Review: The Body Shop Lily Cole Collection Puff on Radiance

Here's a review on The Body Shop's Puff On Radiance from the Lily Cole Collection

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I'm not so sure if The Body Shop pioneered the "Shimmering balls" powder product, (that doesn't sound so nice) but I recall it's where I first saw it. Guerlain has this product too, and they call it Meteorites. I find Meteorites too expensive, but I'd love to have it someday. But for now, let's look at The Body Shop's Puff On Radiance from the Lily Cole Collection.

You're pretty sure that this is a cruelty- free and very eco-friendly product because it was designed by Lily Cole herself, a known environmental activist in the UK.

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The acrylic packaging is kinda' huge, but it feels quite sturdy. The powder puff has good quality. Overall, the packaging has a cute appeal. I also like the "balls" concept of this product because it makes it easier to transfer to a smaller packaging.

The puff is best used on the decolletage, neck, or shoulders but not on the face. I find that it's too huge to do some spot illuminating, and you can't achieve a well- blended finish with it. It would've been nicer if the product came with a brush.

Look at those cute balls of glimmer. They look like candy! Sometimes, I find myself wanting to eat them. lol!

I digress. The balls are in the shades of pink, light gold, and champagne. I was expecting a pinky kind of sheen, but unfortunately, it's just plain silver on me. I'm guessing that the pinky undertone will show up better on fairer skintones.

This product gives you controlled coverage, so it's good for makeup newbies.

Here's an arm swatch. The beauty of this product is that the shimmers are fine and almost unnoticeable, given that its blended well on the skin.

Here is Puff On Radiance on me. I use Suesh's Blush brush to apply it on my cheeks.

Puff On Radiance on my cheeks, nose bridge, and forehead

I like it because it looks very natural. However, the silver shade may emphasize large pores. If you have this problem, make sure you don't apply it on areas with large pores. Staying power is good. It's also good for people with oily and combination skin because it's powder. Just don't apply too much on oily areas because it might make your face look oilier.

I think it's a good dupe for Guerlain's Meteorites. Fundamentally, the concept of both products is the same, but this one is a whole lotta cheaper. Although I still have to try Guerlain's for comparison's sake because a lot are saying that it's marvelous. If you, my dear reader, own or were able to try Guerlain's Meteorites, please let me know what makes it special so I could justify my purchase. LOL!

If you like shimmering powder products, I would recommend this one because it's affordable and it works fine.

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hello Martha! I have the Guerlain one and it's not as shimmery. It just sets my makeup with a very natural, very subtle glow. Check out my review here:

  2. cute packaging! first time i saw something like that :D

  3. When I first saw this kind of blush I wonder "how will I use it?" hehe.. and truly til now I'm a puff girl when it comes to blush.. especially when I'm in a hurry..

    Pero sa kakapanood ko ng make up tutorials, I can now wear it using brush.. :) thanks for this Ms. Martha! ♥

  4. The cute packaging makes me want to buy this, but I'm not a fan of shimmering products.

    Btw, I don't know if it's just me, but do shimmering powder products can cause more oiliness on the face?

  5. I love the nice healthy glow..dyosang dyosa!

  6. the very cute packaging has stolen my heart ;)

  7. Sis did you use this as your blush or highlight lang sa cheeks? Dati pa ko naguguluhan kung pano gamitin yung mga ganyan na may balls. Just swipe it lang ba with puff or brush or you have to get it one by one saka mo swipe yung puff or brush. hehehe sorry newbie :)))

  8. this lily cole collection is quite impressive with the pigmentation and how smoothly it blends on your skin ms.martha. all in all i find it cute and lovely...even the packaging it's so presentable.^_^

  9. I am always wondering what those shimmering balls are for. :D It looks natural on you, Ms. Martha. I love the glowing effect. :)

  10. im not really into shimmers and all that jazz. but hey, the packaging makes me want to buy it! AWESOME!

  11. is this comparable to the one from Etude?

  12. I saw this in Body Shop Southmall last week. It looks good on you like a natural highlighter!


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