The Little Things I Need: Black Beauty Hair Care Line and Sakura Hand and Body Products

A couple of weeks back, I received a loot from my friends at ManYip Corporation, the exclusive distributor of Mosquigo, Sakura, and Black Beauty. The products are so timely, especially the Black Beauty Hair Care range as I'm all about hair care lately.

Let's take a look at the products, shall we?

If you were already alive during the 90's, you've probably experienced the height of these hair thickening shampoos in ginormous bottles with horses printed on them. I did, that's why I was overcome with nostalgia as I gaze at these vintage bottles. When my mom saw this loot, she immediately exclaimed "Uy, Black Beauty!", with a certain excitement in her voice, as if she saw something she hasn't seen in a long time. I asked her if she knew the product and without a blink of an eye, she replied "Of course!" She recounted how this line has made her hair thicker and shinier. Mom's problem has always been hair fall, that's why half of this loot immediately went to her. Haha! I even recall an avid reader who commented on one of my posts saying her mom attested that it really helps hair grow thicker and stronger. Well, moms know best so I guess this line is really good. But even without the claims, the brand and Man Yip Corporation has been around for more then two decades so I guess that already speaks for itself!

The Black Beauty line has a wide range of products that target specific hair problems. When I'm through with my current shampoo and conditioner, I'll use Silk conditioner and Gold shampoo next because they're meant for dry hair.

Black Beauty also has a Hair Color range. ManYip Corp. says:

BLACK BEAUTY HAIR COLOR Formulated through the latest technology and advanced innovation for hair treatment and protection throughout coloring process.

BLACK BEAUTY HAIR COLOR is a nourishing hair color product that helps treat and heal damaged and dry hair. During coloring,

BLACK BEAUTY HAIR COLOR soothes and protects each hair strand, gently giving it a beautiful color. It enhances sheen leaves a fresh fragrance, and infuse your hair with healthful ingredients and vibrant color that lasts.

Sounds interesting but too bad, I just had my hair colored two weeks ago and I have to give it a break. I'll just give it a shot soon! But I'm giving one away to my lucky Commenter of the Month this September, along with a couple of Black Beauty Hair Care products.

And here's Sakura, a line for the hands and feet. I'm very thankful for receiving that liquid hand soap because this Sakura Liquid Hand Soap is one of our household staples: It's fragrant, non-drying, and it thoroughly removes funky odor from your hands. It's also nice to have these extra moisturizers for my hands and feet because I have dry skin, and I eat body moisturizers for breakfast. Haha! Finally, Sakura also has foaming hand sanitizers which for me, are the best products in this bunch. I've ditched traditional alcohol- based sanitizers because they're really drying, and they make my hands feel rough even more! The creamy consistency of Sakura's foaming hand sanitizer doesn't leave my hands feeling tight and dry---it's like lotion plus sanitizer in one product. And it smells good too!

And the best part about these products? They're absolutely affordable and accessible!

For more information about these products, please visit MANYIP CORPORATION'S OFFICIAL WEBSITE and BLACK BEAUTY PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

How about you? Which of these products are you interested in?

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i'm using the that black beauty second from left on the first photo!! :D pwede na pang palit sa vitress (which is always OOS sa grocery malapit) :P

  2. I can still remember when I was a kid, kapag nakikita ko tong black beauty shampoo, I was wondering, "shampoo ba yun for horse?", lols. Then when I asked mom, she said "Magandang shampoo yan nak!". And then nung HS ako natry ko sya, and it is such a nice product. Thou it is meant for those who has thin hair or those who experience hair fall (I have thick hair kasi). And I think, this payday, I should buy one for mom since she is experiencing hair fall. :) -Pretty Thrifty

  3. Na try ko na din yung Black Beauty before and maganda talaga sa hair. Kumapal hair ko and naging shiny :)

  4. Hazel: thanks for sharing! I'm using the cuticle coats as night time reparative treatments. :)

    Kath: wow! thanks for sharing! I wanna try it later tuloy! lol!

    Jenny: same here! I didn't wanna use them before because I thought to myself: "I'm not a frikkin' horse!" lol!

    Harmony: cool! hope you could share your experience with the line. :)

  5. I'd like to try Sakura's products. I hate having and feeling my hands and feet dry. Well, who wants to anyway? Haha!


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