The New Generation of Lingerie: Pink Kurve Press Launch

**All photos are by ARC PR

During a US trip in 2003, Carlo Garcia surprised his wife, Kaye, with a set of awesome lingerie. Kaye loved it so much that she went to search for more upon arriving in Manila but unfortunately, she found none.

Carlo and Kaye saw this as a potential business opportunity: They believe that Filipinos are very discerning individuals who don't mind spending as long as they get the most of their bucks. And when it comes to lingerie, they felt that Filipinos are longing for comfortable pieces that give genuine support. In 2004, the couple has opened HOT PINK, a successful local lingerie brand made with the finest materials sourced from all over Asia.

 But different seasons call for different trends. The entrepreneurial couple has realized that Filipinos are now longing for innovative undergarment brands that cannot be found in the country. In 2011, they re-evaluated the business and called it PINK KURVE, a specialty boutique that offers some of the world's finest undergarment brands made with the best materials and latest technologies.

 I was invited to an intimate press launch along with some of the finest beauty and fashion bloggers in the industry. As we enjoy the sumptuous dishes of Mamou, we were introduced to the four international brands that Pink Kurve is currently offering: Sassybax, Le Mystere, Pull In, and Body Wrap.

Pull In underwear and Le Mystere Bras

Here's a detailed look at the four international undergarment brands that you will see in Pink Kurve:

PULL IN- A hip and funky brand of undergarments from Europe, fit for the fashion- forward, fun loving individuals. Pull In features high quality waistbands that prevent the dreaded 'muffin top', hip designs from abstracts, to cute prints, and to cartoon characters, and an ultra comfortable fabric that does not shrink nor expand even after a hundred washes. The brand features the 'flatlock' process that ensures a smooth surface, and the 'sublimation' technique that prevents the print from fading overtime.
  SASSYBAX- A revolutionary undergarments and shapewear brand made with microfiber nylon and spandex. Sassybax's bras help eliminate bulges around the back and torso for a sylphlike silhoutte.

 LE MYSTERE- A brand made for top-heavy women. It provides comfortable support to bigger 'babies' without compressing them.

 BODY WRAP- A Canadian brand of shapewear with comfortable pieces designed to compliment any figure, and conceal bulges on the torso area whilst remaining invisible even under the tightest and sheerest garments. Body wrap also has the bridal collection and an array of undergarments in bold prints for the hip and funky woman.

After our yummy lunch at Mamou, we went to the store to see the pieces in person. They're actually good!

 Paul and Aisa checking out Pull In. I even found out about Paul's preferred undergarment design. Talk about getting into the depths of a man's mind. LOL!

 Body Wrap body suits that will help you feel more confident in your body hugging dress.

 Body Wrap's bulge minimizing boy leg underwear. I got this one, but the panty type. I wore it yesterday under a tight jersey dress and boy oh boy, it really made my tummy look flatter by evening out the surface. It feels so comfortable and lightweight. I think I'm getting another one!

 Most of the girls got shapewears.

With Paul, Aisa, Ana, Krissy, and Angela. Thank you ARC PR and Pink Kurve for this intimate (pun intended) event!

Pink Kurve envisions to be the country's one-stop-shop for premium, innovative, and high quality lingerie for men and women!

If you want undergarments with great quality, then you should check out Pink Kurve. We all know how undergarments can contribute to our overall confidence so make sure you invest in a good set. After all, feeling good starts from within! *wink wink

Pink Kurve is located at 2nd fl., Archaeology Section, Powerplant Mall, Makati City

Please visit PINK KURVE on Facebook for more information about the products.

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