Dirt Cheap and Fantastic: Zeno False Eyelashes and Lash Beauty & Eye Eyelash Adhesive Review

Here's a review on Zeno False Lashes and Lash's Beauty & Eye Eyelash Adhesive:

PRICE: False Eyelashes- 20HKD (Around P100.00+) Eyelash Adhesive- Around 12HKD (Approximately P60.00+)
PLACE BOUGHT: Sasa, Hong Kong


Sasa perhaps is my most visited place during my recent Hong Kong trip. (second to my hotel. lol) Apart from the overall cuteness of the place and the wide array of brands to choose from, I particularly loved it 'cos of this wall filled with false eyelashes and complementing tools like glues, cases, applicators, and what have you. The falsies come in individual cases and sets, and price varies from ridiculously cheap to expensive. I don't really like wearing falsies (unless I have to) but since it's something that you won't see in Manila, I made sure I grabbed some stuff as a remembrance of my visit.

I got Zeno False eyelashes and Lash's Beauty & Eye Eyelash Adhesive pack. They belong to the ridiculously cheap category but surprisingly, their quality is ridiculously superb.

 The brand Zeno offers various falsies in varying thickness, length, and designs. I got this one because I have this penchant for thick eyelashes. I only got one because it's just for personal use. 

I like how it came with a case because it keeps my falsies from getting damaged, and it can house two or three more falsies at the same time.

 Hair is synthetically made, but it doesn't feel heavy when worn. The cut is so clean, and there are no irritating strands that pierce and prod your eyes.

 But the best find for me would be Lash's Beauty Eye Eyelash Adhesive Pack. Its size is so convenient, and it performs like an expensive brand. The adhesive is made from Latex, (which is good for a dirt cheap product) and it comes off easily with minimal tugging. It dries up quickly too. The glue doesn't wear off, and it keeps falsies intact all day. Its quality is comparable to Duo Eyelash Adhesive and Kryolan Eyelash Adhesive!

 Going back to its size, I like it because it lets me maximize the product. Normally, you don't get to finish up a big tube of eyelash adhesive (unless you wear falsies regularly or you're a makeup artist) because it dries up on you right before you know it. At least with this product, I don't get to waste a lot of glue in case it dries up, and no hard feelings for me because it's not crazily expensive.

Here are the products on me:

 The eyelash glue does not leave white traces on your lids and lashes. And in case you get some on your authentic lashes, you can pull it out easily without having to repeat the application process again. Just wait for the glue to dry up and pull it out from your lashes gently.

To sum it all up, both products are worth it! They're my best finds from Sasa!


How about you? What are your fave finds from Sasa?

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  1. You look like a diff girl in this photo..cute! hehe..

    Honestly I don't know how to put false lashes... hhmmm... siguro kapag natutunan ko na, bibili ako lagi nyan.. :p

  2. I wish I know how to put falsies on. :)


  3. tiniest lash glue i've seen in a tube! hehehe :D

  4. yay for cheap finds! :)
    I'm still not used to wearing falsies, though.

  5. I'm not a fan of falsies, but this is too cute not to like. Like the other readers, I don't know how to put them too. Haha! :) Anyway, I this the falsies made you look younger. Ang cute mo lang. :)

  6. sincere: thanks! :)

    MiisKatV: same here! :)

    Harmony, Pepz, and sincere: I'll do a photo tutorial then :)

  7. Wow, i'm looking for an eyelash glue and this seems great, where do you buy it?


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