Review: Revlon Colorstay 12-Hour Eyeshadow Palettes

Here's a review on Revlon's Colorstay 12-Hour Eyeshadow Palettes

PRICE: P550.00/each
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Revlon counters in leading department stores


A girl can never have too many eyeshadows. You'll sometimes tell yourself that you already have enough, then if you see another beautiful eyeshadow shade, you feel that you still need more. Thank goodness for palettes. It somehow helps us be contented with whatever we have. Or maybe not? LOL!

Anyway, I'm going to tell you about Revlon's new Colorstay eyeshadow palettes, the newest addition to the Colorstay line.

The themed quads are made up of complementing eyeshadows that let you create a certain look: from girl next door, to bombshell babe, and to party diva. The good thing about this product is it's quite sturdy, and there's a see- thru part on the cover that enables you to see the actual product. It also comes with a dual- ended sponge applicator, although I forgot to include it in the pics.

I've loads of swatches plus sample looks below, so click READ MORE. :)

These palettes are also good for newbies. For one, it takes the guessing out of eyeshadow application because it has a diagram at the bottom that tells you where to apply what shade. Lastly, Revlon already did the color matching for you. All you have to have is a bit of know-how on how to apply and blend eyeshadows properly.

Check out the swatches of the palettes. Please take note that whatever I've written below are not the exact names of the shades, (they do not have names) but my way of describing the colors:


Attitude swatches: (L-R)
1. Chocolate Brown (Matte)
2. Champagne Beige (Frost)
3. Cream (Matte)
4. Charcoal Brown (Matte)


Goddess swatches: (L-R)
1. Black w/ silver glitters (Frost)
2. Gray (Frost)
3. Icy Pink (Frost)
4. Silver white (Frost)


Bombshell swatches: (L-R)

1. Silver (Frost)
2. Steel Silver (Frost)
3. Chiffon Yellow (Matte)
4. Gunmetal Gray (Frost)

These eyeshadows are smooth, silky, and fairly pigmented. There's minimal fallout during application, except for the matte eyeshadows. It can be used wet, although I don't really recommend that technique because it makes the eyeshadows prone to bacteria.

Here are the looks I've made using the three palettes:

Attitude Palette

Goddess Palette

Bombshell Palette

Staying power is okay. I have very oily lids, and the eyeshadows last for a good 4 hours on me. (Sans eye primer) However, the colors fade at the end of the day. But if you use a good eye primer with it, it can last for a long time. My most favorite palette among the three is Goddess because in my opinion, it has the nicest color combination.

It's a pretty good product, and I recommend it to people who are starting out as professional makeup artists, those who are taking up makeup artistry, and to the average woman who likes wearing eyeshadows to work/school. Honestly, it's a wee bit expensive given that there are a lot of eyeshadow palettes out there that will only cost you around 400 bucks max. But the strength of this product is it's not as chalky as most cheap eyeshadow palettes, it's so easy to work with, and it does not smear. So yeah, it's worth it. :)

What's your favorite among the three? :)

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. one word for the Goddess palette.. SASSY! I love it..

    Robinsons malls are having their month long SALE and Revlon is one of the products they have placed a discount on.. ;))

  2. What I like with this palette is that it has a tutorial at the back on how to put eyeshadow.. good for beginners like me! :)

    I like the ATTITUDE palette! :)

  3. I'd usually go for palettes with the same shades as Goddess but right now I'd say I'd like to try bombshell because it's quite different from the rest. Though I think I'd prefer the yellow shade a bit bolder. :P

  4. Bombshell is the bomb! I like the yellow chiffon. :)

  5. Wow, I think this is good for me since I'm starting to learn how to apply eye make-up because of you Ms. M. Do you think the staying power will improve with the use of Lime Crime primer that you've reviewed?

  6. oooh i love attitude and bombshell.. i am a neutral kind of girl. attitude is perfect for everyday. :)

  7. i would go for goddess too! nice color combo :)

  8. I would go for the goddess palette! May dating sya kahit di masyado colorful. Parang simpleng landi lang hehe, anyhow I also like na may simple instruction how to apply those, atleast diba di ka magmamadam auring sa kakahula anu ba uunahin. Love it!

  9. all the looks are gorgeous but I love the bombshell palette best.


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