Review: MAC Viva Glam I Lipstick

Here's a review on MAC Viva Glam I Lipstick

PRICE: P1,000.00
PLACE BOUGHT: MAC, New Eastwood Mall, Quezon City
OTHER LOCATIONS: MAC Stores at: Glorietta 4; Rustan's Shangri-La Mall; Mall of Asia; Powerplant Mall; Ayala Center Cebu; Trinoma


Here's my new go- to red for daytime, especially now that I have work and I face clients and my boss most of the time. Argh! Why did I buy this just now!? Everyone was right. It is indeed a lovely color!

A lil' history about the Viva Glam lipstick line: These lipstick lines were created to support the M.A.C AIDS FUND. Each cent from every sold Viva Glam lipstick goes to the foundation. The first- ever Viva Glam lipstick was created with Ru Paul, drag queen extraordinaire and producer of a hit reality show called Drag Race. (which is one of my favorite T.V. shows) Since 1994, the M.A.C AIDS FUND has sent thousands of underserved kids to school, educated hundreds of communities on the importance of safe sex, and assisted and served over a million people who are living with HIV. To date, M.A.C has contributed a total of $2.6 million in donations.

Pretty cool, right? Who would've thought that humanity can actually benefit from a single tube of lipstick? Click READ MORE for the swatches and review.

Viva Glam I is a gorgeous warm red shade with a brown undertone. It has a matte finish. One caveat: It's a bit drying to the lips. Well, I don't mind! :D

The color is very beautiful. I'd like to call thee the "Corporate Red". It's something I'd wear to meetings with my clients and my boss because it's a color that demands respect and admiration. It exudes confidence and maturity.

And on the vain side, it makes me look fresh in an instant. It makes my teeth look whiter, and it basically compliments any skin tone.

I always feel good when I know that my small ways contribute to bigger movements that aim to change the world. With this lipstick, I know I've served thousands of people who are in dire need of education, food, shelter, and moral support. I know it's expensive for some, but if and whenever you can, I strongly urge everyone to support M.A.C's mission through the Viva Glam lipsticks. Doesn't it feel good knowing that for at least once, your vanity has actually served the world? That said, this Viva Glam lipstick will be one of my most memorable purchases ever. :)

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Your REALLY pretty with red lippy!

    Do you think this is your perfect red or still ruby woo? :)

  2. It is a lovely color on you :) I used to have that color, but for some weird reason it looks more fuschia than corporate red on me.

    Congrats on your new job!

  3. Whoa I want. The fact that I know my money can help a lot of unfortunate kids. This will be my first ever MAC lipstick :D I hope it'll look good on me too. Congrats to your job Ms. M! I hope to land on a job where I meet a lot of people too. Being an IT makes me face the computer the whole day, such a boredom :\

  4. OH wow, I didn't know about that history.. Yes, it does feel good that even a simple act can help change the world for the better one step at a time..

    PLUS, it really looks good on you! ;)

  5. *You're (correction to my comment hehe) *_*

  6. Wow! You really look fresh with that lipstick. :) And yeah, it feels good when you can help with your own little ways. Me wants to try that lipstick! :)

  7. oooh i love it! i love how classy it looks! very pretty on you miss m! :)

  8. wow, this is a very pretty RED indeed! i love it!

  9. Sophisticated, but very eye popping. I love!

    Sana lang less matte siya.

  10. The shade looked lovely on you. :)

  11. Nice color... and it's always a good feel when you buythings that you love and halp at the same time...

    but which MAC Lipstick do you recommend for beginners in wearing/pulling off RED lippie?
    thinking of getting one...
    Russian Red
    Mac red
    Ruby Woo
    Lady Danger
    or Viva Glam 1


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