Gluta-C Underarm and Bikini Intense Whitening Gel Launch

Underarm darkening is a common problem for many women. It prevents them from looking and feeling their best. Part of being a girl is showing off our sexy shoulders and backs, but dark underarms stop most women from wearing them. Bummer, right? Most underarm whitening products are quite expensive but ineffective, unfortunately. What we need is something that will work, and it would be lovely if it's affordable too!

Gluta-C, one of the local leaders in skin whitening, proudly introduces their revolutionary product, the INTENSE WHITENING UNDERARM AND BIKINI SKIN WHITENING GEL. It has undergone rigorous tests including a lot of women subjects in all shapes, ages, and sizes before it was released in the market. To formally launch their new hero product, Gluta-C has invited some of their favorite bloggers and brand ambassadors to a small gathering over a sumptuous lunch at MoMo Cafe, Ayala Triangle Gardens. Click READ MORE and find out how you can prevent your underarms from darkening!

Ardent claims that the new Skin Whitening Gel can whiten skin fast. It inhibits Tyrosinase, a natural body chemical that triggers Melanin appearance on the surface of the skin. In just 1 week, results will already be visible. Hmmm..Can't wait to put this on a road test!

My seat. Too bad, I was late so I ended up sitting somewhere. :p

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What sets Gluta-C's new whitening gel apart from other whitening brands is it's in gel form, meaning it's absorbed by the skin faster than thick and goopy creams and it doesn't sting. Aside from whitening darkened areas, it also stunts hair growth, prevents chicken skin, and helps keep skin smooth. It is also fragrance- free, (I like!) alcohol- free, and Paraben free.

According to the experts at Ardent, underarm darkening is caused by the following reasons:

1. Friction caused by tight clothing
2. Irritation caused by chemicals in anti-perspirants and deodorants
3. Scalding and burning from hair removal methods such as waxing
4. Hormonal changes especially during pregnancy
5. Dead skin cell build up
6. Improper hygiene
7. Excessive rubbing or scratching

To prevent your arms from darkening, or to help regain its former glory, here are the things that you should do. It applies to your bikini area as well:

1. Scrub at least once to twice a week. Use a gentle scrubber, and don't scrub vigorously because it may darken your underarms further
2. Use anti-perspirants instead of deodorants, as deodorants have stronger chemicals that may darken skin
3. Use gentle skin lightening/whitening products. Use it religiously.
4. Use brightening/whitening soaps on your underarms
5. Steer clear from tight fitting clothes, especially on the arm area
6. If your underarms get itchy, don't scratch. Instead, rub it gently with your palm.

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Together with team Gluta-C, bloggers, and Gluta-C's brand ambassadors

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This product is very promising, and I can't wait to try it myself.

The new Gluta-C Intense Whitening Underarm and Bikini Skin Whitening Gel is only P199.75. It is available in all drugstores and supermarkets.

Please visit GLUTA-C on Facebook for more information about the product.

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  1. yeah it is indeed promising! yet affordable! i'm gonna try it out! thanks for the info. ms. martha :)

  2. I wanna try this. I'm looking for an effective yet affordable product. Thank you Ms. Martha for sharing :)

  3. i'm pretty insecure about my underarms too. I was planning to buy a 750-pesos worth of package to whiten them but seeing this, I might try gluta-c first. :))

  4. seems like I quite need this.. not for whitening but.. the chicken skin! I want to have smooth UA.. :) and the price is affordable!

    much thanks for the tips Ms. Martha.

    ♥ your dress! :)

  5. Wow! That's a steal. .^_^. Hope it is really effective.

  6. Oh my! This is really interesting, and will be good for my sensitive skin. Yay! Can't wait for your review on this. :D I'll wait for your review first before trying it. Haha!

  7. i want to try this product! i've tried lots of whitening underarm but its not effective.. hope it works for me..

  8. I will try this one out. Thanks for the informative post Ms. Martha. :)

  9. i really need one of those!!! want want want!

  10. wow...this is really great,i'll probably get one martha thanks for the real informative info's on this product..^_^

  11. Another promising product from Gluta C. A friend of mine swears by their lotion to be effective. I hope this will help ua na problem talaga ng madami specially yung kapapanganak pa lang.

  12. This post is so timely! I'm planning to undergo UA treatment in a derm clinic. I don't have dark underarms but I want to get rid of chicken skin and I want it smoother and fairer. I will try this first, it may solve my problem :D Thanks Ms. M!

  13. nice! Ms. Martha can you share the ingredient list? Curious about the actives in it.

  14. will definitely try this. pwede naman siguro to sa knees diba? :)

  15. I wanna try this! Please post a review once you've tried it...I don't have dark underarms but I do have slight chicken skin...hope this will work! :)

  16. I wanna try this! Please post a review once you've tried it too! I don't have dark underarms but I have slight chicken skin....hope this works!

  17. I also want to try this but where in south Africa do I get this


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