Beauty Battles: Best Precision Liquid Eyeliner

Welcome to another round of Beauty Battles! In this post, we shall take a look at two popular and good precision liquid eyeliner products from Maybelline and K-Palette. Let's see which of the two will reign supreme in this tip-to-tip, no holds barred beauty match! Must you save or spend? Let's find out!

Top: Maybelline HyperSharp Liner in Black
Bottom: K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h in Super Black


In my opinion, both have outstanding packaging. Design- wise, both are different yet uniquely beautiful, and the width of both pens are very friendly to to my grip.


Maybelline has a pretty acceptable price, and it's readily available anywhere. It's earth- friendly too because it doesn't come with excessive packaging. It has good pigmentation and it stays put, although the color fades at day's end. But for it's price, it's actually worth it! It's great for everyday use and beauties on a budget.

K-Palette has a very outstanding color pay-off, not to mention a very cute packaging and high- quality brush. I dig this so much because you get superb pigmentation in one stroke, and the product stays intact without smudging nor fading! It can withstand tears, oil, and sweat which goes to show that this is something you should have if you're a makeup artist, or if you simply dislike retouching your makeup.


Maybelline would've been great if the brush didn't fan out sooner--It's not as precise as it used to be any longer. Actually, I didn't expect that it would fan out quickly because I don't use this regularly! And since it doesn't have an outstanding pigmentation, I'd always have to apply a few more strokes to intensify the color. I also think it's something that you cannot keep for a long time because I have a feeling that the ink mysteriously dries up inside the tube, which explains why its color payoff is becoming more and more translucent as days go by.

K-Palette is quite expensive for a liquid eyeliner. And it's not readily available anywhere as it is exclusively sold in Beauty Bar outlets only. While I'm loving its waterproof goodness, I have to admit that I hate it sometimes especially when I make mistakes with it because it dries up so fast, and it doesn't come off easily. And since I support advocacies that aim to reduce mankind's environmental footsteps, I just think that it's packaging is way too excessive for a very small product--And it's plastic!


K-Palette- The brush is made from very fine, high quality synthetic bristles. It tapers right at the end, creating a needle- like tip

Maybelline- Made from synthetic bristles as well, and tapers right at the end, creating a pencil point tip.

In Comparison: I've noticed that K-Palette's brush is more precise than Maybelline because it has a sharper tip.


Below are varying swatches of both eyeliners using two different hand forces:

LIGHT: In this photo, I have used a very, very light hand and created the swatches using the tip of both eyeliners. The sharpest tip of both eyeliners can create very thin lines, but K-Palette's color pay-off is more intense than Maybelline.

Heavy: I've drawn these hearts using a heavy hand on both products. As you can see, Maybelline's color pay-off is still more translucent than K-Palette. K-Palette also creates more fluid and consistent lines than Maybelline.


Maybelline is okay most especially if you're on a budget, if you have normal skin around your eye area, and if you just want a good eyeliner for everyday use. On the other hand, K-Palette is the more excellent product because in my opinion, it's the toughest and best liquid eyeliner I've used so far.

The Best Precision Liquid Eyeliner is:


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. K-palette has a deeper black and very pigmented compared to maybelline.. But for a buget person like me, will go for maybelline. :))

    Thank you for the detailed review Ms. Martha! :))

  2. Just with the brush, you can really see that K-palette is better. Well, it should cos it's more expensive. Lol But since I'm still a newbie in using eyeliners, I'll try maybelline first. :)

  3. Once my HyperSharp runs out, I'll give K-Palette a try! Yeah, the latter is a lot more expensive but it seems better overall.

  4. I remember when you had a separate review on these two.. OMG! this two products are so gorgeous it's really hard to decide which one to buy

  5. I almost bought the K-palette eye liner last Saturday in Beauty Bar, but it's just really expensive. I think it's worth it but I still have lots of liquid liner. This is a great review! Thank you:)

  6. Sincere: welcome dear! :)

    Harmony: i agree. :)

    Jean: next time then! I'm sure you'll love it! :)

    Marjorie: If you were to ask me, I'd say k-palette :)

    Ari: true that dear! :)

    Rizza: Oh it better be nice because it's expensive! haha!


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