A Piece of The Dream: Master Class at Maquillage Professionnel

Sometimes, I fantasize about taking my makeup fascination to the next level by taking up makeup classes and become a full- time makeup artist. The desire is not strong yet, but it's already there people, it's already there. One day, you just might be surprised that I already have a makeup portfolio here on my blog. For now, I'm contented with experimenting on my face. :)

But I've always been curious about makeup schools, particularly the famed Maquillage Professionnel. I know a lot of makeup artists and almost all of them have graduated from this prestigious school and I kid you not, they got awesome makeup skills! I inquired once at this school and holy schmokes, they do charge a lot! But it's still standing, and it seems like they have a steady flow of clients so I guess whatever they're offering in there is pretty worth it. And gaaadd I've been forever curious of what sorcery they're teaching in there because their students are so good at the art of makeup. If I had it my way, I'm already studying in there but alas, no moolah for now. So I just wrote "To enroll in Maquillage Professionnel's makeup classes someday" on my bucket list.

A few weeks back, I got a message from Kira Ramirez of ARC PR and she said Maquillage Professionnel was inviting me to a trial class. I was wide awake when I got that message--in fact, I was already prepared to leave for an event but I had to pinch myself to make sure that I wasn't dreaming. I read the message again and OMFG Maquillage Professionnel was inviting me to a trial class indeed!!!!! I know, it was just a single class but not everyone gets a chance to be invited by this school! If you wanna be invited, you gotta enroll! LOL! :D

I was so early at the venue because I was so excited! Supposedly, there were four of us but the other two have backed out so it's down to Shen and I. Celine Gabriel of ARC PR was there to just check on the class, but she ended up joining us because she wanted to refresh her makeup skills.

 INSIDE MAQUILLAGE PROFESSIONNEL: When I got to the classroom. I uttered to myself: "Oh. So that's why they charge a lot." Look at the place: It's so conducive to a makeup workshop/class! It's so well- lit, clean, and spacious enough for the instructor and students to interact each other. I think makeup classes should be interactive, so the size of the place is really perfect in my opinion.

 Maquillage Professionnel only uses Make Up For Ever products. Why? Because the school is owned by the same company who distributes Make Up For Ever in the Philippines.

 WHAT SETS THEM APART FROM OTHER SCHOOLS: For one, you can enroll in the school even if you don't have a single eyeshadow brush or any makeup know-how. I heard through the grapevine that some makeup schools here in our country would give you a list of makeups and tools that you should buy so you have something to use in your classes but in Maquilage Professionnel, they got every single thing you need and you won't have to waste your money on temporary makeups and tools. You just have to bring yourself and your willingness to learn.

Apart from the makeups, the students are also free to use MUFE'S makeup brushes and each student is provided with basic tools such as powder puffs, sponges, headband, and makeup cape.

 And here's Ms. Yuki, (He prefers to be called as a Ms.) our instructor for that day. FYI, Ms. Yuki has trained in one of the most prestigious makeup schools in the world, MAKE UP FOREVER ACADEMY PARIS, the school built by Dany Sanz herself in the 70's. It still remains as one of the best makeup academies in Europe. All of Maquillage Professionnel's instructors have trained in the same institution as well. According to one of the head professors in the academy, (I will update everyone with the professor's name) Yuki is one of her most talented students. I have no doubt that Ms. Yuki is good but when I've learned about that fact, I felt even more proud for having her as my instructor!

Considering all the good points aforementioned, the amount they're charging is quite justifiable!

 So, I know everybody now wants to see me in action at Maquillage Professionel. So yah, let's start! Our topic for the class was EVENING MAKEUP. Ms. Yuki has showed us how to create the right makeup look for evening occasions.

Watcha waiting for?! Click READ MORE now and join me in this class!

 PRIME YOUR SKIN: MP strongly suggests that we use a primer before the actual makeup. Primers help create a more flawless- looking makeup, and act as a binder for your skin and makeups. If you have major skin discolorations, choose a tinted corrective primer. For minor ones, a neutral or translucent primer will do.

PRO TIP: Got oily skin? Use two kinds of primers: A mattifying one on the oily parts, and a creamier one on the normal parts.

 CONCEAL- Dab corrector on parts with discolorations, then seal with a full coverage concealer in a fleshtone shade.

PRO TIP: Apply concealer right after foundation to bring your eyes forward.

 FOUNDATION: This is my most awaited part. MP is best known for their base makeup techniques, and I'm so happy for learning them. Actually, this is what I was after. They have a lot of techniques for base makeup, and I might end up saying the wrong things so it's better if you find it out for yourself. You won't regret it! :D

PRO TIP: You should have two different shades of foundation in hand to get the closest shade for your skin tone.

 SET: My crash course at foundation mixing was an epic fail, and I ended up a shade darker than my skin tone. Ms. Yuki has advised me to get a tinted loose powder in a lighter shade to solve my problem.

 PRIME YOUR EYES: Ms. Yuki has instructed us to apply eye primer right after setting our lids with loose powder, and I asked: "Is that okay? Won't it cake on top of the powder?" Ms. Yuki replied that it won't because it will be sealed by powder eyeshadows eventually.

 APPLY EYESHADOW AND EYELINER: For beginners, use 2 eyeshadows (Crease and lid colors) For advanced people, use three or more eyeshadows. (Crease, lid, outer crease, and accent colors)

Use party- proof eyeliners aka, waterproof eyeliners.

PRO TIP: For evening makeup: line your waterlines to give your eyes a more sultry effect. You can afford to intensify your eye makeup so your face will stand out in dim places.

In my BASIC EYESHADOW TUTORIAL, all the application techniques written there were from Maquillage Professionnel. Please check it out.

 DEFINE AND HIGHLIGHT YOUR BROWS: Choose a shade that matches your hair color, and apply a sheer layer of nude eyeliner on the bottom of your arches to emphasize your brow's shape, and to lift your face. Make sure to blur the sharp edges.

PRO TIP: Basic rule in eyebrow makeup: Adjust the intensity of your brow's color to your eye makeup.

 NOSE CONTOURING: This is optional. I don't really fancy this technique but if you do, MP suggests a muted brown color in a matte finish for a more natural contour. Finish it off by applying a sheer layer of pressed powder in a lighter color right in between the contours for an illusion of a narrower nose.

 SCULPT YOUR FACE: For a slimmer face, (this is great for people with round faces like me) use a muted brown contouring powder in a matte finish. Using an angled brush, sweep contouring powder onto the hollow part of your cheeks.

PRO TIP: Emphasize your contour by applying highlighter on the bottom part of it.

BLUSH: Use a shade that will just give you a healthy flush.

PRO TIP: Use two shades of blush: One in a matte finish, and one in a shimmery finish to give your face some dimension.

SEAL YOUR LOOK: I've used a peach- beige matte lipstick and topped it with a pinkish gloss with micro silver glimmers.

PRO TIP: Lipgloss will give drama to your evening look. Remember to apply it sparingly, and blot off any excess.

 Here's my work!

 My entire makeup look. Without the black liner on my waterline, it could pass off as a bridal look!

 So what do you think of it?

 Ms. Yuki in action.

 Ms. Yuki's work. I so love everything, especially the brows!

Shen's Barbie look.

Thank you so much Maquillage Professionnel for this wonderful experience! I have learned a lot of useful tips and tricks in this short and sweet class! I swear, I am going to enroll in your school someday!

And to end this post, Maquillage Professionnel is an institution that gives credit to talented students: In a short chat with Ms. Yuki, I've learned that they handpick promising students from each batch and send them to fashion shows and other makeup gigs so they could hone their skills in the real world. If you, my dear reader, would want to pursue a career in makeup artistry, I suggest Maquillage Professionnel because I'm pretty sure, you'll be guided and supported by your mentors all the way. Not only that, you will also learn the actual techniques that are being taught in Make Up For Ever Academy Paris! Awesome, right?

For more information about their services and packages, please visit MAQUILLAGE PROFESSIONNEL on Facebook.

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  1. Far too pretty! What color foundations and lips did you use? Flawless indeed!

  2. Even without the makeup, your skin is so radiant and flawless! love it!



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  3. omg i literally read every word in this blogpost, i really do want to learn some tips :)
    yay your look was so perfect! :)
    ty for sharing :)

  4. congrats martha for having a chance of a lifetime to be there....so nice.^_^

  5. Jade: Hi Jade! For the foundation, I've used Liquid lift in shades 4 and 3, and forgot the ones I've used for the lips hehe. :D

    Purple Clandestine: Thank you! :D

    Jenny: Welcome Jenny! :D

    Iya: Thanks dear! :D

  6. You look amazing. Thank you for posting the routine in such great detail and clear photos as well. This was very useful to me :)

  7. A friend of mine studied in Maquillage, and I was blessed enough to be her model (a.k.a. make-up for free!. It was such a great learning experience daw.

    I noticed they used A LOT of setting powder, though. Still, I do love how the teachers approach make-up!

  8. G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!

    Super ganda! I love it! And I agree, pwede nang pambridal look! ^__^

  9. omg you're flawlessly beautiful! love your make-up looks :D I wanna try maquillage too! really torn which makeup school to go to :( but thanks for this blogpost! it's like we're in maquillage too! :D

  10. Ay favorite ko yung sa eyebrows. yun pla dapat nude eyeliner hehe I'll try that look mamaya excited ako! ;)

  11. Enrolling in this school is my ultimate dream, ang lapit lang sa office! I wish they would offer personal make-up classes after office hours (like 7-9 pm or something), kasi ang hirap din pumunta pag Saturdays.

  12. Hi! Just wanted to share with you that they are offering a 9-Hr Personal Beauty Make-up Course: Holiday Edition through Deal Grocer for Php4,995 (valued at Php8,500), in case you might be interested.

    Thanks! 


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