I've said that it looks a bit dark on me, I use translucent powder to set it. The slight white tinge from the powder helps adjust the shade to my skintone.

It's bare skin perfection at its finest! In a perfect world, my bare skin is like this: nude, radiant, clear, and healthy- looking.

I've never seen my face this radiant! Most of the time, I'd seek the help of my luminizers and highlighters to get this kind of radiance but with Teint Miracle, I don't need them anymore! It also cuts my preparation time because it lessens the amount of makeup that I use. Oil control is okay: My T-Zone starts oiling up after a good 4 hours, but at least it's not the slick kind of oily.

It has a subtle rose scent; formula is oil- free and very moisturizing. It's good for ladies with oily and dry skin.

After 8 hours of wear: The foundation did fade for just a bit, but the luminous effect is still there. At least it didn't make my face look oily, which is the case sometimes with my other foundations. To make is last longer, I use a primer underneath.

For a very good and high- end foundation, it is surprisingly affordable. I recommend it!

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. The 2nd to the last photo looks GREAT.. I mean the glow is there, it looks so natural.. This is what most of my friends want, a dewy & fresh look.. ;))

  2. Still looking good after 8 hours. Nice! :)

  3. How's the oil control? This looks like a promising foundation to try. :)

  4. I'm quite afraid to use foundations esp. liquid one, bec. of my super sensitive skin.. I bought several foundations but end up wasting money.. Didn't even hit half of its pan :(

    Can you suggest light-wearing foundies for sensitive skin Ms. Martha? Coz I really want to use foundation!

    Many thanks! <3

  5. looks good. but yeah it also looks a bit dark for you miss martha.. super expensive din. :P hehe. will you recommend this or the bobbi brown one? i have oily skin. :) have you tried the powder form of this?

  6. Marjorie: thanks! go get this one then. :)

    rizza: thanks! :)

    Jeniii: hi there! oil control is okay. I oil up after 4 hours, but it's not the slick kind of oily. :)

    Pepay: you can go for clinique. If your skin is hypersensitive, I'd suggest Mineral makeup because it's safe. :)

  7. Many thanks Ms. Martha! Yes I'll try first mineral foundies.. <3 :) :)

  8. It also makes your face glowing even after 8 hours. Peg! The fact that the foundation didn't make your face that much oily is a big plus.

  9. Hooray! Ang galing! This is the best! Anyway, what foundation did you use Ms.M on your Meet and Greet? I really love your face there parang air brushed ang peg! :)

  10. what is your face shape po? i have the same shape as yours but i cant determine what my face shape

  11. I love the glowing effect of this foundation. But it is a bit pricey. Thanks for sharing this great product. .^_^.


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