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 Almost all fitness articles, videos, books, and gurus will tell you how to lose weight, but they never really tell you how you can keep those pounds off for life. This is where an after plan comes in. An after plan is vital in staying fit because it prevents the vicious cycle of the Yo-Yo Effect.

Some books might offer post- weight loss plans, but I still believe that the best after plan is patterned after your own experience. That means you'd have to go through a whole lot of experimentations and try out a dozen of tricks to know which ones will work for you. It could be a daunting task but to be successful, never ever lose passion and keep your eyes fixed on the goal.

I've been through a lot of experimentations and finally, I've found the best after plan to help me stay fit for life and I'm sharing them here. These principles have worked so well for me, and I'm sure you'll find them helpful too. Read on and find out how I keep my body lean, strong, and healthy for as long as I want to:


Studies have shown that people who kept their expectations high are more likely to lose weight and stay fit for life than those with mediocre expectations. People with low expectations tend to give up on their fitness journey easily as well. That said, instead of aiming for a size 8, why not aim for a size 6?


Make it a habit to eat WHOLE food such as whole-wheat, whole-grain, whole-meal, etc. These are fibrous food and they help get rid of excess calories and fat. Fiber, aptly called as nature’s broom, is not absorbed by the body and is excreted at the end of the day along with unwanted toxins, calories, and fat. Fiber rich food also helps keep your tummy trim.

Take this test: Eat whole-wheat food for at least three months (no compromise) and find out how much inches you will lose.


Staying fit would require some Sun Tzu techniques from your end. Make an exercise or dieting plan and STICK TO IT. In my case, I’ve decided to embrace dieting and I vowed to stick with Dr. Dukan’s healthy eating pattern and eat oat bran for life.

Life is full of temptations, and you give in to grease and sugar sometimes. But if you have a game plan, you’ll be able to bounce back easily and shed what you have gained in the shortest amount of time.


Humans are fun loving creatures. FUN is the key to keeping those excess pounds off for life. Whatever exercise you’re doing, make sure you always see the fun side of it to keep you motivated.

But sometimes, most people are having a hard time seeing fun in lifting heavy weights, sweating buckets of water, and sore muscles. If you’re one of these people, then the best exercise for you are those that are fun in nature. Dancing is the most fun form of exercising simply because it’s so varied: You perform lots of steps in as little as one minute, you listen to various upbeat music, and you’re in an atmosphere where laughter, friends, and happiness abound! Some of you might have recognized that for the past two months, I’ve been checking in at Studio 116 Dance School via Foursquare. It is because I have rekindled my love for dancing, and I wanted a fun cardio exercise to alternate with strength training. I simply love this school because it has Zumba, the fitness dance craze and SHIBA, a sexy cardio dance routine that improves flexibility and tones the core. (FYI, SHIBA is exclusive to Studio 116 only!) Apart from these dance workouts, they also offer Swing/Salsa and competitive Ballroom dancing via the Medallist Program. Please do check out STUDIO 116 DANCE SCHOOL on Facebook and STUDIO 116 DANCE SCHOOL on Twitter if you’re into dance fitness, or if you simply want to lose weight the fun way. Don’t forget to like the page and follow the Twitter account!


Of calories, that is. You’re probably wondering “How the heck can I control my caloric intake without spoiling the fun in eating?” Simple. Drink lots of water to prevent overeating, and take carb- blockers such as A!Life Control to prevent your body from absorbing too much calories.

While I agree that food should be enjoyed, that doesn’t give you the right to forego control completely. If you take A!Life Control, you get to enjoy your meal minus the guilt and extra calories. Now that’s double the fun! :D

THE BEAUTY JUNKEE ASKS: How about you guys? What are your ways to keep your body fit and healthy? I’d love to hear your thoughts. :)

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. This blog only endorses products and services that I believe in. I vow to remain truthful with you!

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  1. Hi there! Wow I admire you, you seem to have it all figured out. and you have your health plan too. I, on the other hand am the perfect model for yoyo dieting.

    I really need to have a plan in place. Have high expectations, that's good advice! I will definitely try this.



  2. My officemate and I are currently looking for a dance class. We'd like to try zumba and aerobics. Anyway, how much per class session in Studio 116? :)

  3. Thanks for sharing Martha! I admire you and the self-control that you have. I know talagang pinag-hirapan mo :) For my diet naman I just lessen my rice intake and more on veggies tapos 8 glasses of water talaga. Since hindi pa ko pede mag-exercise ulit dahil sa post operation ko, I just burn calories by walking.

  4. im not fit right now. and i intend to change that. i started last monday. im keeping my fingers crossed that i can maintain this. :)

  5. Where do you get oat bran? I wanted to start the Dukan Diet but didn't know where to get it :<

  6. Kwala Love: Hello there! thanks for visiting my blog. :) Glad you loved my tips. :) Stay healthy and keep on reading! :)

    Jane: hi there and welcome to TBJ! :) You can get Oat Bran from Healthy Options. :)

    Jakie: you can do it! :D

    Harmony: Thank you :)

    Kath: Hi! Thanks for sharing. Well, it's good to know that there's an effort on your part to stay fit. :) It's better than doing nothing at all. :)a

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