LOTD: Herve Leger


No, this is not an Herve Leger dress. It's just an inspired one. But I'd love to have HL's world famous bandage dresses one day. But for now, I'll settle for this 550php dress I got from Eastwood's night market. I'm sorry, I can't provide the name of the stall where I got this nice dress because it doesn't have a name in the first place. :(

Shoes: Brash at Payless

Accessories: Bayo and Ferreti

That's it! :) Are you digging bodycon dresses? :) I do! Because it makes me want to maintain my healthy weight. A bulging tummy doesn't look so nice in body hugging clothes! :)

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I wish I can wear dresses like this. Nice body Ms. Martha.

  2. I want to pero shempre need muna matanggal ang puson. Exercise and healthy diet talaga ang dapat :D

  3. Whenever my bestie and I go shopping, she always gets mad at me because I gravitate toward the bodycon dresses! I can't help it.. I just love em!

  4. Oh yeah, you're bringing sexy back! Yeah! The dress looks good on you! PErfect talaga ang blue sayo Ms.M! And who would say na 550 lang yung dress? Galing.

  5. ang sexy :)
    wish I could wear body hugging clothes like that. still have to work on the bulging tummy. xD

  6. nainggit ako! what can i say, W-O-W! wish i can wear dresses like that

  7. oh, how i wish i can wear something like this... you're so sexy! :)

  8. Very hot dress indeed!

    I love it when you find cheap stuff that actually looks pricey! Great value for money!


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