Review: Kerastase Chroma Captive Shampoo and Mask

Here’s a review on Kerastase Chroma Captive Shampoo and Treatment Mask

PRICE: Shampoo (P1,483.00 for 250ml) Mask (P2,750.00 for 200ml)
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in leading salons nationwide


Presenting the new Chroma Captive hair care range. Kerastase claims that it’s their most advanced line for color- treated hair to date. It boasts of a whopping 11 patents to preserve hair color for 40 days. It sounds pretty impossible especially to me, who tends to have crappy, faded hair color after just one week. But I believe this because I know that the brand has awesome products. I was an avid user of the Kerastase Oleo Relax mask before, and I recall that it truly made my hair manageable and frizz free. I stopped using it because it became too costly for me to maintain. :(

Okay, back to my review! What makes the new Chroma Captive range so special? Because it’s the culmination of Kerastase Institute’s long years of research to perfect the Kerastase Reflection line. Basically, it’s a combination of the previous Reflection products, plus better ingredients to boot all rolled into one product! Apart from preserving your current hair color for as long as 40 days, it also does the following:

1. Protects your locks from external aggressors that lead to the deterioration of hair
2. Seals in nutrients and moisture within hair
3. Provides exceptional shine for healthy- looking hair
4. Strengthens hair fiber

This is the almost complete line of the new Chroma Captive. I’m only lacking the conditioner here. Isn’t the fuchsia pink packaging gorg? The shampoo comes in 250ml and 500ml, the conditioner in 200ml and 1000ml, and the mask in 200ml and 500ml.

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The shampoo has a rich, moisturizing consistency and a light floral scent. It’s concentrated, that’s why I only take a small amount to cover the mid-section and ends of my hair because it lathers up pretty well. For the top part of my hair, I dilute a small amount in a tipper filled with ¼ amount of water. I don’t apply pure shampoo directly on this part because I have a semi-oily scalp, and too much shampoo makes my hair really oily.

What I love about this shampoo is it doesn’t make my hair dry and stiff. I’ve also noticed that during usage, my hair became easier to comb and breakage was kept to a minimum.

The mask has a yummy floral/bubblegum scent, and has a slightly watery consistency. It has a superb detangling ability, rinses out easily, and its lovely scent keeps my hair smelling nice all day. I only take a dime- sized amount to cover the mid-section and ends of my hair, and a pea- sized amount for the top section. I leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing with cold water.

The Chroma Captive line is great for dry hair because it has softening properties.


I got these babies at the right time because a day after I got them, I had my hair colored at Entice Salon. I've used both products religiously for 40 days. But after the second week, I've cut down my usage of the mask to twice per week because I'm not really supposed to use it everyday.

I told you guys at the start of this post that my hair color fades after one week. When I started using Chroma Captive, the results are amazing:

After one week: the reddish tone of my previous hair color remained vivid.

After 40 days: I’ve hit the 40th day mark last week and I’m happy to report that my hair color remained vibrant in spite of daily cleansing, brushing, and exposure to sunlight and pollution.

Check out the detailed pictures below:


After 1 week: Reddish tone is still vivid
After 40 days: Top part lightened up for just a wee bit, but reddish tone is still there


After 1 week: Usually, this part lightens up faster than the other parts of my hair, but I’ve noticed that the base tone remained dark.
After 40 days: Mid section has lightened up, but its color stayed uniform with the top and end sections.


After 1 week: Fringes remained dark and nourished
After 40 days: Fringes' color has lightened up, but it remained uniform with the color of the top and mid sections. I’ve also noticed that it’s not dry and frizzy, unlike its previous state.

There was minimal fading on the color when I was nearing the 40th day, but the Chroma Captive products did its best to unify my hair’s tone, and preserve whatever color was left.

Overall, it’s great. It really helps preserve hair color and keeps hair healthy at the same time! Honestly, it’s too expensive and I wouldn’t buy it again. But if I were a billionaire, I would!

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  1. Ganda ng color ng hair mo Ms.M, I agree it helps to preserve the color of hair nga, kaya lang ang mahal! hehe

  2. Wow, ganda ng result. I have the bain riche chroma naman (shampoo and mask) hindi ko pa nasusubukan but after reading this post I'll use it na din :D

  3. quite expensive but your hair looks good :)

  4. jenny: same problem! hehe

    harmony: thank you! oh how I wish i could buy this every month haha!

    kath: lucky you! use it dear! i'm sure you'll love it. :)


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