The Beauty Junkee's Meet And Greet!

I know a lot of USEFUL stuff concerning cosmetics and beauty--and I sometimes forget to share some of these stuff whenever I'm blogging. The only time I remember these stuff is when people would ask me about them right on the spot. So I figured, why not gather some of my readers and chat about beauty with them all day long, and tell them the stuff that I sometimes omit from my blog posts?

"Ask and ye shall receive."

Last June, I just had one of the most memorable moments of my life. I finally had the chance to gather a few of my most avid readers in my first- ever Meet-And-Greet! The universe and everything else have conspired to make this dream come true. And true to what I've envisioned, we have talked about beauty and cosmetics all day long--and even more.

I'll just talk randomly about the event because as I've said, I sometimes forget about a few things whenever I'm writing. The only thing I remember about this event is that it was beautiful and fun. You'd have to meet up with me so I can talk about it in detail. Maybe a second Meet-And-Greet would be lovely, no? :D

Anyway, check out what happened in my Meet-And-Greet!

Sydney Go of Studio SnR gladly offered to host my event. It was the perfect place indeed because the room she has provided was intimate enough for me to hear and reach out to everyone. It has good acoustics too! Thank you very much, Sydney. It was a pleasure having Studio SnR as the venue for my first Meet-And-Greet.

Studio SnR is open to small events, parties, meetings, and workshops. If you're looking for a budget- friendly and good space to host such activities, then look no further and inquire at STUDIO SnR on Facebook.

Ready-to-Party souvenirs courtesy of Melanie of Makeupholics Online Shop. These ultra- chic patent clutch bags are also filled with makeups.

And of course, an event, for me, is never without food. Basically, the event is a mash up of all the things that make me happy: Good company, food, friends, conversation, and makeup. Sugar and Spice has provided this Zebra- themed buffet to keep our tummies full and happy during the entire event. Weeks prior to the event, I told Carms and Mel, owners of Sugar and Spice that I want something cute, pink, and reminiscent of makeup. I'm not really good at designing so I told them that I trust their expertise, and I'll leave the designing to them. And you know what? They have delivered! They have done so well that me and the guests were hesitant to touch the buffet because it was too pretty! :D

A candy buffet is a great touch to any party. If you're planning to spice up your special occasions, then I'd really suggest this. It's the modern way to eat buffet! Visit SUGAR AND SPICE CANDY BUFFETS on Facebook and check out their beautiful buffet themes!

Click READ MORE for more event pictures!

What we had: Laffy Taffy, Nerds, Gummies, Miniature Chocolates, Wafer sticks, Cupcakes, Sour Tapes, Marshmallows, and this awesome candy with a crunchy shell, popcorn- like center, and toasted caramel taste. Normally, I don't like eating candies, but that awesome candy is reaaaallllyy good! I had a lot of it!

Paper bags where we've put our desired candies and sweets. I think the paperbag concept is such a brilliant idea--it's a hassle- free way to enjoy the treats, not to mention it lets you take the goodies home as well.

Candy jars, Ferrero flowers, and a tub filled with gourmet popcorn that the guests have feasted on during the makeup workshop and talk.

The mystery guest was no other than Shen of Shen's Addiction! I'm so happy for having her in this event. Despite her busy schedule, she was still able to find time for my Meet-And-Greet, and I really appreciate that. She was even more prepared than me because she has brought a ton of makeup and skin care products! Thank you so much dear! I owe you one!

After Shen's basic makeup workshop, I've talked about the importance of skin care. In my talk, I've stressed how vital a good skin care routine is to achieving a flawless look because makeup is just something that will enhance what you already have--it cannot improve your skin condition. When you don't have good skin, no amount of makeup can conceal it completely. I've dished out some of my personal skin care habits, secrets to maintaining my beautiful skin, talked about my everyday day and night skin routine, and recommended a couple of great products to my guests.

Perhaps my most favorite part was the Q&A portion because it brought out the natural teacher in me. Sydney even mused that I sounded like a teacher, and I take that as a compliment! :D I've always wanted to become a teacher--a preschool teacher to be exact. It is because I am naturally talkative, (lol) and I really like helping people. :D

Whew! I still wanted to talk about more stuff, but I had to allot time to the other Meet-And-Greet activities and of course, picture- taking!

Giveaway portion: Sugar and Spice gave away three canisters filled with chocolate miniatures and a 10% off discount coupon for their candy buffets, while I gave away tickets for two at the Laser Tag arena. Sara Garces of I Play The Villain won one of the canisters, while Keith Relevo won the Laser Tag passes! :)

Sugar and Spice souvenirs: Cute mini glass jars filled with chewy fruit candies, Ferrero flowers, and more candies inside that chic mini paper bag. :)

Camwhoring time!

Bing Castro and Raych Ramos

Sunshine Manahan and Carmi Zate (one of my readers since 2009!)

Pham Macalinao and Jen Fosgate. Pham has migrated to Italy already a few weeks after the event. I wish you all the luck and success, Pham! :)

Thank you Mikki and most especially, Shen for sharing this momentous event with me!

All of my guests have found new friends in each and everyone. In fact, some of them are still constantly chatting in Twitter! So cute! :)

Thank you very much Mikki, Shen, Carms, Mel, Sydney, and Melanie (not in the pic) for supporting this endeavor!

Posing with The Beauty Junkee fans and their souvenir clutch bags. :)

That's it! I couldn't thank everyone enough. :) I hope to see everyone soon, and I hope to meet more TBJ fans! :)

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18 Lovely Thoughts

  1. aww love love love this! thanks again Martha for taking some time to meet us. :D

  2. I'm sure everyone had a great time during the meet and greet :D Congrats Martha :)

  3. wow! that looked like a lot of fun! You're too sweet to set up something like this for your dear readers! :))

    I do hope that the next time you're doing meet and greet, I'd be there!

    You looks so gorgeous Ms. Martha!
    I'm a new fan! :))


  4. love the clutch bags ,im sure everybody had fun.super adorable event as well.

  5. Finally! I thought nakalimutan nyo na Ms.M naipost ang about sa Meet and Greet nyo! Aw! Namiss ko tuloy kayo and the other girls! I am just happy because you've given me the chance to meet you! And I learned a lot during the Meet and Greet thou almost 2 1/2 hours lang sya! I am very glad because I finally met you and Ms.Shen who has been my makeup guru's online :) Thank you for the opportunity! Hope we will meet again soon!

  6. Hope I can join your next Meet and Greet, Ms. Martha. I really love your blog, too bad I only found this just recently. :( But I enjoy reading your past blogs. .^_^. thanks for all the product reviews and advices. :) more power to your blog. Stay pretty. :)

  7. ooh the candies looks sooo yum yum! hehe i wish next time i can go to. :) hehe

  8. Yii! Thanks Ms Martha for this memorable event!!!! Yung muka ko nasa blog mo, ang awesome lang ng feeling. :) More power to The Beauty Junkie. Loveyouporeber!!! <3

  9. Haaayy.. I wanted to be in the next meet & greet.. ;(

  10. This looks like a super huge blast! I'm glad you had fun meeting some of your fans!

  11. I'm a newbie on cosmetics and skin care though I read a lot on blogs.. I think for 2 years,.. :) I hope that this is not your last "Meet and Greet" Ms. Martha so that newbies like me will still have the opportunity of learning your expertise.. :)

    BTW, you look so classy in this event.



  12. akala ko di na ito lalabas! hahah.this is the highlight of my beginnings.hehe. :') thanks Ms. Martha! ♥

  13. I will do my best to be there on your future 2nd Meet and Greet Ms. M! Unfortunately the date was when my family arrived here in PI. Hopefully, next time will be a best timing. Hoping to meet you in person :)

  14. Thanks girls! Looking forward to the second one! :)

  15. Yes, more meet-and-greet sessions. And hope I'll be able to come.

    Your blog is like my guide book of how to's, fashion advice...

    Thank you Ms. Martha :)

  16. Looking forward for a next meet and greet! :D

  17. I don't usually comment on your posts but I've been a reader of your blog for quite some time now! I too can't wait for the second meet and greet! :)


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