Review: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stains

Here's a review on Revlon Just Kissable Lip Stain in Precious, Cherish, and Smitten

PRICE: P575.00/each
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Revlon counters in leading drugstores and department stores


Revlon had wanted to create an innovative lip stain--one that doesn't only color lips, but provides long-lasting moisture and shine as well. And so they've released the first-ever Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain+Lip Balm a few years ago, and it came in a double- ended pen packaging: the first end has the lip stain, and the other end has a clear lipbalm. It was a nice concept, albeit a lot of women had a hard time using it because it required too much effort. In the end, it just became an ordinary lip stain as some people tend to forget to use the lip balm and sometimes, not at all. Revlon didn't want to forego the first version of the Just Bitten Lip Stain because there's still a market for it, but they wanted to create a new one that would appeal to people who found it too complicated to use. 

This is Revlon's new Just Bitten Kissable Lip stain. It's now a cute, chubby crayon. It kinda' reminds me of Clinique's Chubby Stick, but this one is more pigmented and cheaper.

The all- new Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain is a fusion of lip balm and stain. It melts upon skin contact, and its rich consistency keeps your puckers moisturized all day long.

It's almost like sheer lipstick to me. It's a great alternative to lipstick because it performs like one, but doesn't have wax in it. I recommend it to girls who want to sport colored lips without having to wear lipstick.

Here are the shades that I have:


Cherish is a delicate nude beige color with hints of silver glimmer. It's great to use with bronze and gold makeup colors.


Cherish is a light pink shade with micro silver glimmers. It's a very pretty pink shade, and it compliments both fair and dark complexions.


I am totally smitten by Smitten. I have this affinity with plum lipsticks nowadays, and this explains why I love this color so much. It's a gorgeous berry shade with hints of silver and violet glimmer. It's a great fall shade, and I see myself wearing this often during the holidays.

The tint has great staying power, although the moist feeling tends to evaporate after a good 3- 4 hours.The color doesn't bleed around lips even if it has a wet texture.

Caveat: Product is quite small and since it has an addictive texture, you may end up using it up quickly. 

Overall, I'm loving it because it's quite good. I wanna try the other shades!


What's your favorite shade from the line?

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ganda ng smitten! Kaso medyo mahal sya for a product na lagi kong irereapply! Adik ako sa lip balm!

  2. I was thinking of what shade to buy last week.. thanks for the review Ms. Martha! I'll go for Cherish! ♥

  3. I like Smitten too! I have the same color from Cover Girl cos they're cheaper. :))

  4. Smitten and Lovesick!!

  5. Thanks for sharing girls! I'm also interested with Lovesick. :)

  6. i have cherish and rendezvous. and I agree, they do create pretty stains. I think I wanna try smitten, it looks lovely on you.


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